Sundry UK Scholarships Programmes for International Students

UK Scholarship Program

If you are looking to study in foreign countries like the UK, then you should know about the scholarship programmes provided by UK universities. It is because, in the UK expense, the cost is very high. You have landed to a perfect article where you will come to know about various scholarship programmes for education in the UK. If you want to study in the UK for free. Then, there are ample of scholarships provided by the UK government for international students who wish to study in the United Kingdom. To help you with the scholarships. lists the best scholarship for you.

UK Scholarships provided by the Government

British Chevening Scholarship (BCS)

It is awarded to foreign students by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office in association with its partnered organizations for an undergraduate or postgraduate program in any subject. Additionally, this is the UK government global scholarship program. These are awarded to scholars from Chevening eligible countries around the world. These are typically awarded a one-year masters degree program. Accordingly, most of these scholarships cover tuition fees and living allowance at a particular rate for a single person and an economy class return airfare to the UK and some other additional grants to cover the essential expenditure.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme (CSSS)

The UK government offers this scholarship to the prospective international students to pursue the Masters and higher programs in the fields of technology, economy, medicine and other advanced subjects. Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries (CSDC) is exclusive financial support to the students belonging to developing Commonwealth countries. It is awarded to the overseas students who want to pursue Masters and PhD program in the UK.  The scholarships provided to the students are funded by the UK Department for international development (DFID). Further, the scholarships given to the individual includes Airfares to and from the United Kingdom, tuition and examination fee, personal maintaining allowance, thesis grant, the initial arrival allowance and others.

Scotland Saltire scholarship

The Scotland Saltire scholarship is offered by the Scottish government in collaboration with Scottish universities. These scholarships are offered to the citizens from Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan and USA who have the curiosity to study a masters degree in Scottish universities in a different area of academic. For example, science, technology, creative industry, Healthcare and Medical Sciences etc. Overall, the scholarships provided to the students is worth 8000 Euro that is used for tuition fees for one year for full-time study.

University-specific UK scholarships

Gates Cambridge UK Scholarships

It is offered by Cambridge University –  namely, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here, competition is tough for the selection process. These are one of the most prestigious International scholarships given to the students in the world. These scholarships are awarded to the students from outside the UK. Therefore, these Scholarships are provided to the students who want to pursue full-time post any subject available at the University of Cambridge. On the whole, this university awards almost 80 scholarships every year. In fact, it offers the students full cost of studying that includes tuition fees, maintenance allowance, travel costs, Visa and other required things. 

Clarendon Scholarships by University of Oxford

This is a very prestigious scholarship, which is awarded by the Oxford University Press and the Clarendon Fund to the foreign students studying under the University of Oxford. It is of two types i.e. partial and full, accordingly, it depends upon the course, merit and requirement. The Clarendon scholarships fund is a prestigious graduate scholarship scheme that offers around 140 new scholarship to the students who fulfil the eligibility criteria. This scholarship is offered at the University of Oxford. However, this scholarship is awarded to the students on the basis of academic excellence and potential to the student at the graduate level in any of the graduate degree. Overall, the scholarships provided to the students cover tuition fee and college fee in full and generous grant including living expenses.

University of Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship

The international students from Asia, Africa and Latin America and also who enrol themselves in the famous University of Scotland are eligible for this global scholarship. Additionally, the University of Edinburgh UK offers 30 scholarships every year for Overseas students. It offers a scholarship for students who wish to pursue a PhD research program in any of the fields offered by the University. The scholarship awarded to students are only for tuition fee and does not cover any living expense. The University of Edinburgh also offers a scholarship for distance learning masters degree programs. The total scholarship awarded are 12 in number. However, the scholarships provided will come with the full tuition fees. 

Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University

This Rhode Scholarship, which is named after Cecil Rhodes, a very prestigious scholarship strictly based on merit endowment only for the international post-graduate students. In addition, students who fulfil the eligibility criteria of Rhodes scholarships can apply. 

University of Sussex chancellor’s International scholarship

University of Sussex chancellor International scholarships are available in the majority of Sussex schools. These scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance. It is also awarded to non-EU International students those who have to fulfil the eligibility criteria. It is awarded for a full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Sussex. Thus, the scholarships offered are 50% off for the international students and offered for one year. 

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The University of Bristol has always taken the admirable steps to hunt the talented international students. The prospective students of undergraduate and post-graduate programmes can receive funding up to £8,500 British pounds. Bristol University helps the brightest and best international students to study at Bristol University. It offers them the most prestigious scholarships. Consequently, the university offers two different scholarship programs. Think big undergraduate scholarship and think big postgraduate scholarships are available for different courses at the University. The tuition feed award ranges from 5000 euro to 20000 Euro.

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Cardiff University Elite Scholarships for International Students

It offers financial support to all the levels from undergraduate to PhD degree. students from different countries can apply to this. The Elite scholarships are provided to the students when they fulfil the eligibility criteria.

University of West London International Ambassador scholarships.

The international Ambassador scholarship financially helps and support the outstanding student. To illustrate, the students who wish to pursue their career further with the full time and postgraduate degree at the University of West London. Further. the students awarded with the scholarship will act as an international ambassador for the University of West London. Importantly, every year it offers 50 scholarship worth 5000 Euro.

University of West England Chancellor scholarships

The University of West England offers many scholarships for foreign students. Firstly, the scholarships offered by the university is of worth 100,000 Euro. This scholarship provided includes the full tuition fees for one year. Also, it includes chancellor scholarship where the students will be required to undertake an internship working within the International Development Office and other required departments.

Sheffield Hallam University transform together scholarships

Transform together scholarships are available for the international students. However, the scholarships are awarded to those students who wish to pursue the full-time graduate undergraduate course at Sheffield Hallam University. Besides, the discount of 50% is available for the students for the first year of study.

University of Westminster undergraduate scholarships for developing countries students

It offers full International scholarships for the students. So, the scholarships offered by the University of Westminster are the most competitive scholarships that are open to international students. These are offered to international students who wish to pursue a full-time undergraduate degree at the University of Westminster. Meanwhile, the scholarships offered by this university covers full tuition fee waivers, accommodation, living expenses and flights to and from London.

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Warwick chancellor’s International scholarships

This university awards up to 42 chancellor’s International scholarships every year. Simultaneously, this scholarship is awarded to the most outstanding PhD applicants yearly. Consequently, the scholarships are offered to international and EU students in any stream offered at Warwick University. This is scholarship includes full tuition fee and maintenance.

Developing solutions scholarships at the University of Nottingham

These scholarships are designed for students of Africa, India or any one of the developing countries of the Commonwealth. These are offered for the students who want to pursue a masters degree at the University of Nottingham. Every year this university offers 105 scholarships amongst which 30 scholarships cover full tuition fee while 75 scholarships cover 50% of the tuition fee.

Swansea University Undergraduate Scholarships

Swansea University offers undergraduate and post-graduate financial grants to overseas students with a definite number of scholarships on the basis of the region and the country they belong to. For example, an Indian student must qualify the Indian Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship. Accordingly, a student from Jordon must qualify for the Jordon Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship. The amount of funding is around £4000 British pounds.

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Non-government UK scholarships 

UK Scholarships for the students of India and Pakistan

Students from India and Pakistan who want to study PhD, research and other post-graduate studies in the UK can apply for Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships and Charles Wallace Pakistan Trust Scholarships respectively. It enables applicants to achieve their academic and professional ambition by studying in the UK.  These scholarships are for artists over-all disciplines and it is usually of 10 months. It includes studying and living costs in the UK. It also includes a travel allowance. 

UK Scholarships for American and European countries

North America students need to qualify for Saltire Scholarships to study in the UK, and especially in Scotland. The scholarship is valid for full-time courses and it offers up to 200 awards with a worth of £2000 British pound to each student. For French students, the Entente Cordiale Scholarship is there to study the post-graduation course in the UK. It Includes tuition fee, living allowance and travel allowance for the students. 

UK Scholarships for the students of Africa

The most popular scholarship programme is the Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Program, which offers scholarships to the talented students throughout the continent. It offers a scholarship for the students from all the developing countries who wish to pursue their research program and have no financing for the same. Students need to fulfil the eligibility criteria given by the foundation. 

Euraxess UK Scholarships

It offers funding support to overseas students who want to study research in different academic fields. It also provides help to the various facilities that the students may require during their study. It is awarded to the students who have an excellent academic background. They can pursue a one-year master’s degree program from any subject in any UK university.

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