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Usually, in colleges and Universities, the research scholars have to write a thesis for their highest academic degree such as Ph.D. Since it is a research work, it is presented after striving hard in researching any topic. However, many of the students do not know much about the thesis or how is thesis different from dissertation.  For such students, there are websites providing online thesis help for guiding and producing best possible thesis. They present a well-built thesis to the students who are clueless about the Thesis structure.

Hence I am now going to talk about these following things in my blog:

  1. What is a thesis?
  2. What is a thesis statement?
  3. Thesis structure that should be followed
  4. How to write a thesis?

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So, without any further ado, lets start the blog.

What Is a Thesis?

The thesis is a long piece of writing is usually a research work as a scholar. It is written to gain a higher academic degree Such as PhD.  The origin of this word comes from the Greek language which implies “something put forth.” In order to give a perfect Thesis definition, I must present the words of Aristotle. It was Aristotle who first defines the term as:

“A ‘thesis’ is a supposition of some eminent philosopher that conflicts with the general opinion… for to take notice when an ordinary person express views contrary to men’s usual opinions would be silly”.

Hence for Aristotle, a thesis is a supposition which is stated differently than the general opinion of the others philosophers. It is the research work in which the scholar goes deep down into the topic to find a new aspect of the topic which is different from the general notion.  It takes years of hard work and research to bring out something out of the box from a topic.

What is The Thesis Statement?

As per our professional thesis writers thesis statement is present at the middle or end of the introductory paragraph of the paper. It offers the main idea of the thesis. Since it is a statement, it generally comes in a single sentence. In that one sentence, you can analyse the topic of the thesis.

There are two types of thesis statement- direct and indirect.

In the indirect thesis statement, the main idea or content of the topic is not revealed whereas, in the direct one, it is all clear from the beginning. For instance, there is a thesis statement as “I love football for two reasons.” Here the two reasons are hidden, and the whole thesis comprises those two reasons. Hence the statement was an indirect thesis statement. However the statement- “I love football because of the wonderful players of Barcelona and the amazing tournaments.” is all direct to the readers, making it a direct thesis statement. 

The thesis statement helps in organising and developing the central ideas or body of the thesis. You can also avail thesis statement help as well from our professional experts.

Thesis Structure That Should be Followed

After getting acknowledged with thesis definition, and thesis statement example, let’s discuss the thesis structure which should be followed. It matters a lot if you spent a lot of time in your research work, and still missed to follow the proper thesis structure. The thesis structure must be followed strictly, as the readers who will review your thesis will analyse your work thoroughly. There are a few essential things that must be present in a standard thesis structure, which comprises:

An Introduction

The introduction part is the beginning section. Hence this part introduces us to the topic and gives an idea about it. It is the introductory part, so it has the responsibility to let the readers get acquainted with the certain things of the thesis, such as- the problem it is concerned with, the aims and process to handle that problem.

Although it does not reveal the whole thing plainly before the readers but gives an idea of the thesis structure. It has the sole responsibility to hold up the readers and generate their curiosity to go through the whole research work. It generally comprises of five to ten pages.

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In this section, the readers are introduced with the relevant history, facts and information about the topic which are already available in the past. It generally provides all the theories, data and views of the early researchers related to the topic to show or let the readers know about the work that has already been done by the previous researches on the related topic.

It offers the general knowledge that should be understood to get an idea about the current discovery of the scholar. This chapter generally contains a history review on the topic, to let you know or give the context of what has been already researched on the current topic. It is required to get a better understanding of the research work of the scholar. Hence with the help of this section, you would be able to know what new things are discovered in your interest field, and how it could be beneficial in the required field.

The core

This concerns your own work, the hypothesis which you drew in the beginning, and your whole experimental research work. Here is your own space, where you explains the problem or topic in detail, applies the methods that can be useful in proving your arguments.

The core should be more than half of your research work. Hence there is no limitation of the pages. It can also be called the ‘heart’ of your thesis, as it comprises your new ideas and discoveries which you put forth before the readers.


Also known as ‘conclusion,’ this section provides the crux of the whole discussion that you had in the core section. It is responsible for drawing the overall conclusion that you want to show to the readers at the end of your work. It presents your contribution or the ideas which you put forth in it. This section discusses your innovative ideas and the hypothesis that you proved in the previous section. It analyses the authenticity of your own results, in the light of the earlier works of other researchers. Hence, it helps the readers to examine the discovery in your topic.

In a way, this section gives a reply to the question that you lay in the introduction section. There should be a strong connection between the introduction and this section.  Here you end up either with a specific conclusion, or you let the readers question the existing general notion on the topic. This section helps them to think on the topic from a particular perspective.

This thesis structure was the document body of the thesis, that is necessary to put in the content of the thesis. However, there are many other essential items that must be kept in mind to make it more appropriate. Here is the list of necessary things that should assist you in writing thesis. Moreover, if you need dissertation thesis assistance, you can call us for help. 

  • Title page

This is the decorative page where the topic, the scholar, and the guide were being introduced to the readers. Here you give the essential details like- your name, your topic, name of the guide, name of the university, etc.


  • Abstract

An abstract is an overview of your whole work. It summarizes your thesis in around 250-300 words. It is usually presented to the professors to give a quick glance of what your thesis is all about.

  • Preface

When you write a thesis, you do not think about the preface. Preface is written only after the completion of your research work. Generally, it carries a personal touch, i.e., you can describe the story or reason that evoked your idea on the topic. It is not directly relevant to the research work, but you can add acknowledgment too. However, this page is optional. You can delete it if you want to.

  • Table of contents

This section contains the essential chapters that are included in your thesis structure. The reader can view the different chapters that you have included in your work, by viewing this table.

I am hereby giving the thesis example of the table of content, which can help you:


  • List of symbols and abbreviations

If you have used a large number of symbols and abbreviation in your research work, you must include a list of those symbols and abbreviations at the end page. All the symbols and abbreviations that you have used in it must be listed there, to make it easier for the readers.

  • Glossary

Other than the symbols and abbreviations, if you have used any terms and phrases that are common in your topic, you must list them to give their definition and meaning. This list actually helps the readers to acknowledge the commonly used terms in the topic.

  • Acknowledgment

In acknowledgment, you give the credit of your work to all those people who helped or gave contribution in your research work. However, if you have already acknowledged them in the preface, you do not need to put this page.

  • Bibliography

This is the essential part which is ignored by the scholars who are new to this field. Although it carries huge importance, most of us do not know the proper way to write the Bibliography. It is the list of all the previous works which helped you to work on your research work. This list cites the work, journals, articles or the different sources that were helpful during your research work. Every work which you include in the bibliography must contain these following things:

  1. The author’s name
  2. Title of the resource
  3. Name of the publishing house which published the resource
  4. Date of publication

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  • Appendices

This is an important tool which provides additional information in a thesis. This list includes the data and information regarding the supplementary materials that were used by you during the development of your research work.

However, after so many guidelines, we often miss a few things that should be followed. Hence to avoid such a situation, students are advised to take  best thesis writing service from professionals. The online writers are professionals who can write thesis for master or for phd. Their service can get you an outstanding work for your academic degree.

How to Write a Thesis?


Following the thesis structure to write a thesis is easy. However, writing a thesis which is convincing and back the idea with research is challenging. Hence, here are a few tips to help you write thesis.

Determine what interest you

Before selecting the topic, you must search out your interest of field. You can best explore and research on the subject which interests you well. Hence, you should take your time to discover the interest first.

Read a lot, before deciding on your topic

As soon as you found out your interest, you can easily decide on your topic. But before deciding on the topic, give yourself enough time to read more on the selected topic. This will help you to decide if the topic you are planning to research has already been discovered or not. Sometimes people do not analyze that their topic has already been researched in recent times.

Analyse the possibility of research

You should give enough time to reading to analyze what is the current scenario, and the possibility to discover something new in that field. Try to collect as many sources for your research work as much as you can. These collections will help you to analyze if you get enough space and data for your research topic or not.

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Provide evidence to your argument

You should provide an ample amount of evidence to prove your argument. Else your hypothesis will look vague and loosely built. The content of the thesis can let your work stand out from the crowd if you make it more argumentative and strong through different shreds of evidence.

If you are still confused or in a dilemma about writing it in a proper way, you can take help from the online services of There are many online professional writers who can help you to present it in a solid and intact way within minimum time. They are proficient enough about the standard thesis structure that should be followed to get excellent scores. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the different types of thesis statements?
Majorly there are three types of thesis statements.
i) Explanatory thesis statement
ii) Argumentative thesis statement
iii) Analytical thesis statement
Q: What are the basic elements of thesis writing?
A: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion are the basic elements of thesis writing.

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