Useful websites for students


Below are some brilliant websites that are useful for everyone. I would recommend students to try the websites given below:

1. Khan Academy: Students from high school, colleges can reap the benefits from this remarkable website. Reason being the availability of the video tutorials designed by experts. For example, If you want to learn about the concept of vectors in Physics, you can checkout the videos given on Khan Academy. They are handmade sketches converted into the videos. Started by an Harvard Alumni, it is doing phenomenal work for the student community across the globe. You can learn Mathematics, physics, chemistry, management, economics and many more.

2. Coursera:  A heaven for both the engineering and management students. If you want to learn new technology, new programming language or any of the coursework taught in the university, you can sign up for Coursera and learn. This gives you perfect classroom experience with lectures , assignments and presentations. After the successful completion of the course one gets a successful completion certificate from the organizer. Professors from the most prestigious universities are sharing the wealth of the knowledge free of cost. Need to learn Scala or Heskel, just create an account and enroll yourself.

3. Quora:  Well this is a different platform where anyone can find anything. If you need social networking, blog, experiences then Quora is the destination for all. How a student can gain information from Quora? A student looking to know about a particular subject, such as Human Computer Interaction or Machine learning in general can sign up for the quora and see the responses of the people who already are pursuing such courses. Secondly, you can drop messages to the people and wait for the reply. Last but not the least is the random and funny stuff that is shared by the different people belonging to the different geographical locations.

4. Quizlet:  Are you preparing yourself for the GRE or GMAT exam? If yes then Quizlet is the destination for you. This is one of the finest vocabulary building site that can help you in learning vocabulary in different ways. Quizlet has a unique interface designed for you where you can see words , shuffle them, create a customized test and share the vocabulary list with anyone on the Quizlet. Apart from all these they have a built in audio system that can help you to improve your pronunciation. It’s a must visit for the people looking forward to workout their vocab. Create your own flash cards with the meanings suggested by over a million users.

5. TED : Whenever I think about the eloquent speeches given by experts I think about TED. TED is the collection of the greatest speeches delivered by the best people working in Technology, Entertainment and Design. If you need motivation pertaining to any of the aforementioned fields, just give this site a visit and spend couple of hours. I am sure you won’t be able to keep yourself away for long. This is a powerhouse for the brilliant ideas. Second best part of TED is the duration of speeches. You need not to sit for an hour in front of your system. Duration of the speech is just 20 minutes.

6. The Guardian: Being a student how can you miss reading the newspaper? Keeping this thing in mind we are putting Guardian as one of the finest piece of journalism spreading the true and relevant news. Second reason for choosing Guardian over other newspaper is the comprehensive language. Editors at Guardian take care of people belonging to different part of the world. Enhance your general awareness by subscribing to the newspaper. In case you do not want to spend any money , just go to Guardian website and read whatever you want.  It covers social issues, economic issues, Sports, Science and much more.

7.  Aldaily:  If you need a single place that contains everything about essays, letters, articles and magazines , you can try Aldaily. It is the powerhouse of information where you can even read about the famous playwrights and poets from UK , US and many other countries.

I hope students will find all these websites really helpful. If students can cut down their Facebook time and devote sometime to these websites they are going to gain a lot. Thank you for your time.