Digital communication
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Digital Communication

It is a kind of communication mode in which we digitally encode the information and thoughts in the form of discrete signals and then they transferred electrically to the recipients. Today our world is globally connected and it’s impossible to imagine life without electronic communication. Today everyone uses electronic gadgets and devices these devices are able enough to provide a…

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Information Security Analyst Jobs (1)
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Information Security Analyst Jobs

Information Security Analyst Jobs are meant to provide security to the organisation’s sensitive information. And this is performed by an information security analyst, he/she makes sure every information is secured and there is no data loss from any resource of the organisation. And his work to improve the company’s security. The job of the security analyst is full of responsibility…

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technology revolution
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Technology Revolution

When an old technology replaces with another and more advanced technology known as a technology revolution. In other words, we can say Technology has created amazing tools and resources, which make human life easy and safe. Technology revolution increases productivity and efficiency. We can see the evolution of technology in every field of life. Today we have a lot of…

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What is criminology
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What is Criminology? | How criminologists play a vital role in society

What is criminology? One must know the answer to this question before delving deep into this topic. Criminology can be explained as the study of crime and what reinforce the criminal to commit the crime. Another simple answer to the question “What is criminology” is the study of laws and the criminal justice system in a state. But there are…

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