Finest Education Systems in the World

Every student has the objective of studying in one of the finest educational institutes. It is entirely valid as studying in a good institute means you get many facilities and resources and learning gets better. You may be in search of the best education systems if you just completed your school and wanted to pursue college or want to help your kid in finding an institute. Keeping this thing in mind, we will try to tell you about the finest education systems in the world.

But first, let’s find out how the educationists have found out about the best education systems in the world. Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA) does an internal assessment of the educational courses that are offered to the students around the world. The test happens in over 70 countries and measures a 15 old kid’s skills and knowledge in math, science and reading, etc. and then PISA ranks the countries keeping the scores in mind.


Canada is the country where all the students have scored well on PISA. Experts say that every province and territory controls its education curriculum as the school system is decentralised in Canada. But, when it comes to devising something new in the education sector, provinces learn from each other. Regional governments understand their duty well and maintain high standards for teacher recruitment and training. In the few latest education reforms of Canada, dropout prevention, family engagement and technology initiatives have also been given much significance.


Finland is the country that was ranked number one education system by PISA in 2000. Finland got lots of foreigner students because of that, and Finland ministry of education has had to form a new team to help the new foreigner students better understand its education system. Books, textbooks and other academic curricular material are chosen by the school freely according to its requirements. Teachers also have the freedom to manage their class their way because they not only have to gain master’s degree to become a teacher, but have to do lots of training as well.


You might be aware of how Japanese curriculum is renowned for being tough. This country has a meritocratic society that wants its people to perform and achieve something using their best abilities. In Japan, math and scientific studies get much importance and learn a lot about world culture as well. Japanese curriculum is focused on how to do something to why something works.


Poland is ranked at number four in the PISA’s current assessment. This country was ranked below average in 2000 but was ranked among top 10 in the 2012. This progress happened after Poland restructured its school system that said that the kids scoring 20% of high stakes test at the age of 14 can continue their education and others have to attend vocational school. As a result, students now attend school till the age of 15 and they can continue their education by taking university entrance exams. In Poland, teachers get training for both technical and vocational teaching and they also learn the ways to help kids in a powerful world economy and their assignment help.


Singapore is one of the most preferred education destination for the students from around the world. It has been like that because this country has given much significance to the education. Singapore has successfully achieved its objectives such as improving literacy and increasing student retention rates. They have also done well in introducing arts and sports in the schools and have given much significance to the teacher development as well.

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