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Atmospheric science and its branches

Atmospheric science is a branch of science that deals with the atmosphere of the Earth. It is an elaborative study of different systems and their impacts on Earth’s atmosphere. This field is the interdisciplinary field and encompasses different areas related to physics and chemistry. With the help of chemistry and physics, scientists and researchers study the dynamics of the Earth.…

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software development
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Software Development: A complete Process for software creation

The development of the software process includes programming, designing, testing, documenting and fixing the bug. These kinds of the process take part in the development of the software. And help to create the framework. Source code is the most important factor in software development. Basically, it is a process of writing the error-free source code. The development of software is…

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Online Marketing Jobs: Best career opportunities that are a new choice of students

Online marketing jobs are a kind of job in which we work with the help of internet. And try to enlarge our business throughout the web. In simple language, we can say online jobs completely based on internet. And as we all know the internet has become essential things for our daily activities. Today we are globally connected with the…

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Computer animation
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Computer Animation: how it enhanced our visual experience

We generate digitally animated images with the help of computer animation. And computer-generated imagery (CGI) compile both the scenes whether they are static or dynamic. Whereas computer animation only provides moving images. We can see the use of 3D computer graphics in computer animation. We still use 2D computer graphics for stylistic, low bandwidth and real-time renderings. Pc animation is…

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Digital communication
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Digital Communication

It is a kind of communication mode in which we digitally encode the information and thoughts in the form of discrete signals and then they transferred electrically to the recipients. Today our world is globally connected and it’s impossible to imagine life without electronic communication. Today everyone uses electronic gadgets and devices these devices are able enough to provide a…

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Information Security Analyst Jobs (1)
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Information Security Analyst Jobs

Information Security Analyst Jobs are meant to provide security to the organisation’s sensitive information. And this is performed by an information security analyst, he/she makes sure every information is secured and there is no data loss from any resource of the organisation. And his work to improve the company’s security. The job of the security analyst is full of responsibility…

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