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Phases of Project Management – Complete Guide


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We have talked about various facets of project management assignment help in the previous blog posts. Did you think about the founding element of the project management assessment help online? So what is that basic constituent of project management and what is the meaning of the term project? Let’s understand these points and also about the phases of a project management assignment…

Phases of Project Management

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What do you understand by the term project? In layman terms project project can be defined as a  proposal. In terms of project management theory we define project as “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result which has a specific & desired outcome, has a target date and a budget that limits resources.”

On the other hand Project Management assignment help online,  is a broader concept.  We can divide project management homework help in five phases :

1) Initiation Phase

As the name suggests this is the project initiation phase. We have to be very careful in the beginning of the project as it includes all the requirement analysis of the project and scope, nature of the project. We create a project charter under this project initiation phase. Project initiation assignment help phase deals with the finance requirement analysis and various  Stakeholders associated with the project.

2) Planning Phase

Once we are done with the project charter and finance requirement analysis, we come to the planning phase of the project. This phase includes creating timetables to make the process efficient , setting up the target dates, calculation of the involved risk , time and cost estimation, budgeting and scheduling.

3) Execution phase

Just like a normal activity we initiate the projects, Plan them and finally we execute them to deliver a concrete and tangible product. Execution phase takes care of the process implementation within the project guidelines to deliver a product.

4) Control and Monitoring phase

In project life cycle it rarely happens that everything ends up smoothly. We always face challenges in terms of time, scope and cost. This phase of Project Life cycle identifies the potential problems that can come into the picture,also propose the corrective measures for the identified problems.

5) Closure phase

As we have covered most of the phases of the project, we are heading towards the project closure phase. This phase is little relaxed as compares to the previous phases. We conduct various sessions on the hurdles faced in the project completion.Appreciation is given to the individuals involved in the project life cycle. This is the final stage in which we take sign offs from all the stakeholders involved in the project.

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