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How Twitter Helps in Education inside the classrooms?


All we know Twitter is a great platform for social media activity. But how to handle this for students, how they can be benefited by this? Below there are 5 ways to enhance your learning by Twitter:

  1. Interaction in classrooms:

Survey says most of the students unable to interact in traditional classrooms as they feel intimidated.   They feel scared to ask any question to clear their doubts which is undesirable. But by using Twitter in the classroom, teachers could encourage students to tweet answers or comments and then the real-time results could be shown for the students in the class to check results. These kind of polls might be included and students should be encouraged to vote via Twitter.

  1. Educational Projects:

Students of online programmes may not face such kind of challenges to speak up in class because they generally use to do discussion boards which also take some of the pressure off, these students may stumble on to make study friends. By the help of Twitter they can work together on school projects, online education programme, students may keep in touch by following each other, sharing interesting links related to the projects, and the communication is direct.

  1. Bringing the Outside World:

Twitter is the best handy tool to fetch the outside world into the classroom. Those students feel shy will be able to ask questions and get answers in real-time. Most of the time faculties put effort to get connected to their students by setting up Twitter accounts for students, especially for engaging in educational discussions outside the classroom. Twitter brings the opportunity of instant discussions for students who don’t have the chance to communicate with their faculties face to face.

  1. Networking: 

It becomes imperative for many college students to become a social butterfly. Don’t get shocked because it’s true. It is a fact that while learning online or going colleges, students come in contact with a lot of people such as professors, career counsellors, peers, and potential employers at job fairs also. Twitter is an effective way to plugged into the network and get opportunities reaching out professors and industry experts.

  1. Digging information:

Twitter is an ocean of information. All you need to do is just create an account on Twitter and follow your desired people. Here, you can do a lot of activities – from downloading free eBooks, creating polls, or trying to hunt the best place to splurge spring break. You can do a lot of things here and Twitter is bound to provide what you are searching for. Simply, use the #s or hash tags to get large chunks of related data on Twitter. By typing in #education, Twitter will tell you Tweets with the same hash tag so that you can filter the results for the information you are searching for.

Education and Twitter can be related if Twitter is utilised in a way that helps educators and students. Don’t take it as a medium of distraction. By using it properly can give you best results in your classroom as well as education.

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