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Why B-schools of Australia Follow Digitalisation in Education?

Digitalisation is rulling in every industry so in education. No need to go traditional classrooms for education because digital education is fast enough and replacing the conventional classrooms. The digitisation of education has struck to the B-schools of Australia because massive open online course (MOOC) has opened the doors of education. This prgramme inspires the Australian MBA providers to reframe…

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Useful websites for students

There are many useful websites on the internet. With the advent of technology these all resources are reachable to everyone. Either sitting in office or working from home, one can read and learn from these resources. Below are some brilliant websites that are useful for everyone. I would recommend students to try the websites given below: 1. Khan Academy: Students…

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How to read a textbook?

You might be wondering what is unique about reading a textbook and why an article about textbook reading. I agree picking up a textbook and going through the pages is not a big deal, however they start feeling bored after an hour or so. Reading a book becomes laborious if you are reading it with a closed mind.  You may…

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What are the most useful university degrees?

First question that one should ask after reading the title of the blog is “How to access the usefulness of the degree?”  We asked many students the same questions and poll was in favour of two parmeteres. First parameter is Employability and the second is the salary that an individual can take home.  We were quite shocked that very few…

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