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Narrative Essay Outline – A complete guide for you!

Narrative essays are one of the most important aspects of every curriculum. Both the secondary schools and colleges compose heaps of them. These essays exhibit your innovativeness, creativity, and efficiency to lay down a convincing story. However, there are students who are always multitasking. They may find it hard to manage the time between education and work. In such a scenario I would suggest them to take online assignment help. Since narrative essays are an unavoidable part of our syllabus, they must be completed on time. Essays are nothing but stories in a written form. I know that compiling an awesome story could be a testing assignment. That is why I have listed down a number of factors you have to know before composing your first story. And one of them is the narrative essay outline, to begin with!

In this blog post, I am going to share the following information:

  • What is a Narrative Essay?
  • Types of Narrative Essay.
  • Unique topics for Narrative Essay.
  • What is Narrative Essay Outline?
  • Narrative Essay Outline examples

Fear not, you may have never realized it, but you are a writer since forever! Actually, we all are. Each individual’s life is a story. Who else could be the creator other than the individual experiencing it? Composing a short story is unique in relation to composing an article. However, as long as you can remember. They key here is to think about memory or experience that moves you deeply.  All you have to do is to transform it into an awesome story. Narrative essays are all about spilling your experiences on the paper. But it is mandatory to follow a certain format. That format is the Narrative Essay Outline.

What is a Narrative Essay?


The narrative essay is a piece of text written for gaining academic scores which recount a story. As the writer, your motivation should be to evoke life in your words. A good narrative essay is the one which connects with other people and their experiences. In short, they must experience your written experience. Such an effective narrative can be written by following the narrative essay outline. You need to put them amidst the activity and keep them locked in. Your essay must reflect your perspective on everything else.

You have to think clearly and look into each detail to make it a picture-perfect image for the readers. Besides, you should be quite certain with the data you utilize. Utilize the sort of vocabulary that sounds most sensible to your situation. This will boost the imagination you need to pin down on the piece of paper.

Types of Narrative Essay

There are many types of Narrative Essays. But only two of them are widely taught in schools. They are as follows:

Autobiographical Narrative Essay

This type of narration prompts you to depict a major incident that occurred in your life. It is anything but a collection of memoirs. However, on the contrary, there might be no resemblance to the essay title. But the essay has to be in the proper Narrative Essay Outline. For the best results, sit at a quiet place, think about such a memory which still moves you or touches your heart and investigate it. Write in a way that your words put a spotlight on the story and its motivation, rather than the subtle elements.

Descriptive Narrative Essay

The Autobiographical Narrative Essay is all about your story without mentioning any additional details. Whereas in a Descriptive Narrative Essay you get a wide space to show your creativity. You can make it as innovative as you want to. However, you must not make any changes in the narrative essay outline as that is the foundation of an essay.

An elegantly composed narrative essay is generally clear and does not take much effort by the reader to understand. It takes a complex story and narrows it down, enabling the reader to gather the rest gradually. Experienced essay writers maintain a strategic distance from over-distortion and cling to their motivation. So, if you are confused about how to complete the pending essay assignment. I suggest you take assignment help online from those professional experts.

There is always a bar between what is creativity and absurdity. You cannot write about anything or everything. No matter you are following all the rules and narrative essay outline or not. Remember this while picking what to portray in your work. There is an uncertain thing about the narrative essay. It is that there is always some limitation to the amount of content you can produce. In a perfect world, a beautifully composed narrative essay is the one that takes an unpredictable story and crunches it down in a limited number of words. But no matter how limited the words are the message of the essay must not be lost. Moreover, it should be laid down in the narrative essay outline. But above all the essay must keep the readers hooked on.


Unique Narrative Essay Topics



Along with the themes, there are a few things you have to consider.

Begin with following the assignment instructions carefully given by your teachers. The teachers will regularly update you on what they are searching for in your narrative. Most stories share a couple of similar attributes:

  • A Conflict/Challenge: An impelling episode that makes the tone and gets the story underway.
  • A Protagonist: A relatable character that faces the challenges or test to overpower the odds.
  • A Change or Growth: Overcoming the challenges or test starts some changes to grow in the hero. An acknowledgment may have started this change. It could be a delayed consequence of the improvement of the character all through the story.

These factors are the basics of narration along with the techniques like narrative essay outline. You have to invest energy to form unique concepts and make an amazing storyline. Hunt for your memories and desires to discover something worth writing on!

Here are some of the unique narrative essay topics to kick-start your creativity:

  • Defeating Fear
  • Confronting a Challenge
  • A New Experience or Discovery
  • An Exciting Moment
  • Learning a Tough Lesson
  • A Moment of Adrenaline Rush
  • The Moment You Stood Up For Yourself
  • Relationship Memories
  • A Life-Changing Discovery
  • The Rebel in You

These are some of the topics you can explore the narrative essay outline to write a creative essay. Consider making a story given your background. The most unique memories make up a well-written essay.

What is Narrative Essay Outline?


All the narrative essay follow a standard format. This format is called the Narrative Essay Outline. Starting from the Introduction to the Body, and then the Conclusion. Some writers prefer to compose these essays in 5 paragraph narrative essay outline. Check some online samples from these professional writers to know how it’s done.  The Introduction must lay out the setting and hint at the development of the story. The Body Paragraphs channelize the whole story. Portraying it in a striking point of interest, they gradually unravel the mysteries of the story. The conclusion breaks down the purpose of it all for the readers. You must ensure that the message has successfully reached to your readers.

Let me break down the narrative essay outline further for you!

The Introduction must achieve three principle objectives:

  • Offering a statement that will be applicable later in the article.
  • Involve your readers in the action.
  • Motivate the readers to read the rest of the essay.

Without giving a lot of information, give understanding into what the article is about.

The Body Paragraphs Must Accomplish 4 Main Goals:

The length of the passages will change depending upon the impact of the topic. The scope of the story should speak for its effect. If there an incident which has been experienced by many, you do not have to extend it. Maybe you have to put the reader in your shoes for the story to work. In such a situation, you have a reasonable motivation. You can then make the essay intense, long and serious.

Clear and important detail:

The narrative essay is tied in with making a scene. In addition to a state of mind throughout the narrative essay outline. Indeed, even best paper essayists put in hours and are careful with the details of subtle elements. Try not to spam your sentences with artistic images. However, there are sentences which provide the essence of the essay. Those words can be included without concerning about the word limit.


Throwing the reader into a talked scene is an excellent way to navigate their interest. Dialogue exchange is an awesome method to give a story life and bolster the environment. In any case, you should utilize it to its fullest. For instance, suppose that you have two New Yorkers conversing with each other. Then, using the London slang would not be a really mind-blowing decision.

Compose sequentially:

It’s difficult for the readers to comprehend the course of events unless the writer has explained in details. Keeping things in sequence is the most ideal approach to keep your narrative essay sorted out.

Maintain a strategic distance from plot deviation:

If you are discussing a personal experience, the primary voice will work the best. In such a case that you heard the story from a friend then utilizing the third person voice would be a better option. Your final essay must deliver the purpose while keeping the essence intact. It must talk about your motivation and leave a mark. As the story wraps up, the reader shall be moved by your experience. In the end, it is great to leave them with a comment yearning them to think.

Narrative Essay Outline Examples

The substance of narrative essay can change with regards to various foundations. I have chosen to help you with examples in which you may face a problem.

Example for College

College Professors look for the following traits in their students:

  •  The ability to adjust to various situations.
  • The intellect to tackle issues in various ways.
  • The capacity to gain from the lows.

Your work must exhibit these qualities. Your narrative essay outline can be based on a college application, article or class task. It should always deliver a message.

You need to exhibit your character and skills. Recall a situation where you have experienced a nerve-wracking issue. Recount the moments of how you thought of a remarkable way to deal with it. Moreover,ou can also connect the situation with your field of interest. The narrative essay can be energizing and useful in the course of your college. All you need is to mold your narrative in such a manner.

Example for High School

High School is all about showing your confidence to take sorted out decisions. You acknowledge the outcomes of your activities. Recover important life lessons from them. Think about an occasion where you trust you have acted maturely. Also, settled on a grown-up decision. A single narrative essay outline accordingly will feature the best of your capacities. At last, use outside sources to enable you to get the most ideal outcome out of the narrative essay outline. Start looking for other examples of narrative essays. The ones which were attempted by others.

Final Words

Composing a narrative essay outline must be a creative experience. It doesn’t limit your creativity and interest in any way. This is what makes this format so unique. This is a standout amongst the most free-lively and original essays. However, that doesn’t imply that you have to go against all guidelines. You must not compose something so outrageous that it gets hard to read. Are you still battling to choose what to write on? Think about your narrative essay outline as a modern story. An occasion that changed you into the person you are today. Your only objective is to take the reader on a voyage of thoughts. Have them share your experience and drive something out of it. The best narrative essay outline has to be the one that transports the reader into your world.  If you liked this information, let me know through your valuable comments below.

For any queries regarding this article or for any assignment help, you can contact us through our website. Thank you for reading.


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