Equality in Education


Every human has three basic needs, those are food, cloth and shelter. It has been like this for centuries, and every human would need these three things in the future as well to survive in this world. But in the modern times, education has also joined this list as companies are preferring the skillful as well as educated people for various jobs. So, people are giving much importance to the education and benefiting from it in several ways. But there are some students who find it difficult to get quality education because of many issues and one of those is lack of equality in education. So, in this blog write-up, lets discuss why equality is require in education.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations, 1948) proclaims that “everyone has the right to education”, that “education shall be free, at least in the elementary or fundamental stages” and that “education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality. However, it has been seen that some students have to deal with partial behavior of their educational institutes or teachers. This way, they lose a chance of getting better education. These students face problems because of difference in gender, race, language or due to poverty and find it difficult to have access to the facilities that other students have. Thus, students who have access to ample resources get ahead, and it costs much to the students who are affected by partial behavior.

It has become a serious issue around the world, and lots of rules have been set to improve the equality in education. Now, being a leading assignment writing service provider, we will make your aware of why education is important for an individual or why equality in education is important.

In this blog, you will get to read about

  1. The importance of education for an individual
  2. Right to education
  3. Problems of equality in educational opportunities
  4. Why equality in education matters?, and
  5. Strategies for gaining equality in education

So, lets get started!

equality in education

The Importance of Education for an Individual

Most of us have been taught the value of education since we were children. But, why is education so crucial? You may considered education to be completed in order to get a good job or to make your parents happy. However, education is about so much more than that. In fact, it is one of the most powerful tools available that holds a great importance in an individual’s life. So, why is it is considered to be important? We will let you know all that in this section.

  • You boost your prospects of greater professional options and open new doors for yourself by being well-educated and obtaining a college degree.
  • A excellent education will usually lead to a higher-paying career as well as the necessary abilities to get there.
  • There would be less gaps between socioeconomic classes if everyone had equal access to education.
  • When it comes to being self-sufficient, the value of education is obvious. It might enable you to be financially independent as well as make your own decisions.
  • A good education is the most effective weapon you can have, and it can help you achieve all of your goals.
  • Your educational background is frequently used to demonstrate your expertise. Also, it can give you the courage to express yourself and voice your thoughts.

So, we have discussed above how education is important for the students or an individual around the world in many ways. Education only associated with the betterment of one’s life. Hence, students should take it as a part of their life to become a successful and confident.

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Right To Education

Education is a fundamental human right for everyone, according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and this right is further defined in the Convention Against Discrimination in Education. Governments establish the right to education through two methods: normative international instruments and political commitments. The right to education is protected by a strong international framework of conventions and treaties, and states that sign them promise to respect, protect, and fulfil it.

What does it mean to have a right to education?

Right to education entails the following points:

  • Free, compulsory, and universal primary education
  • Secondary education, including technical and vocational education, that is widely available, open to everybody, and becoming increasingly free
  • Higher education, which is increasingly free and accessible to everybody based on individual capacity.
  • Individuals who have not completed their education should receive a basic education.
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Minimum criteria ensure equal educational quality.
  • Teachers’ supplies and high-quality instruction
  • Appropriate stipends and living conditions for teaching employees
  • Optional freedom

All children have the right to attend school and study, regardless of who they are, where they live, or how much money their family has. Also, according to the data of UNICEF, there are still 11% of primary-school-aged children and 20% of lower-secondary-school-aged youngsters do not attend any school at all. Thus, now it become crucial for every individual to get the right education at the right time. 

Problems of Equality in Education Opportunities

Education is one of the most essential means of development because it allows one to aspire to greater rank, position, and emolument through education. As a result, everyone should have access to similar educational possibilities. However, nowadays equality in education  has become a serious issue around the world. There are some reasons which create inequality in educational opportunities and these are:

  • Differences in household economic and financial status
  • Disparities between men and women
  • Inequality in the region
  • Physiological distinction
  • Differences in living situations
  • Non-availability of adequate opportunities
  • Differences between backward and advanced classes
  • Low self-concept of parents
  • Lack of motivation towards education

So, these are some of the major problems faced by the students or individuals that makes them less apart from equal educational opportunities. However, these can be overcome if the government and educational institutes offers the facility without considering their current situation. As education is the right of every students and thus what problems a child is facing can be ignored for the equality in education.

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Why is Equality in Education matters?

For pupils, to have the same possibilities to begin with favourable educational results, educational equality is required.  Equality says that every student, regardless of where they come from, should have equal access to a high-quality education. Equality in education is required for students to have the same opportunity to begin with favourable educational outcomes. Thus, we ca say that equal educational opportunities are much needed in the society for an individual well-being.

There is a great need of equal educational opportunities as it matter a lot due to following reasons:

  • It is required for the formation of a equitable society
  • Equality in education matters because it ensured providing education to all citizens in a democracy
  • Equal educational possibilities will ensure a nation’s quick growth
  • Equal educational opportunities will broaden the search for talent among all citizens of a country
  • It will aid in the development of a close link between a society’s manpower requirements and the availability of skilled workers
  • For economic mobility, educational equity is required. Without it, the economy will suffer from a disparity in achievement between social groups
  • Equality in education matters in promoting social justice

Thus, from the above stated points, we can conclude that equality in education matters a lot not only for self growth but also for societal growth. A fair education system allows all students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to participate in society and become productive members. Giving all children an equal start would, moreover, result in improved economic and social results for individuals, regions, and our country.

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Strategies for Gaining Equality in Education

A large number of factors are responsible for inequality in education and  all that can be gained with the three effectice strategies mentioned below:

Improvement in the educational system ecosysem

This is the first and foremeost strategy that can be followed by education system to laid down the inequality with respect to education. Education leaders and policymakers must understand and address the various and complex elements that influence how children learn in order to achieve success in early childhood education. The better these issues are understood and handled through legislation, the more equitable and successful the outcome for the most vulnerable children will be.

Personalized education

Students should receive an education that is tailored to their specific requirements. Rather than failing pupils, provide intensive intervention in certain areas. As a result, graduation rates will rise. Moreover, parents hould also support their children with their school work. If this isn’t possible, offer the child to participate in after-school programmes.

Remove barriers and increase resources

One of the cornerstones to equality is removing barriers to early childhood education resources and increasing access to them. These are important for developmental gaps. Finding and obtaining resources might be difficult, and cost can be a concern. Removing these obstacles and expanding learning opportunities and resources can make a huge difference in a child’s education.

Every student is required to meet the same standards, goals, and objectives as their peers in the same grade level. Thus, following the right strategies by the education makers can prove to be beneficial in the equality of education opportunities. 

The Last Words!

Equality is critical for promoting school preparation and providing a level playing field for young children. This can only be possible when all participants in the educational process accept equality as a basic value. Only then will the educational process can happen be to successful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Right to Education?
A: Right to education means that everyone has the legal right to an education, regardless of race or gender.
Q: Which is considered as the biggest issue in educational equality?
A: The poverty that is out of proportion is the biggest barrier that comes in the way of unequal education.
Q: How can education be improved in underdeveloped countries?
A: Here are five strategies to help underdeveloped countries enhance their education:
i) Reduce the Cost of Education
ii) School Lunch Programs
iii) Educating Parents
iv) A New Educational Model
v) Improved Resources for Teachers

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