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Holmes College Blackboard

In Australia, Holmes College and Institute is well-known for its higher education courses. This institution, founded in 1963, offers Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, and Secondary Education to both national and international students. It provides both undergraduate and graduate programs. This institute has locations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Cairns, and Hong Kong. They have several scholarship programs, including the Go Clean Scholarship, the BrokerFish International Student Scholarship, the Global Study Awards, and the Ritchie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship. Students at Holmes Institute use Blackboard login to stay up to date on online class schedules, assessments, quizzes, tests, college assignments, and other course-related information. Every student who enrolls in this college is provided with access to the Blackboard login.

Many new students who apply to this college may be unfamiliar with the Holmes Blackboard and Holmes login guide. This blog is brought to you by AllAssignmentHelp and in this post, we will discuss important blackboard information about Holmes college.

Understand in a detailed Manner“What is Holmes Blackboard?”

Holmes Blackboard is a virtual learning environment in which you can virtually learn and comprehend the course training and management. Teachers and students can communicate directly with each other without any difficulties here. Instructors can assess students’ knowledge through position syllabuses, documents, exams, questionnaires, tests, and survey data. The professors grade the conducted course materials electronically. And students can check their grades to see if they passed or failed. If they receive a lower score, they can retake the exam and improve their grades. Teachers can communicate with and evaluate the work of all students at the same time. This is the most advanced learning management system.

Importance and Benefits of Learning at Blackboard Holmes

Homes institute and homes community college is committed to helping the students to have become an improved version of themselves irrespective of their nationality, gender, community, or belief. It is a platform where the students and faculty can communicate with each other. Here the learners can learn faster with the help of the information shared from their instructors online.

Benefits of Blackboard Holmes:

This online platform had helped both the students and teachers. Here, they can have a virtual learning experience. The following are some of the benefits:

  • Flexible and easy to learn
  • Can access the information from anywhere and at any time
  • Direct and hustle free communication
  • Unlock various library services at one go
  • Advanced learning system
  • Viewing grade books online
  • One place where the teachers and students work together
  • Simple information and file transmission
  • Convenient and time-saving framework
  • Students can easily understand from all of their course material in one location.
  • It provides an advantage of checking the plagiarism in self-written assignments.

The Educational Procedure of Blackboard Holmes

I believe that with the assistance of the aforementioned information, you have gained an understanding of the significance and benefits of learning at home, institute, and college. As we progress through this blog, I will walk you through the process of learning at the Holmes Blackboard web portal.

  • The first and foremost step is to visit the official website of holmes institute.
  • This same following step is to create an account on the homes web portal.
  • To access the Blackboard portal, you must keep your Username and Password safe. Because if you forget it you won’t be able to access it. 
  • You can recover the password if you forget or lost it at any cause.
  • The final step is to log in and begin exploring various features and acquiring knowledge.

Whether you want to take up your online classes, conduct quizzes, or write exams. For all these, you need to log on to blackboard and there you can enjoy a wonderful online learning experience.

The Different Courses Offered at Holmes Institute of Blackboard

  1. Bachelor of Business [B. Bus]- It includes 16 core subjects and three major options in Management, Marketing, or International Business.
  2. Bachelor (Professional Accounting)- If you want to work in accounting, you can get extensive training in both accounting and business. You will be given a proper blend of theory and professional practice here.
  3. Graduate Diploma [Grad.Dip] (Business)- This is a one-year MBA course that consists of only eight subjects. This can be completed in two semesters by the students. If not, they will be able to complete these subjects in three semesters.
  4. Bachelor (Information Systems)- This course program includes  14 core professional subjects, 4 core business subjects, and 6 elective subjects. it is a three years course and for each year you are required to pay a tuition fee of ₹921191. 4.
  5. Bachelor (Fashion Business)- Bachelor of Fashion Business is a three-year full-time on-campus program. Global fashion research, clothing product knowledge, retail, and consumer relations, and leadership and management in the fashion industry can all be learned here.
  6. Master of Business Administration [M.B.A]- It is a prestigious course for students of business and management. If you pursue an MBA at holmes institute through Blackboard, you will have the opportunity to critically examine various problems.
  7. Master (Professional Accounting)- Here, you can develop leadership, professional, and business skills. This is a two-year course and the students are required to complete three terms. the tuition fees for each year are ₹721599.93. You can also avail various scholarships such as Go Clean Scholarship, Paul Foundation scholarships, and JN Tata Endowment Scholarship to reduce your overall cost.

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Students Guide to Access the Holmes Blackboard

Students enrolled in holmes institutes can only have access to Blackboard Holmes. They can use this from any of the devices like mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. By following these simple steps you can access the different courses at the holmes institute and holmes community college.

  1. To begin, go directly to the Apple app store or Google Play store on your device.
  2. In the search tab area, enter blackboard.
  3. After installing the app on your device, launch it.
  4. Upon launching the app, type holmes into the provided field.
  5. Log in to the portal’s homepage using your holmes blackboard username and password.
  6. In the activity stream area, you can keep up to date on the various updates to your course.

These steps will help the enrolled students learn their course smoothly. But some students might be unable to work in this new environment and may require any kind of assistance. Those students can get help from the “write my assignment” service and score good grades in their academics.

Characteristics of Blackboard Holmes

Course Content:

You can learn to create items and contents in different areas. Single files can be uploaded documents or Pdf files with the help of the browse function. And multiple files can be uploaded using the drag and drop function.

Couse Menu:

The teachers have the opportunity to personalize the course menu of the students. They can add or remove the content of areas and spheres of their courses. Instructors can guide the students by sending different types of announcements to them. The reminders can be about online classes, updates of the exam, and the coming projects.

Grade center:

Learn how to use pseudonymous exam grades for a written assignment and allocate student evaluation obligations to another person (TA or instructor) over here. It is possible to learn how to create different categories and assign items and weights to those centers.

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Specifications of the Holmes Institute Blackboard

The Students gain access to the following features after logging in to The Holmes Institute Blackboard.

  • Learning can be done with the help of group assignments
  • Course program look ups
  • Forward and tailor messages to other students
  • Customized planning and learning
  • Derailed discussion boards of your courses
  • Organized learning with the help of different lecture slides and study materials
  • Advanced online learning system
  • One place to access class and other materials

Under Graduation and Post Graduation Courses Offered at the Holmes Institute

The following are some of the bachelors and masters degrees offered to the students:

  • HC 1010 – Accounting for Business
  • HC 1021 – Interpersonal and Electronic Communication
  • HC 1031 – Managing People and Organisations
  • HC 1041 – Information Technology for Business
  • HC 1052 – Organisational Behaviour 
  • HC 1062 – Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • HC 1072 – Economics and International Trade
  • HC 1082 – Marketing
  • HC 2022 – Marketing Research
  • HC 2091 – Business Finance
  • HC 2101 – Performance Management for Human Resources
  • HC 2112 – Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing
  • HA 1011 – Applied Quantitative Methods
  • HA 1022 – Principles of Financial Management
  • HA 2011 – Management Accounting
  • HA 2032 – Corporate & Financial Accounting
  • HA 2022 – Business Law 
  • HA 2042 – Accounting Information Systems
  • HA 3011 – Advanced Financial Accounting
  • HA 3021 – Corporations Law
  • HA 3032 – Auditing
  • HA 3042 – Taxation Law 
  • HA 1020 – Accounting Principles & Practices
  • HC 1010 – Accounting for Business
  • HS 1011 – Data Communications and Networks
  • HS 1021 – Web Design
  • HC 1031 – Managing People and Organisations
  • HC 1062 – Decision Making and Problem Solving 
  • HC 1041 – Information Technology for Business
  • HS 2011 – Systems Analysis and Design
  • HS 2021 – Database Design and Use
  • HS 2031 – Human-Computer Interaction
  • HS 2041 – Enterprise Systems
  • HC 2051 – Web Applications Development 
  • HS 2061 – Information Systems Project Management 
  • HC 3152 – E-Business Applications
  • HI 6025 – Accounting Theory and Current Issues
  • HI 6027 – Business and Corporate Law
  • HI 6028 – Taxation Theory, Practice and Law
  • HI 5001 – Accounting for Business Decisions
  • HI 5002 – Finance for Business
  • HI 5003 – Economics for Business
  • HI 5004 – Marketing Management
  • HI 5009 – Leading and Managing People and Relationships for Performance
  • HI 5010 – Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • HI 5015 – Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise
  • HI 5016 – International Trade and Enterprise
  • HI 5017 – Managerial Accounting
  • HI 5019 – Strategic Information system for business enterprise
  • HI 5020 – Corporate Accounting
  • HI 6005 – Management and Organisations in   a Global Environment
  • HI 6006 – Competitive Strategy
  • HI 6007 – Statistics and Research Methods   for Business Decisions
  • HI 6008 – Business Research
  • HI 6011 – Leveraging Information Technology for Business Advantage
  • HI 6012 – Managing Operations and Supply Chains
  • HI6026 – Audit, assurance and compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the various types of programs available at Holmes Institute?
Answer: English Language Courses, Senior Secondary School, Vocational Programs, and Higher Education Programs are the four types of courses available.
Question 2: Where can I find the various Holmes Institutes and Colleges?
Answer: This institute has campuses in five different locations they are Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, and the Gold Coast.
Question 3: How much does the Diploma in Business Management at Blackboard Holmes cost?
Answer: If you are a student interested in pursuing a degree in Diploma in Business Management at Holmes Institute, you may have to pay up to 18,000 AUD.