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Why you should embrace social media for education in the 21st century?


Education in each developed country is creating a remarkable milestone among the students and responsible citizens. America is a country where education is quite technical now. As everything is going viral via internet, then why should education stop to grow in social media? Social media is playing a very crucial role to deliver and spread education among students with the speed 500mb/s.

Role of Social Media

At the Texas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development conference held in Dallas, a compass learning interview has been conducted about 30 educators, including teachers, principals, superintendents, directors of curriculum and learning, and consultants to know what are the consequences — if any social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. plays in the classroom, in the school, or in the district.

The answer is quite interesting. You can enjoy this video here:

The discussion was really clearly indicated that most of the schools have embraced social media so let’s take a glance on it.
Do you use social media for education?

 46% people say “very limited mostly to communicate with parents and the community”
 29% people say “Yes, with students, teachers, parents and the community”
 25% people say “No, we don’t”

It reflects that social media is starting to take part as a bigger role in schools and districts, with the overall tone of the interviews. They suggested to find out the interest in figuring out how to make social media more beneficial in education.

Adopting a social platform is quite popular now, but that does not imply implementing social media doesn’t have its obstacles. You have to be strictly concerned about the safety and security of the students. When it was asked to figure out the major confronts regarding implementing social media in schools, 39% noted safety and security for the students, 25% noted to believe in the pupils to utilize social media correctly at school, 25% noted a deficiency of teacher training for social media or the latest technology and another 11% people no answer for this. These are the biggest obstacles to implement social media successfully.

Those who have embraced and taken advantage of social media, already tackled these challenges, including getting students to sign a “responsible use” terms and conditions, getting classier with the use of the internet, and simply believing in students will result the correct thing.

Though, lots of challenges which exist in adopting social media for education, many of us can see incredible opportunities in it. Today students are digital in nature and educators feel social media can help the teachers as well.
Biggest Social Media opportunities in 21st century

1. Better engagement with students
2. Better network for teachers

Social networks and media which are digital technologies, certainly here to stay. Everybody is seeking a better educational environment with the latest technologies. Social media sites have fulfilled the wishes with improved study ambiance and better engagement among the teachers and students.

Wrap it up:
In the twenty first century, there are no limitations if someone wants to study. It doesn’t matter whether he or she is sitting in the classroom or at home, social platform is place where we can be connected with each other.

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