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100 interesting biological topics for academic research


Students who are studying biology may get a task to find some interesting biology topics to do research work for college essays, term papers, and dissertations. It is quite a challenging and overwhelming task to find good research topics for biology subject and prepare an academic paper on it. A research paper or an essay can only be scoring if it is appealing, attention-grabbing and academically correct. While putting up a research paper, students have to deal with recent research findings as well as with debatable questions. If your topic is not perfect, then there will be no scientific argument on it and will lack further discussion and studies. 

I have come up with a blog that will guide you in choosing topics for your biology assignment. In this blog, you will get a large list of interesting biological topics for various levels of academics and for different types of academic research papers.

Interesting biological topics for the research paper at the bachelor’s level

Here I begin with the topics for students doing bachelors in biology.

1. The fashion research on penicillin. 
2. How ebola could be the most dangerous virus if terrorists or other harmful organizations find it for biological destruction? What preventive measures United nations can take on this? Do we have a proper understanding of ebola?
3. How much one can rely on memory to remember things and actions? How neurobiology plays an important role in it.
4. Elaborative study on immortal creatures. How one can remain immortal naturally.
5. Study of the most common plant disease and how to prevent plants from getting infected with viruses.
6. How transplantation works and what are the consequences of it.
7. Homeothermic mammal versus poikilothermic body temperatures
8. Study of homosexual relationships in animals and how this differs from one animal to animal.
9. How genetics and obesity are interdependent?
10. An elaborate study on the history of biology.
11. The biological implication of having a child with the first cousin.
12. Can wolves be domesticated? Will there be any threat to humans with it?
13. Modern theories based on the origin of humankind. The validity of these theories.
14. Is human cloning possible? What are the implications of human cloning and how can it affect mankind.
15. What key elements have the biggest impact on human eye colour and does modern biology give any tools to define the colour of the future child’s eyes based on his or her parents’ eyes? Is it only genetics that stands behind eye colour?
16. Analysis of higher-order of chromatin organization in hematopoietic transcription.
17. Pregnancy in males in the animal world.
18. A detailed analysis of the wildlife of the Amazon rainforest.
19. Marine life and how they survive under harsh environmental changes.
20. The fashion industry and how it is affecting and abusing animals worldwide.
21. Animal science and food sustainability.
22. How different insects use camouflage mechanism for survival.
23. What diet should be provided to dogs and how modern dog foods are benefitting dogs.
24. Charles Darwin theory of survival of the fittest.
25. How whale hunting affecting the ecological balance.
26. How corticosteroids are affecting human health.
27. Role of corticosteroids in the development of cancer.
28. DMARD and associated risk of cancer.
29. Detailed analysis of the law of natural selection.
30. A study of the human immune system and it’s capacity to fight diseases.
31. How lack of immunity leads to fatal diseases.
32. Life expectancy after various types of transplantation.
33. How stress is degrading our immunity and making us vulnerable to various fatal diseases.
34. Literature review on the evolution of life.
35. How to prevent graft rejection with immunosuppressive drugs – a detailed study.
36. Disease resistance mechanism in plants.
37. How vaccination helps the human body in fighting with diseases.
38. Weeds and invasive plants.
39. Photosynthesis in plants and transportation of food through Xylem vessels.
40. Birth control pills and its negative effects on reproductive health.
41. How female anatomy changes during pregnancy.
42. Fluctuating hormones and depression are interlinked.
43. Structure of cell and resistance to antibiotics.
44. How human psychology has a role in the fight against cancer? Describe the treatment methods and how to overcome the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
45. Merits and demerits of transgenic crops. What could be the possible hazards of GMO?
46. How one can fight with inherent diseases. Is it possible to get complete rid of them?
47. What is molecular genetics? Explain the basic notion.
48. Heart donation and risk associated with it.
49. Is cosmetic surgery a healthy option or drawing unnecessary problems to the skin?
50. What problems could arise with neurosurgery?

These are interesting biological topics one can use in biology research work. Students can find more topics on various websites. They have a list of the more popular and interesting biology topics. If you are running out of some good research topics, then, must have a look at websites such as

The topics mentioned above are good for students who have just started going to college. Those who are doing masters or PhD might need advanced level biological topics for their research work. With an increase in academic level, you need to have a good topic for your biological research paper. Thus, below you can see the list of various interesting biological topics which you can choose for research paperwork at masters and PhD level.

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Biology research topics at the master’s level

Here is the list of research paper topics of biology as per the subject matter experts.

1. Gestation period and hormonal changes.
2. A detailed study of the Paleo diet and whether it is good for humans or not. 
3. Is hypnosis real or just a mental phenomenon.
4. The function of the human immune system. How and in what conditions immune system becomes fatal for humans. 
5. A comparative study on viral meningitis, bacterial meningitis, and fungal meningitis. Causes and treatment for it.
6. Drug addiction and after-effects.
7. Significance of hormones in normal body functioning.
8. Role of the pituitary gland: anatomy and functions.
9. How to change in hormonal level influence the mind and human behaviour.
10. Study of schizophrenia with a biological perspective. 
11. Is phytoestrogen harmful to males? How high level of estrogen can lead to infertility in males.
12. Is bipolar mood disorder completely psychological or have a biological reference as well?
13. Role of aldosterone in the formation of Urine.
14. What complications can occur with a high level of aldosterone?
15. Describe the properties of oxytocin that makes this hormone a love drug.
16. Study of thyroid problems in females.
17. How hormones play a significant role in controlling moods in females?
18. Is there any relationship between testosterone level and muscle growth.
19. How sinusitis affects the pituitary gland and stops the growth hormone in humans.
20. Discuss the effects of marijuana on the human brain. Should marijuana make legal to a certain quantity?
21. Discuss the medicinal properties of marijuana.
22. How dehydration degrades the human body at the cellular level. 
23. Does narcotics have a severe effect on mental health if used persistently?
24. What are the warning signs of sleep apnea?
25. How one can overcome the effects of chemotherapy drugs?
26. Biological factors and their impact on child psychology.
27. How does the human body functions in the state of coma?
28. Causes and treatment of haemophilia. How to deal with this.
29. How sunburn can affect the skin at the cellular level.
30. What are regenerative medicines? Future of regenerative medicine.
31. Cell therapy and how it can cure various deadly diseases.
32. Discuss tissue engineering in detail.
33. Can artificial organs replace natural organs? Discuss the drawbacks of artificial organs.
34. What is the mechanism behind cell ageing? Can it be stopped by any method?
35. How to produce growth hormone and insulin with the help of genetic engineering?
36. Methods of the sequencing of nucleotide sequences of DNA.
37. Methods of molecular biology.
38. Telomerase, telomerase: ageing, cancer.
39. How to use and production of antibiotics creating environmental issues on a large scale.
40. Study of the technology for obtaining the antibiotics and how it affects the human body.
41. A detailed study on antibiotics and quality control
42. What are the toxic effects of antibiotics? 
43. Describe the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry.
44. Describe the green revolution.
45. How land resources are used in developed and developing countries.
46. What will happen if we lack a certain vitamin or hormones in the body?
47. How alcohol and smoking lead to permanent damage to brain cells and affecting the embryonic development of a child.
48. How land is used in the world’s largest countries.
49. The causes and limits of the biosphere stability based on the impact of human activities.
50. Biocenosis of different levels and their coordination in the global ecosystem – the biosphere.

These are some of the topics that students can use for research purposes. If you are still confused and want some more help with research material or topics, visit

Some key points to look after while preparing a research paper of biology

Most of the students ask a question, how to write a perfect dissertation of biology? I am sharing some vital points to remember for a perfect research paper of biology. Before initiating the writing process, try to inculcate below-mentioned ideas and see the difference.

Thorough research first

This is what I personally feel students or anyone should do while thinking to write a research paper. Before beginning your research paper, jot down the main points of research. Make a list of the issues you are going to discuss in your research paper. For this, first, you need to have a thorough reading of the information from reliable sources. You can take the help of various academic website such as khan academy to get the right information for your topic. Interesting biological topics are not enough to make an excellent research work. You need to have substantial information as well.

Determine the purpose of your research

Secondly, you need to determine the purpose or reason for conducting research. Your research can be an analysis or criticism of the existing principles or research. You can also make a dissertation on your own experiment and create a new or unique understanding of a biological concept. Here you also need to see whether you want to conduct qualitative analysis or quantitative one. 

Work in a narrow area

Never spread your topic or area of research. Be mindful before choosing a topic for the research. The broader the topic, difficult will be the research. Keep your area of research narrow and stick to the point. If you keep things to the point, chances are high that all points will be covered in an elaborate manner.

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