All You Need To Know About a Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarism Checker: Do you hesitate to use even the best plagiarism checker tool? Nothing to worry about if you are nodding your head in a “yes”. You are not alone, many youngsters hesitate with the idea of checking their content. Some feel when they have done everything on their own, they don’t have to prove anything. Whereas some think it does not make a good impression on their fellows. Both of these assumptions are wrong and they can land you in a mess.

In this blog post, we will brief Plagiarism Checker Tools and help you to know how you can use them effectively. Just go through the complete article and clear all your doubts. You can estimate the importance of plagiarism tools that, one of the leading assignment help service providers uses such tools to authenticate the quality of their assignments and research papers. So go through the complete article and clear all your doubts regarding these tools and serve error-free work to your professor

Do you need the best plagiarism checker software?

The reason being we are all humans. And humans are likely to make mistakes. No matter how attentive you try to be, there are chances that you might fill in a small part of your assignment right from the reference resource. Secondly, the web is home to millions of articles, journals, reports and whatnot. You type anything on Google and it will give you multiple search results on a single topic. Don’t you think there are thousands of write-ups available on almost all academic topics? This is nothing but the truth. The topic you are writing on is often already handled by many others. People have written and researched on the same topic before you. This is where the possibility of plagiarism occurs. There are high chances that the content you are writing can match something that has been written earlier.

In such a case, your solution would be booked for plagiarism and you will not even realize the root cause of it. People often term this as “unintentional plagiarism”. It is not enough to write from scratch. In this digital world, you must have to be extra cautious by using the best plagiarism checker online. Because it is not about measuring integrity, it is about not taking any risks with your grade. Now, let’s move on to some perks that you will get by utilising a plagiarism checker.

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What does a plagiarism checker do?

A plagiarism checker not only improves the quality of your work but also maintain its integrity. There are many benefits of using a plagiarism checker.

Some of them are listed below: 

Checks All Types of Assignments

These tools are indeed an effective way to review all types of assignments. Be it a short and crisp essay or a lengthy dissertation, you can review the content in no time. In any case, your draft will have no signs of plagiarism. The best plagiarism software is important in student life wherein you cannot take risks of getting caught for copy-pasting content from any resource. 

The best plagiarism checker tool will be easy to use. So, regardless of the length and complexity level of the assignment draft, you can check it easily. The process roughly involves pasting your content on the software, clicking on the available button and waiting for a while. It will check any number of pages within a short time span.

You Can Use It Free of Cost

The best part is that you can get it for free. Unlike many other academic services, you do not necessarily have to pay for checking your work against plagiarism. If you are on a tight budget a genuine tool can lighten your pockets to a great length. There is no need to buy any sort of paid subscription. Just do slight research on your level to spot the best plagiarism software and that’s it.

Ensures Originality of Content

The best thing about these tools, they are safe and easy to use software that tests a piece of content against plagiarism. Once you will use the plagiarism checker tool there will be no chances of being suspected of copying content. Your academic score will be in the safe zone. Thus, you must spare some time and search for the best only. Relying on any random tool available on the web might not be a good decision. 

You Will Get Specific Data

The best plagiarism checker will always provide you with the total percentage of plagiarism in a piece of content. Once it will scan the whole text, it will show the exact percentage clearly. Now, the good part is that many colleges and universities allow a certain percentage. Students have to maintain those specific standards instead of ensuring 100 per cent originality. 

When you use the plagiarism software you will instantly know the percentage you are at. Thereafter, you can work on changing a certain number of similarities. This will require less effort and time. At times students submit their drafts in a rush without working on problematic areas. But when they have a clear percentage they fail it is tough to sideline the urge of rectification. 

It Will Make You Look Sincere

Having a printed copy from the best plagiarism software will serve as evidence that you have worked on the issues. It is a necessary precaution you must not ignore for any reason. No matter how much you try to bring perfection, your supervisor will still have some questions about the originality of your solutions. If you will pass on a plagiarism report derived from a trusted tool you can present it right away. It is evident that a student who will willingly copy paste content will never use a plagiarism checker in the first place. Even if the similarity percentage will be on the higher side, your supervisor will understand your part.

Your supervisor might be willing to help you with the problems you are facing with your studies. Thus, you must keep a file of your plagiarism report safe with you. So, if anyone asks for the report, you can present it right away. It is nothing but a way of building trust. This will let your supervisor determine that you tried your level best to keep your work original and you did not copy deliberately. 

This might not seem to be a sound reason to some students. However, those who care about their impression in front of their peers and professors will understand the intensity behind this thought.

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5 Best Plagiarism Checker Tools You can Rely On


Turnitin is one of the most reliable and best plagiarism checker tools. You can always expect the exact percentage similarity by checking your work on this tool. It matches the text of an assignment by comparing the submitted content against a pool of previously submitted papers, internet data and documents, journals, publications, periodicals and whatnot.
It is after that it generates an “originality report”. You can view the report and present it to your supervisor or professor as well. This report clearly shows where and to what extent your draft has matched to another source.


The accuracy percentage of SafeAssign lies between 92%-97% in detecting copied content. This establishes this one as one of the best plagiarism checker tools.
It is one of the widely used and accepted tools introduced by Blackboard. It helps in differentiating plagiarized content from the original one in papers. For doing so, the content a user submits is matched to tons of articles, journals and other literary works available on the web.


You might have already heard about Grammarly as a tool that helps with grammar and syntax. It can help you with checking plagiarism too. Once you sign up for the premium part of Grammarly, you will get access to its plagiarism software.
It can scan docs word files on iOS, Android and Desktop as well. Grammarly can be your one-stop solution as it helps in both editings a draft and checking it against plagiarism.


Plagscan works well for online content and is used by students on a massive scale. The user interface of this software might seem a bit cluttered, but it is not a major issue. Local files, URLs and plain text are the standard import channels of PlagScan.
This plagiarism checker is easy to use which makes it suitable for students. You can have a free trial on PlagScan. Also, it offers 20 free credits for 20 scans.


If you are someone who needs the simplest plagiarism checker, Quetext is the one. You can simply copy-paste a piece of content, press the button and that’s it. The result of the scan will be displayed in no time.
A drawback of this plagiarism software is that you cannot link a web page or upload a file to carry out scanning. This makes the usage quite restricted. But if you prefer copying and pasting content over these methods you will like the quick and easy to read results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plagiarism Checker

Is there any difference between plagiarism and copyright infringement?

Plagiarism is picking others’ work and claiming it off as your own. Whereas copyright infringement takes place when someone’s work has been used without their permission. You might have seen a copyright sign on websites. Using content that holds the copyright is illegal and you can be sued for copyright infringement.

What is the difference between duplicate content and plagiarism?

Duplicate refers to two copies of the same piece of content. For instance, some websites have similar sections on different pages of their website purposefully. It would be called duplicated content. Plagiarism on the other hand is presenting someone else’s content in your own name.

Final Thoughts

Plagiarism has become a grave issue in academics these days. Many students land up with serious problems due to not using the best plagiarism checker tools. In today’s technology-driven world, it has become important to use reliable tools and check the content you have come up with against plagiarism.

You might already know how tough it is to write essays, reports and dissertations. When you put intense effort into creating something you will surely have some aspirations to gain good grades. Give your best to every task you are assigned. If you cannot do that, be easy on yourself and never succumb to the pressure. Because often under extreme pressure students chose the easy way of copy-pasting others’ work. Once your impression gets tamed, it is quite a daunting task to get it back. 

Getting caught for plagiarized content in an assignment is the worst thing that can happen in academic life. There can be some serious consequences of the same depending on how your professor or your institution deals with this issue. If either of them is super strict about copying, you can even go back to square one of your college life. So, don’t take any risks, always use the best plagiarism software.

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