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A warm welcome to all the readers. I have come up with my latest blog post to tell you the way to prepare a perfect Business case template.

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Before getting into explanations let me give brief look to  the constituents of this blog post. Herewith, you will get to know:
-What is a business case?
-What is a business case template?
-How to write a perfect business case template?

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What is a business case?


A business case is a verbal or written value proposition. It aims at educating the decision makers and helps them, or you can say convince them to take apt actions. When the same is present in the written form, the document is referred to as a business case itself.

In simple words, you can say that it is a kind of suggestion, either spoken or written. The reaction of a business case is the steps taken by management for a specific project.

The Short-term actions which can lead to instant, measurable & substantial benefits are the easiest to argue. For instance, if an office manager notices that the overall productivity is lower than the set standards due to some technical issues, he can present this fact to the higher authority. The management may take needed steps to balance the productivity to the desired goals.

When it comes to more critical issues, a business case template should be prepared carefully. It needs to be a document which can show the reader every vital detail. It must inform the reader about the rewards and the risks involved in taking action. Along with this, it should also explain the risks and rewards if the action will not be taken.

Yes, it should be an overall guide…

In all, a perfect business case template will help you know that your business case must tell all the probabilities of taking action. The reader must know all the consequences, both positive and negative. This is important so that the concerned parties can opt the best option and get the best results. So, if you will go through a right business case template you will explore all the feasible approaches. Through a well-crafted business case template you will explore all the feasible approaches to an issue.

Now that you know what it is all about, you must have gained some ideas on business case templates.

What is a business case template?

If you want to know what a business case template is, let me tell you it is a tool which assists in the making of a business case. The business case template is used as an assessment tool. The main purpose of a business case template is to render vital information to determine whether a project is justified or not.

So guys after knowing this much about both business case and business case template you must be a little more willing to start preparing one on your own. Though, there may be a slight low confidence in you. You may or may not be fully prepared. If this is the case with you, before starting a business case..just relax.

I have a lot more to tell you in my store. As for now, it’s time to know what it takes to develop a perfect business case template. Plus, how can you make things a little bit easier for you.

This is where I should tell what it takes to prepare a business case.

How to prepare yourself for writing a business case?


First of all, I will tell you the most important trick to start with. Follow a pattern…

By pattern I mean look make a list of the facts or things which you need. I will make this easier for you. I am listing 6 key things on which you can, and actually, you must base a business case template.

Here they are:

1. Benefits of the proposed action
2. Risk involved in the proposed action
3.Current problems and opportunities
4. Impact on operations
5. Expected costs including investment appraisal,likely timescale, and technical solutions,
6. Organisational capability to deliver the outcomes.

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Why Building a Business Case is important?


The need for business case templates occurs when expenditure or resource on a project has to be justified. This is needed for approval of the project which is usually sought from the project sponsor and other parties.

How to write a business case?

Before starting the process ask yourself a question. The question is- Do I know the main purpose of a business case.
I hope you can answer yourself as by now you have read pretty much to understand why you business case templates are referred. You may understand why the business case is so vital.
Though, most of us must be having different and diverse answers to this question. Your response could be correct too for sure, but I need to tell the basic essence.
The main aim of going through business case templates, to write down a business case is – communication.
It is an exchange of ideas and opinions. It is about convincing someone to do something or not doing something.

So, to know how to write a business case, Should not we think a little more and think about how to communicate better?
After all, a business case is all about effective communication.
Thus, Here is my tips for preparing a business case template:

Make sure that your intended or targeted audience is in the parlance of the business case.

Moving further, let me tell you that it must be able enough to render sufficient information to enable decision making.
Hope now it sounds a bit easier to you.

All you need to do is to try to convince someone. For doing so, you need two things:
1. Accurate facts
2.Convincing skills

Tips to write a perfect business case template


Here are some tips. If you focus on them, you will surely come up with a best business case template.

1. Give vital information only

You are expected to help the readers by providing them with important information. Do not try to fill up your business case with too extra information. Use only those which the most needed ones.

2. Make it clear and concise

Make sure that you do not confuse or bore the reader. Your listeners must be in need of sharp and short opinions. So try to keep the business case concise, clear and interesting as well.

3. Remove conjectures and jargons.

No matter how perfects your ideas are if you will be doing silly mistakes the reader may not pay heed to your business case. Try to remove conjectures and jargon.

4. Focus on future prospects

We usually have a habit of talking of past too much. But beware, this is a business case. With this, people want to know the future prospects. So make sure to show them the same.

5. Keep it practical

Your readers expect some numbers from your end. Analyze the information perfectly. Then, come up with the demonstration of the value. Give them the benefits of projects

6. Keep it readable

This is again something about the presentation. Just like silly errors you should avoid heavy language as well. If the document is too hard to be read, it will be less impactful. It is a basic and important factor at the same time. Make sure that your business case is readable.

All you should know about a business case template

Have you ever thought why do so many business plans fail? Why do many projects fail to achieve the set goals? Why even the project management practices come of no use?

The reasons are:
-Poor planning for a project
-A weak business case
-Ineffective top management involvement

Hereby I can give you the solution to the second hurdle:

How to stop a weak business case ruining your project?


I will tell you all about writing down a perfect business case template. Let’s begin here.
A business case template has the following four sections:
-Executive Summary
-Project Definition
-Project Organisation

Focus on each of them equally, and you will soon master in writing down a perfect business case template.

1. The Executive Summary

First impressions are the last impression! Do you believe in this? I do!
And the great business professionals also do the same.
This is why the first section of the business case template which, i.e. the executive summary is always considered important.
By the term “summary” you may already know what it is. It is a short description of the whole business case. Yes, you have to provide a summary in the beginning to your listeners.
This is the first section of the business case template, and it is written in the end. Make sure you don’t make it a full-fledged slightly shortened version of the business case.

2. The Finance Section

The finance section of a business case template is written for those who approve the funding. Under this section you should focus on two factors majorly:
1. Financial Appraisal
2. Sensitivity Analysis

i. Financial Appraisal

While preparing the financial appraisal to ask for advice on the presentation and content from the finance function. In case you are a student, who can ask the same from subject matter experts by availing assignment help online.
The main aim of a financial appraisal is to:

Identify the financial implications for the project
Comparing project costs against the forecast benefits
Ensure the project is affordable;
Assess value for money and predicting cash flow

ii. Sensitivity Analysis

The sensitivity analysis in a business case template is concerned about the project risk. It looks at the possible alternatives. For this, it measures the effect of changing values on the project.

In all, sensitivity analysis of a business template lets the project accountant experiment with possible scenarios.

3. Project Definition

It is the largest part of the business case template. It is made for the stakeholders, project sponsor, stakeholders, and project team. As I mentioned it is the largest part of the business case template, you can understand it deals with the description.
It answers questions like what, how, when, etc.
Here I am outlining the main components of a project definition of a business case template:

Background Information

The purpose of this section is to give a clear introduction to the business case and project.
If necessary, refer to related programmes, projects, studies, or business plans.

Business Objective

This part tells “why” the project is being carried out. The business objective answers the following questions:

  • What is the goal of the project?
  • How is the project beneficial to the business?
  • What is needed to eradicate the issues?

Benefits and Limitations

This section of the benefits and limitations shares the financial and non-financial benefits in turn. The main aim is to describe why the project is needed.
It should also include any limitations as these present potential risk to the project.
Option Identification and Selection
It is all about to identify the possible solutions of the problem. You have to describe them in a detailed manner so that the readers can understand the same as well.

Outline Plan

The outline plan provides a summary of the main activities and overall timescale ― project schedule ― for the project.
Ideally, the project should be divided into stages with key decisions preceding each stage. Use this section to answer the following questions:

  • What is required?
  • How is it done?
  • Who does what?
  • When will things happen?

This outline plan lists the major deliverables and includes a brief project description plus accountabilities for each activity.

Market Assessment

It is important that the business case gives its readers a thorough assessment of the business context ― the market assessment.
A good starting point implementation of PESTLE ― political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental ― analysis.

Risk Assessment

The risk assessment is all about the significant risks and opportunities and how they are managed. The risks should cover those that could arise from your project or the organization’s ability to deliver change.
In this section of a business case template, the writer needs to focus on:

  • The risks involved in the process.
  • The consequences of the risks.
  • The possible opportunities.
  • The available options to deal with the risks.

Project Approach

This part tells the reader the project is going to be tackled. By this, your audience will get an idea about the way you are going to work on.

Purchasing Strategy

In a business case template, the pricing strategy tells how a project is going to get funding. Or you can how it is going to be financed. The things which are needed to buy, outsource or lease are a part of purchasing strategy too.

4. The Project Organisation

A business case template ends with the project organization. Those who are most interested in this section are the project team, project manager and managers who are concerned with delivering work.
In all, it tells how the project is set up. You can focus on two factors:

Project Governance

This section of the business case shows the reader how the project is structured and the different levels of decision-making.
Usually, a business already have implemented a project governance framework that will support the project through each stage.
If your business does not use a structured project management process framework use this section to include:
roles and responsibilities in the project,
how decisions are made.

Progress Reporting

At the end comes progress reporting. It should explain how the progress of the project is recorded.


So, guys here we have reached a conclusion. I hope by now you know what is a business case template, and also all the details about a business case. Along with all this, we have read pretty much about the right way to prepare a business case. We know the main components of a business case template. In all, we have discussed everything which is needed to write down a perfect business case. I hope they were explained enough to benefit you.

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