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I have pursued MS from the University of Phoenix. At present, I am working as a Unix Developer at a firm for 3 years.  I am also working as a freelancer with AllAssignmenthelp for last 3 years.


Area of Expertise

  • Excellence in programming languages
  • Proficiency in Linux Scripting language
  • Effective and efficient troubleshooting
  • Automation framework and computing assessment

Occupation/ Designation

  • Working as a Unix Developer at a firm since 3 years
  • Working as a freelancer with AllAssignmenthelp since 3 years
  • Worked as a database analyst at an MNC for 2 years
  • Worked as a Linux Administrator at a start-up company for 2 years.

Professional Skills

  • Troubleshoot client partition configurations and servers.
  • Translated functional designs into technical designs.
  • Managed backup schedules for server storage.
  • Managed day-to-day system maintenance such as file monitoring.
  • Designed C++ objects and wrote rules using ILOG.
  • Worked on G2 AIX development environment
  • Developed and staged  G2 AIX system processes as needed.
  • Rectified server errors to ensure optimal performance and connectivity.


  • Teaching
  • Traveling
  • Sports

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Work History and Feedback

  • Everything about this website is great!

    Tuesday 9th February 2016
    I was quite skeptical before taking assistance from as it was my first time taking any online help on my assignments. But, the work I received from them on my Linux O.S system assignment made me change my mind. The whole content was according to my syllabus. The guys were professional and knew what they are doing. Recommended to everyone!
  • helped me to maintain the balance in academics

    Tuesday 6th October 2015
    5.0/5 help to score me some great grades in my Linux environment assignment. When I asked them to make some minute alterations, they never denied and made it quickly without any extra fees. They are genuinely the saviors, kudos to the experts. I am pleased with the service of this website as it never fails to impress me.
  • They provided me with my assignment on time

    Saturday 17th October 2015
    Often I fail terribly in scoring good marks in my Linux environment assignments. after doing a small research, I read the reviews of Other users wrote well about them. therefore I decided to take help from them. I can say that my decision was absolutely right for the website and writers. they provided me with my assignment on time. thank you, writers, for on-time delivery.
  • They provided me a perfect work. Thankyou writers

    Tuesday 18th October 2016
    Being an Environment student is a thing of prestige. The subject fascinates almost. But IT assignments do not fascinate me at all. I face a lot of difficulties and never get a good score. Thus I took assignment help from Allassignmenthelp writers. They provided me a perfect work. Thank you, writers.
  • Flawless service and Exceptional tutor!

    Thursday 1st June 2017
    4.6/5 is one of the best website till date in my experience. I was in urgent need of Homework help for linux environment. They provided me a complete homework with perfect solutions in a day. Writers did a perfect job and appreciate their efforts. Thank you, for helping me in tough time.  
  • Kudos to Allassignmenthelp!

    Saturday 8th April 2017
    Due to some severe illness, I wasn't able to even start my assignment on linux coding & structure on time. I'm happy that my classmate told me about writer of my assignment provided a great researched assignment and solutions were also perfect. Seriously happy with their quality. Thank you for nice work. Keep it up.
  • 5.0/5
  • 5.0/5
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  • 5.0/5
  • 5.0/5

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