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Things You Need to Know About Reflective Writing


Reflective writing is something that you can be asked to do during academics. You may find yourself unable to write it if you don’t have the required knowledge. So, as a learner, what is better than learning before attempting some task.

As an assignment help provider, we will try to introduce you to the reflective writing. So, read on to learn about the same.

What is reflective writing?

There are four key elements to reflective writing:

    • A critical issue gets reported and responded to this type of writing.
    • You have to relate the problem with the knowledge you possess about the same field.
    • You also have to give reasoning about the causes and effects of the problem keeping the similar theories and literature in mind.
  • You also have to reconstruct your thinking so that you can find out the new ways to approach the issue.

What is the need to write reflectively?

Writing reflectively teaches you what you can learn through the experiences and the described theory could be used for practice in your discipline. It can help you in preconceiving ideas, and you can plan things for the future.

Ways to write reflectively?

Reflective writing may have various forms. It depends on the discipline you are studying and structure of the assignment. Formal reflective essays or reports have a clear structure that comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. When it comes to the less formal writing such as blogs, discussion entries or ongoing journals. It may not be structured in the same way.

Let’s further discuss how you can do effective reflective writing.

Report the issue and explain the importance of it

You should recount the issue or the experience you want to reflect. You should describe the things that happened and should write in what context that happened. You should also show your position before you started to analyze the situation.

Try to relate the latest issue or experience with the previous ones

You should put emphasis on describing the same sort of situation you faced in the past, and you should also try to relate the experience with the previous ones.

Give reason about the issue to help the other understand the way things work in the discussed discipline.

It is also a must for you to make the others understand how things work in the considered discipline. You should relate it to the academic literature if necessary. Moreover, you should discuss the point of views and should add evidence as well.

Reconstruct the understanding of the experience

You should also explain the changes you have seen in yourself because of a particular experience. You should describe what will you do in the future if you face the same situation and why.

You may find it tough to do reflective writing due to various reasons. You can try our assignment help online in such a situation and can get well-written coursework from us.

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