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A Student’s Guide to a Better Memory


In one of our previous write-up. We tried to give you an idea of how some of the bad habits could affect your memory. Here, our focus would be to tell you how you can improve your memory.

Having a healthy diet must

Health specialists suggest that having a proper diet is crucial for the physical as well as brain development of an individual. Same applies to you during academics.

A healthy brain resides in a healthy body, and an active memory lies in a healthy mind. Hence, you should make sure to eat nutritious food and must not consume junk food much.

Learning something new is much helpful

It is understandable that if you don’t use something, then it will lose its qualities. Your brain may also not function properly if you don’t engage it in something useful.

Learning something new could prove to be the right use of the mind. You could learn some language or something else that requires much use of the brain. You will witness much improvement in your memory.

Regular exercise and social interaction could be fruitful

Your brain could face the threat of Alzheimer’s disease if you it does not gets used the way it should be. Furthermore, your brain requires calm as well.

Regular exercise could be the right way to provide the brain with the same. Exercise is something that not only helps you getting physically fit, but your brain could also reap many benefits from it. Having a good social life could also assist you in keeping the disease such as Alzheimer’s at bay.

The brain likes challenges from you

You can easily understand that your brain capacity does not seem to decrease no matter how much you use it. It means it is an organ that likes challenges from you.

Thus, you should not stop yourself from challenging your brain. You could play some game such as Sudoku or could try to remember some of the things you find terrible to remember.

The right amount of sleep could also result in improved memory

Getting the right amount of sleep could prove helpful for you in two ways. First, your brain functioning could get better, and another benefit is that it could help you lower the risk of a stroke. So, you should make sure to sleep for at least six hours every day.

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