Different types of research and research skills


Research is what every student has to do in his/her academic career. Research work requires a great amount of time and skills only then you can make a good research paper. This blog will throw light over the Different types of research and research skills.

Let’s read further to get a better understanding of the topic.

What is Research?

Research is a type of study on a specific topic or a problem where the researcher uses scientific methods. In the words of Earl Robert Babbie (American sociologist), “Research is a systematic approach or inquiry which helps in describing, explaining and prediction of the controlled phenomenon. All types of researches involve inductive and deductive methods.”

In inductive methods, researchers analyze the observed phenomenon. The inductive method approach towards research is qualitative. In deductive methods, researchers verify the observed phenomenon. Quantitative research has been carried out by the researchers in the deductive method.

One of the most vital aspects of any research is the statistic or conclusion involve in it. You need to brush up your research skills in order to make a proper conclusion of research work in order to make it more impressive and for making it more understandable to the audience.

Research is all about a thought that works behind the research. While carrying out any research, you need to approach it step by step. Here are the following steps which you must follow.

  • Find out the problem
  • Possible solutions for the problem
  • Building up the arguments
  • Data and facts to support your argument
  • Concluding the research work

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What Is the Purpose of Research?

There are three purposes for conducting any type of research:


One can understand with the name what this purpose is all about. Research helps in exploring the group of questions. It may not be necessary that one can seek the final conclusion through the answers and analysis of the research based on the problems. Research also explores areas that are still hidden and never became part of any studies. This exploratory purpose leads to more conclusive research.

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As the name suggests, the descriptive purpose of any research is to elaborate on the information and cover all the untalked points in it. Data collection has a crucial role in expanding information. In a descriptive study, research uses one variable to initiate the study. The descriptive purpose of the research aims at describing, explaining, and validating the findings.


The role of explanation is vital in any form of research. Explaining the problem and why the researchers chose the topic for the research is needful. To comprehend the topic, researchers as well as the reader both need to have a good understanding of the collected data and findings. Therefore, the explanatory function of research helps in providing a detailed explanation of all the information used in the research.

Features of a Research Work

  • While doing research one must have a systematic approach. Fundamentals of research are rules and procedures. They set the objective in research work. Researchers should follow the code of conduct and ethics of the research while drawing the conclusion.
  • All types of researches are based on facts and logical reasoning. They involve inductive and deductive methods.
  • Data should be collected in real-time, and they should be the real observation in natural settings.
  • The research consists of an in-depth analysis of the collected data. Deep analysis ensures that there will be no anomalies in the research work.
  • Research allows more researches as it generates new questions. One research can lead to many more types of research around the topic.
  • Accuracy in research is the most important thing. The collected information should be accurate and authentic in nature.

These features must be there while writing a research paper. one must remember there are different types of research papers and each paper has a different approach.

Different types of research

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is nothing but exploratory research. This type of research is carrying out to gain an understanding of primary reasons, motivations, and opinions. Qualitative research provides an in-depth look into the issues and helps in developing the hypothesis or ideas. Qualitative research methods have no fixed pattern. They are unstructured and semi-structured. The most common methods of qualitative research are: Group discussion, interviews face to face, participation or observing a scene.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is based on statistics and numerical day. Numerical data is generated by quantifying the research or by converting the data into statistics. This type of research helps in quantifying opinions, behaviors, or attitudes. In research, the result is generalized from a large sample group. Quantitative research uses data to prepare facts. Quantitative research methods are structured as compared to qualitative research. Methods in this type of research include various surveys, interviews, kiosk surveys, online polls, paper surveys, and systematic observations.

Analytical Research

Analytical research follows the various point of view after that researcher analyzes all of them and draws a conclusion from it. In this type of research, a question has been asked. Analytical research initiated by a question and then finding the facts to answer it. This type of research includes information collected from various other researches or sources. After that one has to make a personal conclusion of the topic. You need to have good analytical research skills to master in analytical research.

When a student is doing analytical research for an academic paper, he/she has to be neutral. Your point of view should not favor or in against the topic. Persuasive research is perfect for showing your perspective.

Persuasive Research

Another type of research is persuasive research. In this type of research first, you need to describe the problem with two different aspects. You have to mention the pros and cons and then conclude by giving preference to one. When someone is doing persuasive research the primary aim is to attract the reader to agree with your point of view. Every type of research is different; the persuasive word itself suggests persuading someone to adhere to your argument. For persuasive research, you need to use an emotional approach along with the logical facts. Data and statistics are also there in persuasive research. In this research, the researcher will either support the argument or stand against it. The researcher has to support the argument with some logical facts.

Cause and Effect Research

In cause and effect research paper, a researcher first describes the situation, then presents causes and effects and at last draws the conclusion. This type of research paper is for those who are new in the research. Most of the high school and college students of first-year get cause and effect research paper. The research includes:

  • An extensive study of the different research topic
  • Organized writing style
  • Understanding the style of writing to use in the research
  • Proper citation and references

Whenever a person is doing cause and effect research, he/she has to answer two things ‘Why?’ and ‘What?’ These two things will reflect cause and effects. Cause and effect research is vital in business and education. It finds out the relationship of result from a specific decision.

Experimental Research

For experimental research one has to follow certain steps; these steps are: Conduct an experiment then sharing of experience, and providing data and concluding everything on the basis of that data.

When you are doing experimental research, you have to describe the case in a detailed manner. Experimental research is carried out in the following subject primarily, chemistry, biology, physics, psychology, and sociology. As the name suggests, this type of research is based on experiments. Here researchers describe or predict an incident with certain actions. To complete the research successfully, you need supporting data and experiment analysis.

Survey Research

Methods which you have to carry out while doing survey research paper are conducting a survey, analyze your findings, and then drawing a conclusion.

A survey research paper is for subjects like sociology, psychology, marketing, public health, business, and advertising. You need to conduct a survey in this, where you have to ask questions from the respondents. This helps in analyzing behavior in certain conditions.

Problem-Solution Research

These types of researches are carried out by both, students as well as by scholars. Here researchers have to solve some problems, but for that, they need proper analysis and a solution that perfectly fits in the problem. At the end of this research, researchers have to prove how effective the solution is.

Report research

Report research is quite easy to conduct. Here in this type of research, the researcher needs to read the information on a specific topic thoroughly. After that researcher informs the readers about the main facts of the topic. This type of research seems easy, but you must have good research skills to extract the vital points from the material you have in your hand.

These are the main types of researches students do during their academic years. To get a detailed description of different types of research you can read it here. I hope now you may have got a clear idea about different types and researches. Now, in the next section, I would like to throw some light on the research skills one must-have for carrying the research effectively.

Different Types of Research Skills

At academic level research ability is very important. Research is not only vital for college students, but schools students should also have good knowledge about it. For that, one must have excellent research skills. Research skills are a combination of various skills. Below you can see all of them:

Summarizing and categorizing

This ability plays a vital role in the initial level of the research, a period when students gather the information. Data can be collected from various sources but for proper research one must look out for relevant sources. After collecting the data, one must be able to arrange it properly.

Think critically

The research is valuable only if something new is presented. Information you present in your research should have a uniqueness in it. Critical thinking is what students need to carry out proper research. Students if presenting an argument, then they must have facts to support the argument.

Analytical thinking

This is an important skill out of all the other research skills. Good analytical skills will help you to analyze a large amount of information in a quick time. This ability needs a lot of practice; it is hard to develop quickly. There are few people who have strong analytical skills but other needs practice.

Explanation skills

Research skills are not only about gathering information and writing it. Your research paper should be self-explanatory. But for this first, you need to explain your ideas, thoughts, and facts clearly. You have to find the right words to make people understand what you are trying to say. Experienced writers know how to explain things well in the research paper

All the research skills mentioned above are quite hard to learn. However, students, if they want to learn these skills, can take online help from various experts. There are various online platforms that provide research data and notes to guide students with research work. By taking help from them, you will be able to learn the methods for research. You can refer to Khan Academy, Coursera, Jstor to get scholastic data to include in your research.

Without having the proper knowledge of these research skills, one cannot make a 100% correct research paper. These skills will help in the proper presentation of research work.

However, there are some more skills other than research skills in which you need to get expertise. They are not having much importance but could play a good role in making an excellent research paper. In the next section of this blog, you can read all those skills

Additional skills required for Research paper

To succeed in academic writing, you need to have mastery over these skills along with research skills. Let’s have a look at the additional skills required for research work.

Time management skills

Time is the most valuable asset, and once you waste it, it will never come back to you again. We all know research work requires a lot of time. Students must gain mastery in overtime management. They should know how to utilize their time in order to write an excellent research paper.

Finance management

You need to have a sound amount in your bank to do proper research. Almost all researches involve funding. Utilize money wisely during your research period. Science research involves a huge expenditure so be cautious with the usage of money. Before writing an academic paper, estimate all the expenses and plan your budget.

IT skills

If you have a good knowledge of IT, then it will surely help you in academic paper writing as well as your research work can be completed in less time. IT skills knowledge will help in arranging data in a quick time.

These are the additional skills that you must have to get an edge over other students. You need to be patient while developing these skills. Perfection takes time, and you might need to wait for years to become perfect in these skills. These skills will help you not only in academic research but in all types of researches. You will learn to manage data efficiently and strategically.

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Research has been one of the most important tasks a student gets from college. Almost 40 percent of your academic score is based on the research paper. The blog has been an agent through which I tried to guide you in your research work. I hope this blog provided you with a better understanding of research and the above-mentioned research skills will help you in your endeavors.

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