Change Management: Why it is important

Change Management

Introduction to Change Management

Change management is a systematic approach that enables dealing with the transition process efficiently and effectively. Managing the change is the collective process that makes the organization effective in handling the change. It is a collective process, techniques, and tools which help in managing the professional and business organization to achieve the desired and required result. It is a continuous process that makes the entire organization updated and helps in attaining strategic as well as a competitive advantage in the global market. Moreover, in simple words, it can be explained that managing the change is a systematic process that helps in dealing with the transition and transformation effectively within the organization. The main motive of bringing the change is to make the organization and people effective. Besides this, to achieve the required and desired result out of bringing the change for more detail please visit Assignment Help Canada.

Change management is the art as well as science that enables the management of an organization to easily and efficiently handle the required and desired changes in an organization’s structure, technology, process, or system. In managing the change, the role of sound leadership is required who can perfectly manage the change in a smooth manner and meanwhile avoid the possible negative consequences.

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Importance of change management
Importance of change management

Change Management: Changing the way of work

It is the need of the hour to change the way of work from time to time. It is because it will lead to keeping an individual and organization updated and strategically ahead in the global environment. Changing the way of work is needed from time to time because if one will not change the way of work then it will lead him to go back and as a result, it will negatively hamper the growth for a longer period of time. However, if you are asked to write an assignment on change management and need someone to write my assignment for me online, then you can hire an expert from our portal to complete your assignment.

In a way to enhance the process and competency bringing and managing the change is required. It is to notify that change is the need of the hour and every individual and organization as a whole needs to change the system and process of their work from time to time according to the demanding situation. It is because it will lead to putting a positive impact on the business organization as a whole for a longer period of time. In the globalized economy and in the era of technological advancement everything is changing day by day which pushed the individual and business organization to bring necessary changes in their overall business process and the system as a whole.

Changing the way of work requires proper planning and analysis. It is because the change in the work performed requires mental stability to accept the change in a sound manner which is only possible if required changes are effectively managed. If the way of work is not changed and managed then it will put a negative impact on the organizational growth and development. Technological advancement and modernization in technology made it compulsory for the organization to change its way and method of work from time to time in order to cope with the demanding and dynamic changes in an environment.

Need for Change

There is a lot of reason which can be addressed by bringing the necessary changes in an organization. In order to increase the likelihood of success, there is a strong need for change.

The organization feels the need for the change to identify the newly available opportunities in an effective manner. Besides this improvement and advancement in technology push the organization to change the old process and to bring the new process into their operational activities. It will also enhance the work performance at large in a longer period of time.

The fundamental advantage of applying change management is that it builds the odds of a business remaining on its financial limit or calendar thus prompting higher return on investment and acknowledgment of advantages.

In order to make the process more effective and to keep the process updated with the demanding situation need change is heavily required. To boost up the current organizational situation and performance there is a strong need for change and if this need is managed properly then it will put a positive impact on the entire organizational performance at large for a longer period of time. Moreover, a high need for change exists for those organizations who want to be ahead for a longer period of time.

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Importance of Managing the Change and How it Will Help the Business Organization

Managing the change in an effective and efficient manner is immensely important for the organization irrespective of its size and operation. Most business organization fails in managing the change which results in the winding up of the organization. It is of prime importance that an organization should have an effective leader who can manage and monitor the change management process in a smooth manner from time to time.

If a business leader is ineffective in managing the required change then it will hamper the organizational growth and development in a negative manner. Moreover, if you need expert help to know about change management in business, then you can also take business assignment help from us where we have expert professionals to guide you in every manner.

Change and Change management are necessary as it helps the business organization by minimizing the resistance, enhancing engagement, reducing the cost, and also enhancing innovation. Hence, it is important for the business organization to have change management methodologies and strategies. It is because change management will minimize the negative impact due to bringing the changes in an organization.

Most importantly, we all are living in an era where rapid changes in products and ideas happen. So, it is vital for the business organization to implement numerous changes in their operational activities and structure. Moreover, in order to enhance the efficiency and competency of an organization change needs to handle and implemented in an efficient manner.

Purpose of Managing the Change in an Organization

The core purpose of managing the change in an organization is to boost its overall productivity and performance. Change management enables the organization to enhance its competency and capabilities in the dynamic environment. The ultimate aim and purpose of change management are to ensure that standardized procedures and methods is been used for prompt and efficient handling of all required changes. In simple language, it can be said that to eliminate the absolute tools, procedure and method changes need to be incorporated.

  • enhance the competency and work performance
  • eliminate the negative impact of change
  • streamline the process and productivity
  • keep the organization updated with the current trends and system

Importance of Communication in Managing the Change

For actualizing a change program effectively, correspondence is the key and a standout amongst the most mind-boggling parameters as it includes a trade of thoughts and emotions with individuals in an association through different mediums. It is one of the hardest issues which an association is looked at during the whole procedure of execution of progress.

In managing the change, communication plays a vital role. Communication helps in building trust and also enhances coordination among the professionals which put a positive impact on organizational growth and development in the long run. It is to clearly notify that over communication should be avoided when an organization needs to change its process, structure, system, or methods.

Proper and timely communication with the entire team helps the organization to manage the change in an efficient manner. Communication will also help in reducing the resistance to change and developing a sense of authority and increasing the motivational level which is very much important for change management. If an organization lacks the proper communication system then it will directly hamper the organizational change management strategies at large. As a result, put a negative impact on the organizational change management system.

Proper and effective communication explains how the change will benefit the individual and organization, this will enhance the motivational level of all the stakeholders. You can also visit to know everything in detail about communication in change management.

Models and Approaches to Change Management

In a way to manage or oversee change and actualize change procedures, it is imperative to abstain from executing unimportant or arbitrary strategies and attempt to concentrate on a reasonable game plan. Change the executives is a continuous procedure that requires some serious energy, skill, devotion, and endeavors to actualize and run. It requires the contribution of individuals or staff of the organization and may likewise result in these individuals being influenced by the progressions as well.

It is very necessary for the business organization to select the best and most effective change model while executing the change in an organization. If the organization fails to adopt and apply the appropriate change management model then it hampers the overall change management process at large for a longer period of time.

Following are the best model and approaches which can be used to implement the change in an organization effectively and efficiently. But selecting the best and most appropriate model depends upon the organizational strategy and size.

  • Lewin’s change management Model
  • McKinsey 7 S Model
  • Kotter’s change management theory
  • Nudge Theory
  • ADKAR change Model
  • Bridges’ Transition Model

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How Change Management Benefits the Organization?

Change management is managed and planned process. Its benefits are well known before implementation and serve as a tool of motivators to adopt the change in a positive manner. It is to notify that that are a lot of benefits associated with managing the change and bringing the change in an organization. If change is managed effectively then it will surely put a positive impact on the business organization for a longer period of time.

Besides this below are some of the points which highlight how change management benefits the organization-

  • The organization can reply and address the customer demand effectively
  • Change management also helps the organization in aligning the available resources with its objectives
  • Managing the change enables the organization to assess the impact of a change
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of an organization is been improved by managing the change
  •  If changes are managed effectively then it reduces the risk of future uncertainties up to the possible extent 
  • Return on investment can be improved by managing the change in a sound manner
  • Creates the opportunity for the development of leadership and build team spirit in an organization

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Barriers in Managing The Change

Organization encounters a lot of barriers while implementing the changes in their operational activities. It is very important and prominent for the organization to effectively handle the change implementation process. It is because if the change implementation process is been managed effectively then it will put a positive impact on the organizational efficiency and as a result enhance the competency at large for a longer period of time.

Moreover, it can be argued that support from top management and lack of proper communication is one of the barriers which hinder managing the change in a negative manner. Besides this lack of proper guidelines and initial training hinders the process of managing the change at large. Most importantly it is notified that poor communication, lack of top management support, and lack of training lead to put a negative impact upon the organizational change management process.


Change management is the systematic and continuous process that helps the individual and organization manage the change process effectively and efficiently. In today’s scenario organization needs to change its structure, process, tools, and methods from time to time in a way to be stable in a dynamic business environment. If an organization fails to manage the change management process then it hampers its overall business performance in a negative manner which leads to hampering its goodwill as well for a longer period of time. Hence, it is vital for the business organization and professional to manage the change management process in a systematic way.

Moreover, it can be concluded that managing the change is not an easy task as it requires proper planning and analysis. Besides this change management demand proper selection of the model to execute the change in a proper and systematic manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Are the Five Steps to Managing Change?
A: First step: Recognize the Need for Change.
Second step: Create a Change Strategy
Third step: Put the Plan into Action
Fourth step: Changes in Company Culture Should Be Embedded
Fifth step: Evaluate the Results
Q: What are the different types of organizational change management?
A: i) Evolutionary change management
ii) Revolutionary change management
iii) Directed change management

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