Infographics IT Teacher and Motivation

Effect of Electronic Technology on Social Life

Introduction: While looking back at digital technology and electronics technology 15 years prior, it is unbelievable to see firsthand that what we have done. The Society realized this new technology would come, however never figured it would be here where everyone and her grandma have some form. Although it’s quite confusing that numerous individuals hate this new age where technology…

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“Time management” is organizing and making a plan where you divide time for your work and activities.
Teacher and Motivation

Time management strategies

Hello friends, how are you? Are you having a good time in your academics? If not then this blog might help you to get aligned with your academic life. So today’s blog topic is time management strategies. We all are aware of the importance of time and especially for students. I understand that being a student is not a cake…

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teacher and assignment writing
Academics Teacher and Motivation

Why teachers should encourage students write assignment

Write Assignment to learn and gain knowledge Many of your students could give you a headache when it comes to attempting academic assignment. Listening to their various excuses may have become a routine for you. However, one thing is clear! Students’ unwillingness to write assignments in a major setback for them, not you. Motivating students towards assignment writing, you have to…

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