what is narrative writing
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What is narrative writing? | How to improve narrative writing skills?

Things you should know about Narrative writing Storytelling is an age-old practice. Since the beginning of the human race, people are telling different stories orally as well as in written form. Narrative writing was in practice for a long time. To become a good narrative writer, students need to be aware of the basics of narrative writing. Some students fail…

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postcolonial literature
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Postcolonialism and the rise of postcolonial literature

Hello, friends today this blog is all about Postcolonialism and the rise of postcolonial literature. All those students who are enrolled in literature will find this blog interesting and informative. Here in this blog, you can read about the rise of Postcolonialism and the development of postcolonial literature. I have divided this blog into various sections for the ease of…

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Virtual Private Network

VPN is a helpful approach to keep up high-level harmony of communication inside an organization, even on account of a far distance. This enables any client to get to any site connected with the intranet or VPN, with more prominent productivity and security. Virtual Private Networks are additionally helpful for private clients who wish to improve the security of their…

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GSM: Global System for Mobile: An era of cellular network technology

Introduction GSM is a connection between two individuals – the individual called and the caller- is the essential service of all cellphone systems. To implement this service, the system must be able to maintain and set calls, which include a few tasks: Celler is identified, location is determined, the call is then routed, and guarantee that the conversation keeps on going…

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Programming Language ( C& C++ )

Introduction Many programming languages ​​based on the C programming language and its immediate descendants, for example, C #, C ++, Objective-C and C, are the most well-known programming languages ​​used on the planet till date. The most talented programmers realize how to utilize C, and C is commonly the language that most programmers are adopting first. A programming language is…

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