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Karl Jones

Karl Jones



United States


I have studied Mathematics from University of Central Florida. Strong communication skills; Knowledge of large payroll systems like SAP or Meridian; deep knowledge of current payroll and taxation legislation; computer skill skills (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, and Excel). I am also working as a freelance writer at AllAssignmenthelp from last three years. 

Area of Expertise

  • Approaching problems in a rigorous way
  • Investigating,  interpreting  and analyzing data
  • Advanced numeracy and logical thinking
  • Expertise in advanced statistics and modeling

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working as an Investment Analyst at a company for three years.
  • Working as a freelancer at AllAssignmenthelp since two years. 
  • Worked as an Actuarial Analyst with a firm for two years.

Profssional Skills

  • Performed data analysis tasks by using spreadsheets or other specialist software  
  • Provided and managed technical support to a team of actuaries
  • Gathered, maintained and assessed statistical reports and analysis.
  • Written and organized reports on computations with results of the findings
  • Analyzed results for improving the financial status of the company
  • Monitored variances, identified trends and recommended actions to management
  • Assisted annual and quarterly forecasting and worked on efficiency
  • Designed and written useful dissertations and assignments for students.


  • Cooking
  • Writing
  • Dancing

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Work History and Feedback

  • Excellent and Helpful

    Wednesday 11th March 2015
    4.8/5 did a great job on my mathematics assignment. The content I got was very easy to read, properly set to the structure I’ve given them. The customer care personnel were quite friendly and professional. The experts are knowledgable & the delivery that happened was on time. Overall, I liked the whole experience. Recommended for sure!
  • Relevant content quality

    Thursday 11th October 2018
    Incredible work! Everything related to is great in its own way. Professional Customer care personnel, Relevant content quality, On time delivery. I have tried this website many times by giving them a lot of my mathematics assignments and everytime they proved themselves worthy of my money. I recommend this website to everyone.
  • Loved their service. Definitely Recommended!

    Wednesday 11th May 2016
    Whole Idea of doing mathematics assignment and a thousand problems was honestly a headache to me. My friend mentioned about and I’m glad that he did. The tutor who did my work was seriously great. Each and every mathematical problem my contained was solved in a simple, step by step manner. Loved their service. Definitely Recommended!
  • Best website out there!

    Wednesday 19th August 2015
    Fast Registration! Quick Delivery! 24X7 customer care service! Smooth and transparent Operation! Easy Pay! Best Tutors & Awesome quality work. has got ‘em everything that make them stand on top of all of other websites. This is not an exaggeration. I have ordered 5 mathematics assignments in the past year on different subtopics from them and they gave me the results I couldn’t believe. Best website out there!
  • Outstanding mathematical Work!

    Tuesday 30th June 2015
    Outstanding mathematical Work! I have ordered from many times, and it hasn't disappointed me ever. Their mathematics tutors are as fine as they claim them to be. Being a mathematics student, You might know how many assignments we students have to do. Every assignment I give to them as a challenge, they give me better results every time. Recommended!
  • Delightful Experience !

    Wednesday 21st October 2015
    4.9/5 is one of the best website out there. I gave them my mathematics assignment and the assignment I recieved was better than I expected. It was full of relevant details and good number of proofs and related examples. Coming to service & punctuality part, Everything was great. I’d thanks team Allassignment for the service they gave me.
  • They provide me a perfect work

    Wednesday 12th October 2016
    Being a mathematics student is a thing of prestige. The subject fascinates almost. But mathematics assignments do not fascinate me at all. I face a lot of difficulties and never get a good score. Thus I took assignment help from Allassignmenthelp writers. They provided me a perfect work. Thank you, writers.
  • The tutor gave me a well-written essay

    Wednesday 12th October 2016
    The mathematics subject is the amazing one. But what hits hard is Assignment. University level assignment requires a lot of creativity. Anything less creative will lessen your marks. Whatever assignment I provided to my professors failed miserably in fetching marks. So I took help from the writer of He gave me a well-written essay. Thanks a lot.
  • Mathematics work at its great

    Tuesday 12th May 2015
    I am a regular user of I developed my trust for this service in my first experience. During my first assignment on mathematics, I was clueless about the format and content for my assignment. Hence, this service provider helped me to gain some insight on the standard format for an assignment. I am grateful to this service!!
  • best quality content and good writers

    Tuesday 20th October 2015
    Best Mathematic Tutors on! Till now, I have ordered assignments on Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Algeabra and goodness, they gave me perfection everytime. Each problem was meticulously solved and written with a proper structure. The content quality had always been better than I expected it to be. I’d recommend them to anyone.
  • Got my Algeabra assignment in record time!

    Friday 6th May 2016
    I love mathematics and its subjects! But the assignment work is always a pain in my neck. After seeking many assignment website and their services. I went for The reviews were mostly positive so it was no brainer to me. The order process was simple. The price was affordable in comparison with other websites. Overall, It was a great experience.
  • My first experience was really amazing

    Tuesday 18th October 2016
    I always had reservations about taking help from assignment help services online. But due to some time crises, I went for Assignment help in Mathematics from They took care of my requirements and provided my an excellent assignment. I have to appreciate some serious creative skills of the expert. My first experience was really amazing with allassignmenthelp team. A big thanks to the writers.
  • Best assignment help till date!

    Wednesday 14th October 2015
    Writing Maths assignment was never a good idea. Plus I have a lot of other things to do as I am a captain of my Basketball team. So to overcome the issues of assignment writing I took help from they provided me the best assignment help till date. Thank you for such great help.
  • quick and satisfactory service!!

    Wednesday 11th January 2017
    I love sports!! Hence, I always get busy with my tournaments. However, I had to focus on my Mathematics assignment as well. But helped me a lot when I was confused during my assignment. They were very quick, and I got better grades in my assignment that semester. Their service is recommendable to all!!
  • Their tutor leave no space for error

    Thursday 26th October 2017
    I am a mathematics student, and in maths, you have to do a lot of practice. That is why last month I was not able to complete my assignment on time. So one of my seniors recommends me I went through their page. And finally, I took their services. I must say the tutor who made my assignment is very knowledgeable and talented.
  • saved my heavy expenses with their affordable prices

    Sunday 9th April 2017
    Since I cannot meet my daily expenses in Australia, I have to do part-time job after college. I don’t get much time to concentrate on my Mathematics assignment. My close friend recommended this service to me. When I took their service, I was really impressed by the best content quality of my assignment.
  • allassignmenthelp- the best writing service ever...

    Friday 8th September 2017
    I am doing graduation in Mathematics majors. I was not acquainted with the proper format of an assignment. Hence when our teacher gave us an assignment, I sought the help of Their precise format and simple language in the content made it easier for me to understand the contents of my topic.
  • Everything about this website is great!

    Wednesday 14th June 2017
    I didn’t thought would do such a beautiful job on my coordinate assignment. As the topic needs every subtle detail and difficult derivations. I didn’t thought the tutor would have any chance writing it. But I guess the tutor was as great as the site claim them to be. He knew my needs and gave me exactly what I wanted. Excellent tutor and website!
  • Their tutor leave no space for error

    Tuesday 21st March 2017
    Making a Mathematics assignment is not about just writing a long paper. It requires a lot of research and time. As I am doing a part-time job, I do not have much time for it. I took help from the experts of They really made a well-researched and served me within a week. I really got appreciation from the professors for that. Thank you team AAH.
  • Best service I have experienced...

    Sunday 12th March 2017
    There were some functions in my family. I was busy with the preparation. So it was not possible for me to make the assignment on Mathematics. I took the help of The online experts handled my assignment very professionally. They used the mathematical language in a simpler way to explain every concept. It gave a new standard to my assignment.
  • Thanks for saving me in front of my professor

    Saturday 11th February 2017
    Last month due to internal injury, I was not able to do my assignment. So I searched so many writing services online, And I came through, The reviews of the website are very impressive, So I ordered them my assignment, and I must say the tutor who made my assignment was very talented. He described every point in a very professional way. Thank you so much Tutor Who made my assignment.
  • Professional writers helped me to score high...

    Tuesday 14th November 2017
    I am an undergraduate student of Mathematics. I am a sportsman. Hence it is difficult for me to balance my studies and my tournaments. I take the help of allassignmenthelp for my assignments and projects. It saves my time and effort. Moreover, the high content quality helps me to score well in my semester exam.
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