Dramatic Irony
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Dramatic Irony: What it is and how it is beneficial

Dramatic irony can be defined as a device of literacy which is quite stylistic and commonly observed in movies plays poetry and theatres. Storytellers of in use dramatic irony as one of the useful plots devices in developing situations in which the readers and the audiences have more information about any situation or event other than the characters of the…

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Punitive Damage
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Punitive Damage: Explanation and Contrast

Introduction to Punitive Damage Punitive damage is the damage which is accessed to punish any defendants for any kind of outrageous conduct to bring in reformation to the defendant and to the others who are also engaged in such outrageous conduct. It is quite similar to that of the punishments given under legal regulations. Punitive damages are also known as…

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Distributed Database
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Distributed Database: How does it work?

How does Distributed Database work? A distributed database is considered as a database in which two or more files are located in two different places. However, they are either connected through the same network or lies in a completely different network. It is a single huge database in which portions of the data are stored in multiple physical locations and…

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