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Business management is a process that associate with a running company, such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. For the success of any business, the most important thing is the proper management of your business. As we know, the challenges involved in business development, and without adequate supervision, it would be tough for the growth of any company. In this blog, I will tell you how we should manage your business and how you can improve your business.

Business management is a concept of dealing with all the activities related to the business. It does not matter how big or small your business is, if you are going to start any business you must be aware of the things can work to improve or worsen your business.

In this blog post, I will talk about every single thing that you should know about before launching any business. For the growth of any business, the business plan is an essential thing which should be followed carefully. Assignment Help will help you out in providing detailed information on Business Management related assignments.

Here are some essential phase of business development are given below;

  • Planning
  • organizing
  • leading
  • controlling


Planning is essential for every business without proper planning, no business can succeed. With the help of the appropriate plan, we can work on every aspect of the company.

A business plan is a written document which describes in detail how a business can achieve its goals. with the help of business plan, we make a layout for marketing, financial and operational strategy. Business plans help companies to keep themselves on track

A Business plan is a fundamental tool for any startup business which helps to create an overall structure for a business. Operating without a business plan is not the right decision. A good business plan minimises the complexities of the company and outlines all the costs involved in the establishment of the company.

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Elements of a Business Plan

Executive summary

This phase of the planning outlines the mission of the company along with the information of leadership, employees, operations and locations.

Products and services

In this section, companies make a detailed layout of their products and provide information about their product and offers. They also add pricing, the life span of the product and benefits to the consumers and if there is any information about research and development they can also add in it.

Market analysis

Market analysis helps to understand the competition involved in the business and what kind of marketing strategy should we follow for the maximum gain of profit


Every company need to have a proper budget. In this section, it includes cost related to staffing, manufacturing, marketing, development and other expenses.

Without a proper budget, you can not grow your business. A budget provides an original estimate and gives you an idea of expenditures and revenues. With the help of a proper budget, we can minimise the risk of failure and can improve your business.

Here are some task that can only perform by a decent budget

Increase marketing

If we have a proper budget for all the expenses which involve in the business, we can work on a marketing strategy which is the most crucial factor for the growth of any business

Cut expenses

A proper budget gives us an idea about the areas in which we can cut costs and make our business more profitable.

Hire staff

Without a proper budget we cannot hire anyone and without appropriate employees its impossible to imagine the growth of any business.

Purchase equipment

With a proper budget, we can acquire and purchase appropriate equipment because without proper types of equipment its impossible to run a business successfully.

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After making a proper plan the second most important thing is the organisation. It involves the appropriate division of the task, division of job into the department, allocation of the resources across the organisation and many more. It is a highly complex process that includes a systematic review of human resources and priorities.

” In a simple manner, we can say the division of task into departments and arrangements of resources for achieving the desired goal.”

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Benefits of Organizing

  • No matter how much you have planned for your business your, all planning will be failed if you don’t have proper arrangements of the assets for your business. Some of the benefits of organising include the following.
  • It helps to organise the employees into different department for the different task and assigning them to work according to their talent.
  • With the help of a good organisational structure, you can minimise your business expenses. It helps to improve accounting, tracking, and accountability. In general organising business, components enhance the growth of the business.
  • If we organise our business in a proper way it can minimise the expenses and can improve the efficiency of the business.


Leading is something that requires a lot of responsibility. The essence of leadership means to motivate the teammates for achieving a common goal. A leader not only motivates but also help his team whenever they feel distracted or low. The leader set a goal for his team and keep driving them to achieve it. He communicates with everyone at a personal level and gives them proper advice on what should they do for achieving the goal. Leading a team and keeping them motivated for a common purpose is not an easy task it requires a lot of effort and dedication.

Task of leader

Praise Often, and Praise Publicly

Praising employees for their work and giving them honour in public makes them more dedicated to their work. A little appreciation for good work by a leader can motivate the team and give them a positive vibe.  Make Sure Employees Know What to Do? the leader should explain the job adequately and make sure that everyone knows about his work.

Develop a Positive Culture

A leader not only motivates but also develop a positive vibe among its teammates. It is leaders responsibility to develop such an environment so that everyone could work  efficiently and positively

Ask for Feedback about Leadership

A leader should ask for feedback about his and behaviour towards the team from his employees so that he could know whether the unit is satisfied with or not.


It is the most critical function which accomplishes by all the managers in the business to contribute towards achieving the desired and set goal by the company. A manager control over the activities of his subordinates whether they are performing their task efficiently or not.

Controlling is a goal-oriented process in a simple manner we can say controlling can be defined as a process which ensures that activities in an organisation are performing well and controlling also provide efficient and effective use of resources in the organisation.

Sometimes we get confused between controlling and management control, and we think that both are the same process, but it is not true they both have a vast difference. Controlling comes under managerial functions whereas management is a process which managers follow to perform the controlling function.

Importance of Controlling:

With the help of controlling we can manage the activities involved in the organisation here are some function that comes under controlling service are given below;

Achieving Organisational Goals:

With the help of control management, we can have proper statics of performance and activities involved in the business, and we can control them also. It helps in comparing whether the actual production is working according to the predetermined standards or not. Thus, we can say, it helps in achieving organisational goals.

Accuracy of Standards:

With the help of the control system, we can check and judge the accuracy of standards whether they are meeting the criteria or not.  We can review and revise the standards according to the changes in the organisation and the environment.

Use of Resources:

Controlling ensures effective use of all the resources. With the help of the control system, we can use all resources effectively for achieving the decided goal. Controlling check the work process at every stage of operations and gives the layout of the task. Sometimes lack of proper arrangments most of the resources remain left, and it increases wastage and cost of the process in the organisation.

Employee Motivation:

For the success of any business employee motivation is an essential thing. Systematic evaluation of the performance, reward and appreciation for the work motivate the employees to put their best efforts.

Here are a few things that motivate the employees of the organisation most is given below

Be generous with praise

Everyone like praising for their work and its one of the easiest things to give. If you are a team leader or a supervisor it’s crucial for you to appreciate your employees for their work, it will make them self motivated, and they will show more dedication to their work. Once you are comfortable delivering praise one-on-one try to praise them in front of others.

Make your ideas theirs

It has seen that people hate when they were told what to do so if you are a team supervisor you should ask them in such manner so that they feel more comfortable ask them like this  do you think is a good idea if we do in this way this will be more generous rather than asking directly for the work.

Take employees to lunch once a week.

You can surprise the employees by taking them for lunch. Don’t make any announcement that you are going to give them a party or treat just surprise them. While lunch tries to communicate with every team member so that they could feel more comfortable.

Limitations of Controlling:

In business management, you can not control everything. You just need to be aware of those things which can arise anytime. You should  try to make some backup plan for such activities still here are a few limitations involved in the controlling are given below;

Difficulty in Setting Quantitative Standards:

The most challenging thing in the controlling system is comparing the actual performance with the predetermined goal. If these standards are not represented in quantitative form, it will be very hard for measuring the performance. The areas of job satisfaction, human behaviour and employee morale usually consider for setting quantitative standards.

No Control on External Factors:

Factors which comes under technological changes, competition, government policies are known as external factors.  An organisation may fail to have control over these factors because these factors do not come under the control of the organisation.

Now we can see why we need proper business management. Because the development of a business is not an easy process it requires a lot of effort, time and care. Without an appropriate plan of business, it would be tough for everyone to run a business successfully and this is the reason why we need proper business management. It helps us to grow and minimise the complexity involved in the business. This provides a safer environment for our business. It helps in several manners. With the help of business management, we can manage several things at the same time. Making a business plan is a complex process with involve several steps and it determines goals for every stage so that we could achieve our desired goal. I hope with this blog post now you have understood how business management works. For more information do visit assignment help online.

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