How Poverty Affects the Brain of a Kid at an Early Age


You must be well-aware that the poverty affects not only the elder members of the family, but it does the same to the kids in their pre-teens. Not just that, it starts affecting the children’ brain and physical development from an early age.

Researchers have tried to find out the same. Hence, we will discuss the ways poverty affects the brain development of the children.

It affects the diet and brain development

It is a must for a kid to get a nutrient diet to have right health since the start. Moreover, having toxins as well as violence free environment could prove much helpful for their brain development.

The children growing in the low-income family may not be able to get sufficiently nutrient diet. They could also get exposed to environmental toxins and violence, and that could have an adverse impact on their brain.

These kids’ vocabulary may not be excellent

According to stats, a four-year-old child living in a professional family hears around 45 million words. The data further shows that children of the same age group from a working family here around 26 million words and these numbers go down to only 13 million in the case of a low-income family.

It could lead to the kids in poverty not being able to learn more words like their peers from the other families. There is a possibility that such children could have dyslexia that affects the learning much.

Being impoverished makes the children inflexible

Some research shows that the kids growing in a low-income family could not get their prefrontal and limbic systems developed well.

Such kids may not have difficulties in multitasking and switching gears. They may also find themselves unable to change their strategies keeping the feedback in mind.

They have less gray matter

Gray matter means intelligence. Certain areas of the brain are responsible for the information required for the academics. Those are the frontal lobe (executive function), the temporal lobe (memory and language) and hippocampus (long-term memory).

Research shows that the children coming from the low-income families have 7 to 10% less gray matter that could affect their academic performance.

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