Fidel Lee

Expert of Engineering with rating 4.8


Done Masters in Engineering from Lancaster University. I have worked in a firm as cost system analyst  for two years and as project manager for nine years. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Knowledge of Engineering Management
  • Components of Management
  • Strategies
  • Methodology and Management
  • Computer Modeling

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working with as freelancer for two years
  • Working in company as engineer project manager for last nine years
  • Worked in a firm as cost system analyst  for two years
  • Conducting online sessions about engineering management for three years
  • Worked as intern in a startup as for six month

Professional Skills

  • Managing the installation of monitoring system for a large construction project
  • Technical training in project management does not prepare for dealing with such circumstances
  • Directed annual preparation of projects budget for submission to board of directors
  • Changed agent working with teams that are made up of complex individuals in many roles
  • Collaborated with clients, contractors and government agencies to meet the quality, timeline and budget expectations
  • Confined to an assigned or given system and work in junction with business analyst
  • Developed and lead the team process meetings where team reviewed the work assignments and reports to ensure literation and software delivery
  • Designed a solution without diving too deep into its technical components and reviewing scripts also


  • Exploring New Places
  • Travelling
  • Playing Football
  • Playing Cricket

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