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The work of a nurse is to help and provide complete care who are in distress or suffering from any critical illness. I am a professional nurse as well as academic writer and guide, currently working with and providing efficient assignment assistance to students. Students who are dealing with problems in nursing course can take complete guidance on this subject from me. Any topic or any difficult area will be dealt with professionalism. 

Areas of expertise

  • Palliative care 
  • Public health
  • Sleep apnea/ monitoring
  • Symptom science
  • Teaching and learning
  • Technology
  • Veteran health
  • Vulnerable populations
  • Women's health



·         Working as online assignment writer for Providing excellent assignments to students.

·         Providing immediate care to old age people and children.

·         Helping people to overcome stress during pre and post-surgical period.

·         Providing online classes to students who are doing nursing course.

·         Worked assistant professor of nursing for four years in Australia.


Professional skills

·         Presently writing assignments for students and helping them in their academics.

·         Creating a safe environment for patients dealing with physical disabilities

·         Assisted physicians in patient care activities

·         Monitoring patients and providing immediate care to them.

·         Good decision making skills earned by dealing with patients with complications and provided immediate support to them.

·         Provided various online tutorials based on nursing subject.




·         Helping others

·         Teaching students

·         Novel reading

·         Travelling

·         Paragliding


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