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Project management assignment services from All Assignment help are renowned and widely known. We have been serving lots of students online and offline for a very long time. Our writers provide authentic project management assignment service.We have seen few important concepts  of project management assignment help online in the previous articles. This article draws upon the concept of  PERT and will explain the difference between PERT and Gantt chart assignment help. Previous article of project management assignment help online was about the Work Breakdown Structure assignment help and different phases in project management assignment help online.

PERT (Project Evaluation and Review Technique) and the Gantt chart.

PERT (Program Evaluation Review Technique) assignment help online and Gantt chart homework help are similar in most of the ways. Both PERT and Gantt chart are  used for visualizing, scheduling, organizing and completing the task . Though there are similarities at the basic level but we do have differences between in the two in process and methodology. Differences between the two are listed below:

  1. As we know both Gantt chart and PERT have same process of visualization, but there is basic difference in the way both Gantt chart and PERT displays information. Gantt chart uses Bar graph to visualize and PERT uses network model to display the information.
  2. PERT finds its application in the larger projects and The Gantt chart is ideal for small projects.
  3. Work Estimations should be worked out before plotting the Gantt chart and the dependency and correlation among the task is not represented by Gantt chart.
  4. Gantt charts show the progress in time for a particular task without emphasizing on the relationship among the tasks at hand. PERT is the representation of the task relationships and we can easily see the dependency of the tasks on each other.
  5. PERT chart is difficult to understand as compared to Gantt chart because the Gantt chart is linear while, a PERT chart can be a network of parallel and interconnecting branches, due to which Gantt chart sometimes underestimates the risk involved in the project as the scope is limited to the dependency representation.
  6. PERT chart is generally preferred over Gantt chart because task dependencies are better and more accurately illustrated in the case of PERT and also one has to redraw the whole Gantt chart in case there is any change in schedule.

Project management assignment services from All Assignment help are renowned and widely known. We have been serving lots of students online and offline for a very long time. Our writers provide authentic project management assignment service. We also provide free assignment services to the students. This service does not include the complete structured solution, however we provide solutions to the questions posted by visiting students on our forum. Please find link to our forum here.

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