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Effective Use of the Social Media in the Classroom

Lots of parents and teachers complain of social media is becoming a distraction for the students. However, you may not be right always. Not convinced? Well, read on to find out how you can use the social media as an effective learning tool for the students.

Start a classroom feed on Twitter

Twitter is the platform where you can share lots of academic and general knowledge information within few minutes. All, you need to do is select the material you want to post and write no more than 160 characters, and you are done posting.

You can also give the links to the information you want to share with the students. Students can read this information and can discuss the topic with you and their peers by commenting on the post.

Create a class group on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and easy to use social media platform. Almost all of your students may be using it and may be sharing about their various interests in the Facebook groups.  Assignment help online