Top 10 Landscape Architecture Websites To Blow Your Mind  


Olla peeps! Here I bring to you, the list of top 10 landscape architecture sites which will cover all the questions in your mind like what is landscape architecture, why to choose landscape architecture as a profession, etc. From all the old information to the latest information, you will get it all. I have tried to bring it all together.

You will get sites which-:

  • Tells you what landscape architecture is.
  • Contains all the latest trends related to it.
  • Includes projects and information related to it.
  • Provides information to even those who are homemakers and want to decorate their backyard, gardens, etc.
  • Tells you about the job prospects in this field.

So get ready to blow your minds off as you are about to see amazing creations.

1) American Society Of Landscape Architects

American Society of landscape architecture is the best among all the other sites you can find for landscape architecture. I have listed below some of its best features:

  • Best destination for practicing and aspiring professionals of this field.
  • Provides best educational resources, legislative updates, networking events and much more new things to explore.
  • Contains projects, case studies, etc. on sustainable landscape design and water management across the globe.
  • Provides vast information on green roof concept.

To make your searching experience more easy on this website, click here to know what is landscape architecture and what all future expectations come with this field.

2) Landezine

Landezine features as no. 2 on this list. Name anything, and you will get it on this website. Some of its best features are:

  • Availability of projects from all over the world.
  • Provides you with all the information like Issues regarding landscape architecture or the names of all the famous landscape architects and their profiles etc.

The most happening part of this website is its ”city guides” section. It acts as a guide showing maps locating the landscapes published on the site.

3) Landscaping Network

Landscaping Network provides amazing design ideas with a collection of lots of pictures, videos, and products. Whether you want an entirely new design for your backyard or front yard, or simply want to give your garden a renovation, you’ll find the resources here. What I found interesting was that both homeowners and professionals could find inspiration for a unique home landscaping project. A handy sitemap helps you browse the different categories to exactly find what you need from this website. It also provides expert tips and technical information about plants and materials.

 4) Landscape Architects Network

Landscape Architects Network brings you all the necessary features and resources relating to landscape architecture. Following are some of the features which the site offers to its readers/users:-

  • Latest news and updates on the latest trends, materials, books, technologies, and relevant projects.
  • Downloadable e-books related to different aspects of landscaping and how to use various components regarding the same.
  • Latest news regarding jobs and internships in this field.
  • News related to ongoing and upcoming competitions.

5) World Landscape Architect

As the name itself suggests, World Landscape Architect is a site that works towards the goal of developing the presence of this field in the world. It provides you with:

  • News and information about the profession by professionals.
  • Professionals and students can publish their own work.

World Landscape Architecture looks forward to working with landscape architects, trained professionals, and the landscape industry to improve the profession across the world. It also provides inspirational projects that can be sorted by location and category.


As soon as we hear the word green roof, we get an idea of applying landscaping techniques on roofs. So, as the name itself indicates, is a website which deals with the green roof technologies.Their ultimate goal is to inform, promote and inspire the Eco-friendly technology of green roof architecture. It uses exchange of ideas, projects, news, video, travel, research, organization and government updates, marketing opportunities, and exclusive features. People who would like to become more involved in the green roof industry, this is the best place for them. You get the lists of latest events and jobs regarding it and the lists get updated regularly. Green roof projects are also available easily for you to search and understand quickly.

7) The Cultural Landscape Foundation

The Cultural Landscape Foundation is a non-profit established in 1998.The main aim of this website is to connect people to different places.It is essential to preserve our landscape heritage, and this is what the site promotes. It educates people in various ways and helps them to identify its value and empower the concept lying behind it.The site keeps an updated list of tours, exhibitions, and lectures regarding landscape architecture.

8) Topos Magazine

Topos is a magazine based website with information about various things regarding landscape architecture. However, it also deals with the Urban designing part. It makes the magazine more interesting to read as we get two things in one place. Topos Magazine provides following:

  • A wide range of topics and scale to study.
  • The content of both academic and practical values.
  • Projects which are recognized by international competition.
  • Book reviews for both landscape architecture and urban design.


What else is more beautiful than nature’s beauty. So natural and soothing. By only talking about it we have started feeling good so what will happen if we actually visit such nature’s beauty? is such a website which takes us to a different level.

  • It offers a delightful and colorful peek into more than 2,756 parks, gardens and human-made green spaces around the world.
  • All the gardens, parks and human madegreen spaces are easily searchable with beautiful pictures.
  • You will get many landscape designs with their context reference and illustrations.
  • A separate section on landscape architecture provides a wealth of resources on the history, theory, and design approaches of the profession.
  • The site also offers a guided tour to the most beautiful gardens in the world where you can take a real visit and explore apart from academic texts.

10) Prospects

Prospects is not a landscape architecture website. But I have placed it at number 10 so that you can know the job prospects in this field. Learning landscape architecture is not enough, you should know what you can do with this knowledge. This website provides information of employment opportunities in various fields. Visit this link to know what they have to say on landscape architecture. This website is basically like icing on the cake. So enjoy guys.

So these were the top 10 landscape architecture websites. Hope you liked this information. If you did, please let me know through your valuable comments. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog. Any kind of feedback will be appreciated after all it’s our readers whom we value the most.

By Susan White

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