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Whether it’s school and college students, parents, or business people, everyone loves to spend their time using mobile phones. There are a lot of positive and negative effects of cell phones. All the people who use it have their list of websites or apps that they regularly use in their spare time. If we talk about students, then these websites or platforms are like their heart or kidney, without which they cannot survive. But have you ever wondered or heard about educational websites that can develop your skills? Do you know about sites that can help with your academic growth or help you gain extra knowledge? If you are curious and want to know more about this concept, then I would suggest you fully read this blog. This blog is brought to you, students, especially by

In this blog, we have listed some of the useful websites for students. And how can you find those sites and benefit from them?

What Are the Different Types of Educational Websites?

Educational websites can play an important role in a student’s life. It can develop them physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some of the types of educational websites are as follows:

  1. Websites for Language Learning
  2. Educational Videos and courses website
  3. Websites for Moral education 
  4. Social learning websites
  5. Grammar Websites 
  6. Education Policy websites
  7. Lessons planning websites
  8. Websites for assessment
  9. Electronic Library websites
  10. Questions and answers website

Have you ever begun to wonder or be aware that you can pay someone to do your homework so that you can excel in your studies? If not, try using the different useful websites for students which are listed above. On the internet, you can find a number of websites for school and college students. But before using any one of them, try to thoroughly check the details of the website. Because the number of internet scammers is growing by the day, you should not put your life in jeopardy.

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Useful Websites for Students

There are different types of educational websites available on the internet which can enhance the learning abilities of the students. Some of them are free of cost and the rest are payable. Below are some brilliant websites that are useful for everyone. I would recommend students to try the websites given below:

Khan Academy:

It is a non-profitable organization founded in the year 2008. Students from high school, colleges can reap the benefits from this remarkable website. The reason is the availability of the video tutorials designed by experts. For example, If you want to learn about the concept of vectors in Physics, you can check out the videos given on Khan Academy. They are handmade sketches converted into videos. Started by Harvard Alumni, it is doing phenomenal work for the student community across the globe. You can learn Mathematics, physics, chemistry, management, economics and many more. This website is useful for both teachers and learners.


A heaven for both the engineering and management students. If you want to learn new technology, a new programming language, or any of the coursework taught in the university, you can sign up for Coursera and learn. This gives you a perfect classroom experience with lectures, assignments, and presentations. After the successful completion of the course, one gets a successful completion certificate from the organizer. Professors from the most prestigious universities are sharing the wealth of knowledge free of cost. Need to learn Scala or Heskel, just create an account and enroll yourself.


Quora is a question and answer website founded in 2009. This united states based website is completely free to the public. Well, this is a different platform where anyone can find anything. If you need social networking, blog, experiences then Quora is the destination for all. How a student can gain information from Quora? A student looking to know about a particular subject, such as Human-Computer Interaction or Machine learning in general can sign up for quora and see the responses of the people who already are pursuing such courses. Secondly, you can drop messages to the people and wait for a reply. Last but not least this is also an entertainment platform where you can see the random and funny stuff that is shared by the different people belonging to different geographical locations.


Are you preparing yourself for the GRE or GMAT exam? If yes then Quizlet is the destination for you. This is one of the finest vocabulary-building sites that can help you in learning vocabulary in different ways. Quizlet has a unique interface designed for you where you can see words, shuffle them, create a customized test, and share the vocabulary list with anyone on the Quizlet. Apart from all these, they have a built-in audio system that can help you to improve your pronunciation. It’s a must-visit for the people looking forward to workout their vocab. Create your flashcards with the meanings suggested by over a million users.


Whenever I think about the eloquent speeches given by experts I think about TED. TED is the collection of the greatest speeches delivered by the best people working in Technology, Entertainment, and Design. If you need motivation about any of the aforementioned fields, just give this site a visit and spend a couple of hours. I am sure you won’t be able to keep yourself away for long. This is a powerhouse for brilliant ideas. The second best part of TED is the duration of speeches. You need not sit for an hour in front of your system. The duration of the speech is just 20 minutes.

The Guardian:

Being a student how can you miss reading the newspaper? Keeping this thing in mind we are putting Guardian as one of the finest pieces of journalism spreading the true and relevant news. The second reason for choosing Guardian over other newspapers is the comprehensive language. Editors at Guardian take care of people belonging to different parts of the world. Enhance your general awareness by subscribing to the newspaper. In case you do not want to spend any money, just go to the Guardian website and read whatever you want.  It covers social issues, economic issues, Sports, Science, and much more.


Arts and letters daily is a web portal that was founded in the year 1998. If you need a single place that contains everything about essays, letters, articles, and magazines, you can try Aldaily. It is the powerhouse of information where you can even read about the famous playwrights and poets from the UK, US, and many other countries. 


This is an American online audible company founded in the year 1995. It is a subsidiary company of Amazon. It has several audio programs from leading audiobook publishers, broadcasters, entertainers, magazine and newspaper publishers, and business information providers. If you are tired or if you do not understand anything from reading then this can be a great choice for you. You can listen to everything like audio and save a lot of your time.

LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning was founded by Lynda Susan Weinman and was formerly known as This is a platform that offers different courses in Business, Creative, and Technology. All these online classes are available in German, French, Spanish, and English. It is free for valid library cardholders and all you need to do is to create an account on this website.


If you want to explore doing new things and want a step-by-step demonstration of it then Instructables is the right place for you. Here, you can develop your skills in crafting, workshop, living, electronics, and cooking. They offer nearly 35 different online classes. It was founded by Eric Wilhelm and Saul Griffith and officially launched in August 2005. Different contests are held on this website every month in which you can participate and earn money.


This is a digital library website founded in the year 1995. It contains 1900 journals from 50 different disciplines. If you want to outsource the knowledge of library and articles from your home then you should visit this website. This digital library consists of thousands of articles, journals, books and is nearly used in 11000 schools. 

Self Control:

The main problem faced by the students while studying is a distraction. And the main cause of distraction in children’s life is because of their cell phones. This is a free and open-source application that protects them from being distracted. All you have to do is to set a period to block on your phone. The next step is to add sites to your blocklist and click the Start button. In that period, you won’t be able to use the blocked app. If you are still in need of using the app, then either you have to delete the application or restart your computer.

I hope students will find all these websites helpful. If students can cut down their Facebook time and devote some time to these websites they are going to gain a lot. All these useful websites for students are available at your fingertips, and you can utilize them to develop yourself in a better way. So, the next time you have some leisure time, visit one of these websites. Thank you for your time.

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Benefits of Educational Websites in the Student’s Life

In the good old day’s education meant to one on one classes, taking notes by reading books in the libraries, and getting grades by answering the questions in the exams. We cannot imagine our school and college learning without the help of teachers. But post the pandemic our educational lifestyle has completely changed. Nowadays we can learn via online classes, DVD and audio players.

The following are some of the useful websites for students:

  • It provides students with a new source of information.
  • Keeps students informed and resourceful.
  • Assists the students in being productive and creative.
  • You can solve your academic doubts from a valid and trustworthy source.
  • It can develop the critical thinking skills of learners.
  • Provides the flexibility to learn.
  • It efficiently motivates the students to develop their knowledge.
  • Learning academic activities have become easy.
  • They can get a real-life learning experience.
  • It is a great thing where the students can clear their doubts then and there without hesitation.
  • It fills the gap between the children and educational institutions.
  • Most of the websites are cost-efficient and some of them are free of cost which enables the students to easily enroll themselves in the courses.

No one can deny the fact that these websites are very useful for students in a lot of ways. Here they can explore a variety of books and studies from the comfort of their home.  In classroom learning some students used to even pay someone to do an assignment to score good marks. But the different websites have played a huge role in the student’s life by helping them with their academics.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.” -Paul Cookson

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the benefits of cell phones in students’ lives?
Answer: The different advantages of mobile phones for schools and college students are:
A- To understand the concepts better.
B-In order to improve subjective knowledge
C- Keeps them informed about various topics.
D-Can help to earn and be independent.
Question 2: How can students spend their free time?
Answer: They can spend their free time reading books, stories, or articles, learning a new skill, exercising or practicing yoga, or working on their personal development.

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