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How to boost your memory in natural manners?

How to boost memory?

What is Memory?

Have you ever wondered why you tend to forget things? Is there any particular process that you can adopt as a memory booster?

Well, I might be able to help you out on this. Let me explain before I forget ( Hysterical Laugh)

So, Memory. A common term that we have been using since we were kids. Don’t remember when was the last time you used it? Push your mind a bit further and you will recall that you used to say

“I forgot my homework copy back home ma’am.”

“I couldn’t do my homework because I was not able to recall the formula”

Memory power is the strongest sense of any human beings. Even animals have their own memory power. If you are unable to remember the atomic number of the noble gases or year of the First World War, then you are not the only one. Thousands of students are facing poor memory troubles. However, scientist have invented a different kind of ways to boost your memory in a natural manner and without any medication, isn’t it cool! Let’s have a look at the below power points:

Few simple things to look after for memory improvement.

Use your senses

Now, you must be wondering what is this sense thing? Is it related to common sense or anything else? Well, senses are basically the faculty using which our body feels the external stimuli. For example, Eyes and ears are very powerful senses of our body. Two most common senses that plays a vital role in student’s academic life are Ophthalmoception (sight) and audioception (hearing). If you read and write while learning, then you can grasp more things. It will aid you remember things faster and efficiently.

Applying neural associations

Neural associations help our brain to function properly. You can try to remember something by connecting that with something more acquainted. You can apply this trick while memorising new words, historical events or even mathematics formulae.

Try splitting

Try to acquaint your brain to remember a thing by splitting the bigger one to different small ones. In this way, you can try to remember the spellings of various words by breaking them up in numerous parts. For example: break up the word ‘association’ by splitting it up into asso-cia-tion.

Play games

Gaming is a memory improvement channel. So, stop worrying and start playing. Play memory games like remembering names of famous personalities in a chain order helps to enhance your memory. Try to include memory games in your weekend nights’ gatherings. They could both be amusing and beneficial.

Try to visualise

Humans are visual in nature. Visualisation is one of the strongest among all the senses. Specialists advise that children who are taught through the use of watching methods are able to remember things better than those who simply read theoretically. So always try to visualise what you read in class. Intellectual concepts can make easier by using of ophthalmoception (sight).

Rank what you study

Mostly, we remember what we want to and forget what we do not require. Short-term memory and long-term memory are two basic classification of memory. Some matters, we can remember for a long time if they have a great impact on our mind. So try to rank your reading list. If history, mathematics and physics require more consideration, try to rank their order accordingly s that you can memorise easily.

Eat healthy

This is a very essential and useful thing for each person. There are certain foods which are very healthy and have been proven to expressively enhance your brain functions. Some of the important memory boosting foods are tomatoes, blueberries, oily fish, pumpkin seeds, vitamin supplements, sage and broccoli.

Our academic enthusiast writes about numerous things that can help students to pursue better habits and life. Hence, memory improvement should not be a challenge if you adopt the is mentioned in the article.

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