Key Asset of Compare And Contrast Essay


In your walk of life as a student, you are always surrounded by academic tasks. During this sphere, you have to deal with assignments, essay writings, dissertations and so on… There are many things but, over here I will discuss one of the most prime essay writing i.e., “Compare and Contrast essay”. To the students who are not aware of this kind of essay writing, let me brief you a little. Here, your centre of attention should be comparing two things that are similar or contrasting things that are different from one another. Isn’t comparative thinking the most fundamental and natural instinct we have?  Like, even when we were kids the initial thing we learned was to compare things or differentiate them. A little example would be comparing colours or identifying the difference between your parents. Learning would not be complete without these comparisons. 

When you get occupied with essay writing, you have to put a lot of effort into understanding and researching the facts. Following this, the next step is to form the contents by collecting all the words together and making them meaningful. A massive task, right!  The main objective of this is to convey the information in a smooth way to the readers. Professors assign these kinds of tasks to make you grow your brainpower by comparing or contrasting items. This also results in generating interest in students and developing their critical thinking. Do you not know how to structure these essays? Well, the most important aspect of this is making use of transition words. I know you might be thinking that what are these words. Well, No worries! just read this blog by AllAssignmentHelp and you will learn about these words, and how it helps to make your essay meaningful.

Introduction to Compare and Contrast Essays

Compare and Contrast essay can be defined as:

  • A content that tells the difference and similarities between the ideas and concepts of the topic.
  • The compare essay tells the similarity between two things and the contrast essay draws the difference between them.
  • It is a linguistic style of write-up.
  • Compare and contrast essays are like schematic drawings that are well-organised containing rational facts. 
  • These essays cover a vast variety of subject areas.
  • They make an argumental essay that makes it interesting to read for the readers.
  •  It is straightforward containing transition words to complete it with a cherry on top. 
  • The focus while writing is to choose two subjects that link in a meaningful way.
  • Also, focus on the details that are suitable and to the point.

Lastly, choose your topic wisely as a compare and contrast essay must have enough things in common for comparison. 

Application of Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

Firstly, I would start by introducing what transition words are. These phrases are the parts of speech that are used to link the sentence. In short, it is used for a better understanding of the content for the readers. The examples of these kinds are: to, and, so, again, as a matter of fact, etc. 

Below I’ve listed the importance of these words when introduced in the essay:

  • These transition words when used in compare and contrast essay builds up a relationship with the text that is coherent. The meaning of which is reasonable or logical. 
  • This ultimately connects it with forming a sentence or context that is meaningful and well-organized. 
  • When you write an essay without the help of transition words, it makes your essay only partially finished. 
  • As a result, you can end up disappointing your professors. 
  • And, this will create a distressing impression on them. 
  • What will be the use of all the hard work then? Don’t let your hard work go in vain. 
  • As in this write-up, I’ve explained the main ingredient used in these essay writings. 
  • The correct use of transition words can make your essay mesmerising. And, also help you score highly.
  • These words create a smooth transition of sentences when added to the paragraph.
  • It is also said that they act as a bridge between one sentence to another giving it a logical meaning.
  • Transition words when added in compare and contrast essay makes it professional.

I know this is a bit hard for you as a beginner. But, if you just give a little effort you can do it yourself. Moreover, if somehow you fail to write your essay, you always take online essay helpers who are experts. They will assist you in your task and you can also learn from them.

How to Fabricate a Compare and Contrast Essay?

As I’ve already given you an introduction about compare and contrast essays and also how transition words are the asset of these writings. Now the next thing you should be familiar with is how to create the essay. Well, I won’t make it complex for you. I don’t want you to spend your entire day learning to create this essay. 

Therefore, I’ve listed down points to make it easy for your understanding:

Brainstorm with Schematic Drawing

  • Create the topic of your argument creatively.
  • Instead of a narration use visuals to make it easier to understand.
  • You can use charts, tables etc. 

Build Your Thesis

  • Creating a Your thesis is a very important step while making a compare and contrast essay.
  • It develops a fascinated argument for your readers.
  • Remove cloudy and misty ideas and replace them with specific and detailed concepts.

Mould an Eye-catchy Introduction

  • Write an introduction containing a brief summary to write a top-class essay.
  • Using transition words should be your priority to make it interesting for readers.
  • Create a good argument for the comparison and don’t confuse your reader.
  • Organize a well-structured body for your essay starting with a dazzling introduction

Add Conclusion

  • This step is mostly ignored but, let me tell you that it is an important step while creating an impressive compare and contrast essay.
  • Your conclusion should not be one-sided and should contain facts.
  • As a matter of fact, conclusions are the soul of any write-up.

The Necessity of Transition Words in Compare and Contrast Essays

Below are the points that tell about the need for transition words for this kind of essay:

  • Transition words assembles your ideas and concepts in a smooth way that forms a paragraph giving it meaning.
  • It also gives clarity to your essay.
  • Creates a logical relationship between the words when included in a sentence.
  • It is not mandatory to use everywhere but accordingly involve them where required.
  • Once you get the hang of using transition words, you will end up making your compare and contrast essay impressive.
  • As a result, you will get highlighted in your class, get appreciation from your professor and score highly.
  • However, these words illustrate the tie-up between words and phrases in your write-up.
  • Not using many transition words does not mean using only one or two. Use multiple words to make it as flat as a pancake.
  • These words can help you show comparisons.

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Divergent Usage of Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

Transition words for this kind of essay can be broken down into heads for divergent usage:

  • Setting in motion a new concept and idea in the paragraph.
  • Draws a relationship between sentences by giving them meaning.
  •  Also, explains how one’s effort or position leads to an end result that is distinct
  • Transition words give an impressive end while you are concluding the paragraph 
  • You can also use them while summarizing the main points of the topic in the essay.
  • These words often describe the time when the event happened, like, first, second, third etc.
  • You can use them for giving out opposing ideas and arguments. 

Role Model of Transition Words for Compare and Contrast Essays

So I’ve listed below the words that are used as a transition word while writing your essay. They are sub-categorized under the set they can be used for a better understanding. But if you find it difficult to use them in your essay, you critical essay writing help from experts.

Some of them are as follows:

Repel a Concept or an Idea

  • On the contrary
  • Despite
  • Unlike
  • Conversely
  • Notwithstanding
  • As much as
  • But
  • Although
  • Regardless

Introduction of the Latest Point

  • Besides
  • Further
  • Another
  • Furthermore
  • Moreover
  • In addition to
  • Likewise

Revealing the Cause and Effect

  • Due to
  • As a result
  • Hence
  • Because
  • Henceforth
  • Consequently
  • Therefore
  • In effect

Concluding the Essay

  • In conclusion
  • Overall
  • To summarize
  • In essence
  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • In brief
  • On the whole

Narrate Time

  • At the beginning
  • Soon after
  • Preceding that
  • To begin with
  • Then
  • Yesterday
  • At the outset
  • Henceforth
  • Last time
  • Before all else
  • Prior to


On the whole, If you still struggle in using the correct transition word for your compare and contrast essay, don’t worry. You can always get essay writing services from experts. With their expertise, you can nail your work. The website of has a variety of experts having professional experience in writing compare and contrast essays. Thes writers can churn out, an impressive essay for you that too in due time. Well! You can always use this facility if you fail in following the above steps. Using transition words makes your essay remain connected by giving it a meaningful essence. But, yes it is difficult for students to use these words in a correct way. As a result, they mess up their essay and end up making them illogical and hard to understand. But,  when you get connected with online experts they help you score good marks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What importance do transition words hold while writing a compare and contrast essay?
Transition words assemble your ideas and concepts in a smooth way that forms a paragraph giving it meaning. It also gives clarity to your essay. Creates a logical relationship between the words when included in a sentence.
Question: What are transition words?
Transition words are the parts of speech that are used to link the sentence. In short, it is used for a better understanding of the content for the readers. The examples of these kinds are: to, and, so, again, as a matter of fact, etc.