How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Traditional Way of Learning?

traditional way of learning

The traditional way of learning around the world is “classroom learning”. In this learning process, students are required to participate in classroom activities conducted by schools and colleges. But the COVID-19 has changed the education system completely. The pandemic has forced the government to completely shut down the schools and colleges. The complete lockdown in the country was imposed due to this many schools, universities, and educational institutions began to offer learning solutions remotely almost overnight. The rapid growth of online learning has changed the traditional method of teaching around the globe.

Today we can enroll ourselves in desired coursework program without going to college and schools and get our academic degree. We have several online educational platforms that offer great learning opportunities with a wide range of academic courses. Also, we can use these online portals to resolve our subjective doubts. is one of the advanced online academic solution providers that assist students to resolve their subjective queries with the help of professional subject matter experts. In this blog post, we will discuss how COVID-19 had changed our traditional way of learning and introduced the new one.

How Has the Internet Brought Revolution in the Traditional Way of Learning?

The use of the internet has increased significantly in recent years. It offers so many benefits and it has become a crucial part of online learning. It bought some advancements in our traditional method of education. Because of it, now we can access online educational stuff at any time from every corner of the world. After the revolution of the internet, the changes that we have experienced over time in our ancient methodology of learning are listed below:

  • Distance learning
  • 24/7 availability
  • Increased self motivation and self learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Flexible learning and interactive options
  • Online communication
  • Easy reasearch and gathering new information

How the Online Learning Has Helped the Students?

Students have always found it difficult to go to schools and colleges regularly for their education. They usually become tired because of their hectic schedule of academics. They don’t have free time to spend doing their favorite things. With the help of online learning, the students can spend more time and have several benefits.

  • Flexible learning: Online learning has helped the students to learn from the comfort of their homes and workplace. With the help of this. they can easily manage their time on studies and other things. Distance learning have many benefits and it helps students to has their desired courses without being separated from their family and friends.
  • Great discipline and healthy habits: Online learning had developed a great discipline among the students. Now they have enough time to spend on yoga and exercise. Also, research has proved that it can improve memory and learning power of students.
  • Spend more time doing their favorite things: At school, students spend the least time on their favorite things. If they take one-to-one classes but don’t live close to campus, they have to spend extra time traveling in crowded public transport to get to their schools. However, students can save time by learning online and use it to accomplish their favourite work, exercise, have fun, or socialize with family and friends.
  • With online learning you can manage studies and job: Because of the jobs, some graduated students don’t really continue their education after graduation. Students who learn online, on the other hand, can easily manage their career and school lives.
  • Easy research: There was a time when the students had to visit the library to find the meaning of word, or to refer other books. But in online learning the students can easily search there doubts immediately and can clear them then and there without delaying it.

Besides these advantages, online learning has assisted students in improving their technical and professional skills. These skills will increase their chances of obtaining their chosen job and becoming financially self-sufficient.

What Impact Has COVID-19 Had on Our Traditional Way of Learning?

Everyone in the world was affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. The effects were particularly severe for poorer children and their families, causing disruptions in schooling, poor nutrition, childcare concerns, and financial costs for families who were unable to work. It also has had a wide-ranging impact on education this school year, and it may continue to do so in the days ahead. The following are the five effects of the pandemic which it had on the traditional way of learning:

  • Learners’ inter migration is limited.
  • Students’ inactive education
  • The method of student selection is shifted.
  • No communication platforms
  • Education Disruption

It’s no secret that many students were unprepared and unfamiliar with online education. Because many of them struggled to keep track of academic meetings, seminars, lectures, and study conferences that were all held online.

Cons of Online Learning Over the Traditional Way of Learning

Students were unfamiliar with online learning. When students switched from a regular classroom to an online classroom, they encountered numerous challenges. Because they were habituated to and were comfortable with traditional learning methods. They may be more concerned about the financial aspect when comparing traditional versus online schooling. However, they may save money on tuition and other expenses by learning online. But adapting to the new learning method can be difficult.

The online education cons are as follows:

  • Less social interaction
  • More technology cost
  • Difficult for the teachers
  • No live demonstration
  • Parents needs to supervise their students.
  • No in-person contact
  • No interactive approach of learning
  • More usage of internet
  • Difficulty in staying at one place
  • No motivation
  • No proper space to learn

Students who learn online do not have the opportunity to experience school or college life. They cannot gain practical knowledge via online studying. For example, A career as a doctor or lawyer necessitates more practical abilities that cannot be acquired through online schooling.

Pros of Online Learning Over the Traditional Way of Learning

Online learning can be quite efficient for mature, disciplined, and motivated students. They can use online learning tools, online video lectures, animated films, online games, graphics, and more to keep their online education going. The following points will help you understand the advantages of online learning.

  • Cyberbullying is reduced
  • Less expensive learning
  • Spend more time with family
  • More knowledge of technology
  • There are no problems with immigration.
  • No travelling cost
  • No discrimination among students
  • Time management
  • Flexibility
  • Self-motivation
  • More virtual communication
  • Technical skills
  • No need for relocation
  • Less intimidating with class
  • Online guidance

Students can make use of numerous additional benefits that they would not be able to take advantage of in a traditional learning environment. Online learning provides a distinct edge over traditional methods of education. Do you want to learn more about how online learning may benefit students? Examine the benefits of online learning outlined above.

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What Are the Different Traditional Teaching Methods?

The different traditional teaching methods can be classified into four types. They are as follows:

  • Teacher-centred method
  • Learner-centred method
  • Content-focused method
  • Interactive or participative method

Teachers and students can learn and appreciate each other using traditional teaching and learning methods. This learning helps in communicating directly with teachers. It allows teachers to gain a deeper understanding of their students, examine their strengths and weaknesses, act as mentors, and assist them in exploring their many career alternatives. With their assistance and guidance, they can solve all of their difficulties. And many students agree that traditional instruction is the best method to give underachieving students more attention.

Is Traditional Way of Learning Is Effective?

The traditional technique of learning can be more effective because it has been used in schools and colleges for many years. And this learning is so simple that anyone may use it to expand their knowledge. Teachers are the primary source of information in this environment. They can concentrate solely on the students, encouraging and motivating them. All of the students are collected in one classroom in this educational style, and group learning can help them learn topics quicker. But in online learning exams are time-based, and teachers don’t mind if students use books throughout the exam. Is this the most effective way for a student to learn? Are they going to learn anything? No way; they might earn a degree, but they won’t have any subjective knowledge. Some of advantages of traditional learning over the online learning are listed below:

  • More interaction between the students and teachers
  • Traditional learning helps them to stay focused
  • More development of interpersonal skills
  • Increased motivation among students
  • Access to library
  • Students stays active because of their daily routine
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities
  • They can stay more organised

The traditional way of learning is more suitable for kindergarten children. These preschoolers require complete care like their home. And only in the typical home or school classes, such as preschool or daycare centers, can teach and manage them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Is traditional learning style beneficial to students?
The traditional way of learning mainly focuses on the memorization of the topics. This method may not be useful to the students. Because with the process of memorization they fail to understand the topics and subjects.
2- How has covid-19 changed the school’s life?
The covid-19 pandemic has implemented online learning in all the schools and colleges. The notion of returning to university and experiencing the usual has become increasingly unlikely as a result of the covid-19.
3- How can students adapt themselves to online learning?
The students can adapt and adjust themselves to online learning by following these tips:
Reliable internet connection
Good learning area
Stay focused and productive like you be in a live classroom
Develop and follow a study routine
Get involved in group activities
Communicate with other students

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