Data communication
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Data Communication: A Connectivity Method between two Entities

Data communication is a method of exchanging data and information between the two entities such as receiver and sender. It is a method which allows transmitting the data from one source to another source. Data communication use media for transmitting data from one end to another end. This medium of transportation can be wired and wireless both. Data communication is…

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software development
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Software Development: A complete Process for software creation

The development of the software process includes programming, designing, testing, documenting and fixing the bug. These kinds of the process take part in the development of the software. And help to create the framework. Source code is the most important factor in software development. Basically, it is a process of writing the error-free source code. The development of software is…

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Entertainment industry
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Entertainment industry: Most growing industry in current time

Whenever you get bored what the first thing you used to do,  obviously you try to entertain yourself with the help of friends and family, watching TV or  doing some other curriculum activities. And the most common way of entertaining ourselves is  watching TV and listening music. Entertainment industry is one of the most growing industry in current time. Entertainment…

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Digital communication
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Digital Communication

It is a kind of communication mode in which we digitally encode the information and thoughts in the form of discrete signals and then they transferred electrically to the recipients. Today our world is globally connected and it’s impossible to imagine life without electronic communication. Today everyone uses electronic gadgets and devices these devices are able enough to provide a…

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