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If we talk about the last 20 years, the internet has become the most accessible database of information ever created. Though important, it has changed the way and pattern of education. If we talk about the current scenario and ongoing covid-19 pandemic, online college education has become the necessity of the students as well as colleges. There are many undergraduate, post-graduate, certificate programs that are shifting to a fully or partially online format. Before we get to know about the best online colleges in the USA let’s understand important factors regarding online education. 

While we talk about students’ reactions to online education then, according to one US survey, only 17% of returning students want to take physical classes. At the same time, 41% of students were ok in both the scenarios and the remaining 30% of students wished to take their classes online. According to the survey of the national center of education statistics 2018, nearly 3.3 million higher education students enrolled themselves in distance learning programs. 

Benefits of online college learning- 

There are different benefits for online colleges. Firstly, the online college provides the flexibility to the students to study from anywhere. Secondly, the students who have their family responsibility or they have their jobs, they can manage time according to their schedules. Overall, there are several other benefits of online courses. While moving forward we will study them in detail. Before opting for online education students must remember that they should have strong time management skills. As well as, they need to practice overcome distractions in their environment. Also, if students need assignment help they can buy assignment help services from service providers.

Online college for bachelor degree programs- 

According to National Centre for education statistics 2018, the employment rate among 25 to 34 years in the US with those having bachelor’s degree was 86%. This data shows that if you have a bachelor’s degree, you open the door of opportunities in your life. A person having a bachelor’s degree leads to a higher salary. In the US a person with a bachelor’s degree has an average salary of 1200 Dollars per week compared to those who have an associate degree earn $860 per week and a high school diploma was averaged at $730 per week. 

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Earning a bachelor’s degree either online or offline, students earn the same degree in both cases. According to data of 2017, about 5.5 million undergraduate students enrolled in at least one online college. On the other hand, 2.2 million students exclusively enrolled in the online class. If we talk about a degree then it usually doesn’t state whether the particular degree was earned online or in person. This makes it easy for the students to stick out their fear that employers won’t accept applicants for those who have online degrees. 

If you wish to pursue an online college for a bachelor’s degree program then there are certain criteria you need to fulfill. Students need to decide between Liberal Arts major and another that is more career-focused. It is important for a student to choose their majors in Liberal Arts discipline if that’s the subject they are truly passionate about. There are many experts that can guide you about the best career choices for you

Advantages and disadvantages of bachelor’s degree in an online college. 

An online college for a bachelor’s degree program has been proven a great choice for the students who wish to continue their education. Either they have an associate degree or they are without post-Secondary Education. If you are among those students who want to advance in their current career field or wish to change their field completely then, this will be the best option for you. There is various online bachelor’s program. So, before you enroll in a program it’s important to explore all the options deeply. Apparently, you can. take help for writing your essay from top-rated global experts.


*Online classes allow students to learn from anywhere. 

*Students can pursue the best program for them even if their school is a far distance from their home. 

*The Students can plan their classes even if they have busy schedules. Even they can pay someone to take their online class. 

*Online colleges allow students to work full-time along with advancing their education. 

*Students save traveling expenses and time. 


*The Students need proper and strict time management skills. 

*Students require great self-motivation to complete their assignments and homework on time.  

*There is no face-to-face interaction with the instructor. 

*There will be difficulty in creating a network with classmates. 

Different popular online college bachelor’s degree programs 

Criminal justice 

This is the top preferred online course for college students. Texas A&M University-Commerce is considered the best online college for this course. The tuition fee for the state for credit is 160 dollars for in-state and $575 for out-state. 

Students who wish to earn criminal justice degree online need to study a wide range of subjects. For example, correction criminology, the justice system, research methods, and law enforcement. It is important for the students to know that if they pursue criminal justice degree there might be some programs that require some offline work. Like, internships for lab work. 


Education is also preferred by the students in online courses. Clemson University is considered as the top preferred University by the students. The tuition fee for opting for this course at the mentioned University is $499 per credit. There are many other Universities that offer bachelor’s degrees in education. Also, foundational courses. For example, philosophy or introduction to education. These are the programs that help the students in designing curriculum and different methods of incorporating technology into the classroom. You can take help from experts in the USA to complete your assignments.


This is considered as one of the multi-disciplinary academic fields. Also, business Administration prepares the student for management positions in corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Business as an undergraduate major is very popular amongst the youth since 1980. Currently, the University of South California is ranked among the top preferred universities by the students. Its tuition fee per credit is 1863 dollars approx. 

Information technology 

This field refers to computing systems used to collect, record, organize, and access data.  There are different career paths and that a student can choose from this field. Additionally, job titles include software and web developers, computer programmers, system analyst, and computer support specialists. Presently, online college for IT students mostly preferred the University of South California. Its tuition fee per credit is 1863 dollars approx. 


Engineering is always in high demand and there are always fluctuations while choosing the best engineering degree for you. The engineering professionals design and develop products that allowed society to function smoothly. There are many engineering jobs that offer high salaries and also have low unemployment rates. Currently, Columbia university is the most preferred online college by the students. $375 per credit is the tuition fee charged by the University. 


Presently, the nursing industry is experiencing job growth. Students with bachelor’s degrees of science in nursing are the top competitors in the job market. Online nursing programs offer flexibility for the students who are also working professionals.  The online program is also ideal for students who must tackle additional commitments. Rush University is the top preferred online college and its tuition fee is 1066 Dollars per credit. 

How much online college for a bachelor’s degree program will cost you? 

If we talk about the online courses then you will pay the same tuition fee as you would pay for campus undergraduate degree programs.  Many of the schools and colleges put their fee on their websites. Students can check them. There are several methods through which students can reduce their fees for online programs. There are different scholarship programs available for the students. 

Additionally, students can also contact financial advisors for keeping track of their fee payments. You can pay for your online colleges by credit card, debit card, or even through an electronics check. Apart from this, they can also pay through mail Via Check or money order or even by wire transfer. 

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How long does a bachelor’s program for online college take? 

The time to earn an online bachelor’s degree depends on various factors. If you have previously earned college credits then the time for completing your bachelor’s degree will be less and vice versa. Secondly, it will also depend on how the academic year is divided at the preferred School. Different schools have different schedules. Other factors include the participation of students.  Like, whether he has enrolled for full-time or part-time programs. 

Online college for the graduate degree 

According to the data of the National Centre for education statistics 2017, around 1.1 million students enrolled in online college for graduate courses. Amongst which 869,000 students enrolled themselves in distance courses. There are certain fields, for example, nursing, that requires a master’s degree for the job. If a student has a graduate degree then it may lead him to a management role and a higher salary. You can opt for the part and full-time online college degrees for both Masters and doctoral levels. 

If we talk about the income earned by graduates then according to a survey of 2018, master’s degree holders earned a median weekly income of $1434. According to the US Bureau of labor statistics, master’s level occupation is expected to increase by 17% between the year 2016 to 2026. There are some graduate programs that require the applicants to have an undergraduate degree in a specific discipline to enroll themselves. This totally varies depending on the industry to enroll in. 

Advantages and disadvantages of online college courses. 

If you are a working professional then an online graduate degree can be a great choice for you. You can easily advance your management role. There are many cases in which a graduate degree will open a door of opportunities for you. For example, higher-paying positions and senior-level roles. There are certain online graduate degree programs that require students to have on-campus residing requirements. Sometimes, students need to go to on-site locations for class sessions, lectures, or group activities. 

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*Students can easily complete their Course work from any location they wish. 

*Students can easily apply their learning through graduate degrees to their jobs. 

*It becomes easy for the students to plan their Course work around their busy schedules. 


*The students who prepare for personal interaction will face challenges through a lack of face-to-face communication with faculty. 

*Students need to develop strong time management skills. 

*There are very fewer opportunities to interact with classmates. 

How much you need to pay for online college master’s degree programs? 

There are many universities and colleges that ask for the same tuition fee from both online and offline students. Tuition fees sometimes differ for in-state and out-state students. For example, if you are not a resident of a particular state then you might need to pay more fees for the program. For these degree programs students need to research the requirements for the specific class section and in case of doubt reach out to the professor. In terms of materials required the students need to rent or buy their textbooks. 

Time taken for earning an online college master’s degree. 

According to a survey, it found that online graduate degree programs most often take two years to finish. On the other hand, engineering and nursing degrees take up to 3 years to complete. Total time to complete a graduate degree varies from course to course. 

Online college certificate programs 

Online certificate programs are shorter in length and lower in cost as compared to online graduate degrees. As per the survey of Aslanian Market research and learning 2019, 14% of undergraduate degree online students and 20% of graduate online college students are interested in online certifications. 

Usually, online certificate programs take a year or less to complete. Online certificate programs basically focus on introducing a new field of study. Overall, an online degree has a broader scope. Online certification programs are ideal for full-time employees and stay-at-home parents. In some circumstances, online undergraduate certifications help students to land an entry-level job. If the student wishes to complete an online certificate program he can complete it alone or alongside an online degree. There are many reputable universities that offer online certification programs. 

2021 best online college and top online universities. 

Northeastern University, Boston-MA 

Open in 1898, Northeastern University has scored the top place in experiential learning. This university offers 140 degree and certificate courses. Also, it has nine schools and colleges. This university only offers an online degree without any on-campus components. 

Indiana University – Bloomington, Bloomington 

This university serves about 6,000 students with more than 100 online degree and certificate courses. The student studying in this university can study from anywhere in the world. The benefits students received while studying at Indiana University are that they can also access coaching, tutoring, and academic support. 

California State University – Los Angeles, Los Angeles-CA 

The California State University-Los Angeles was founded in 1947. Student access to the state online network. It serves more than 8000 students in over a hundred online programs. Also, including Public Administration and agricultural education. Additionally, students can take online classes out of the degrees. There are certain options that include on-campus components. 

University of Florida – online, Gainesville, FL 

This is one of the oldest and largest higher education institutions in the sunshine state. The University of Florida offers more than 20 online bachelor’s degree programs. It also includes options like nursing, computer science, and psychology. Online college learners get full access to academic and student support services. 

University of Central Florida- Orlando, FL 

Founded in 1963, the University of Central Florida began offering online courses in 1999. This university hosts more than 2100 online courses that have over a hundred online degrees and certificates. It serves more than 5500 online students and provides access to coaching, skill training, career support services, and Library services. The center has won over a hundred awards in different areas like online teaching and digital learning innovations. 

Le Tourney University, Longview, TX 

This is among the top online universities in the country. It and Rolls over 3100 students. Additionally, offering 35-degree plans and many courses for distance learning. 

Texas Tech University, Lubbock-TX 

This university hosts about 80 online degree and certificate programs. At TTU, online college learners can enroll in different programs. For example, bachelor’s in human services, master’s in agribusiness, and Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction. Students can seek distance learning programs but there are certain programs that require occasional on-campus components. 

Arizona State University- Tempe, Tempe-AZ 

This university also earns a place among the top online universities. It offers over 200 online programs. Additionally, degrees in sports business, food, and nutrition entrepreneurship, and biomedical Diagnostics are also offered. 

Colorado State University-Fort Collins, Fort Collins-CO 

Established in 1870 this university is offering distance learning programs for 50 years. There are available 50 different online college degrees. At this University online students can access a variety of resources. For example, schools writing center, library, career center, and IT helpdesk. 

Trine University, Angola -IN 

Trine University was founded in 1884 and it offers more than 20 online college programs at different levels. Including, a degree in business analytics, manufacturing technology, and organizational leadership. 

University of West Florida, pensacola-FL 

Founded in 1963, the University of West Florida holds the place amongst the top online colleges. This university offers more than 20 online degree courses and certifications. While talking about degree options it includes clinical lab Sciences, exceptional student education, and also, instructional design and Technology. Apart from this, online students can also pursue the shortest certificate programs to boost their professional credentials. 

The University of West Florida offers at least six start dates each year for distance learning. Courses typically Run for 8 to 16 weeks sessions. Florida residents pay the lowest tuition fees for online courses. Lastly, this university holds regional accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. 

Pennsylvania State University – world campus, university -PA 

Penn State world campus was founded in 1998. It delivers its course work through the Canvas learning management system. The school offers more than 150 online programs and certificates. It also includes degrees in fields like biobehavioral health, digital multimedia design, and additive manufacturing. For the preparation of a distance learning environment, the learners complete an online student orientation course. 

In the university, the online courses begin in the fall, spring, and summer seasons. The classes in the university typically Run asynchronously throughout the fall semester. 

De Paul University, chicago -IL 

This university offers more than 30 online degree programs. Additionally, various certificate and endorsements that can help student boost their resumes. De Paul University offers programs in a different field. For example, leadership studies, nursing, and human-computer interaction. The tuition fee for in-state and out-state students is the same. 

While talking about the online classes, then, most of the classes Run asynchronously throughout each quarter. Summer program to run for either two to five weeks mini terms or for 10 weeks long term. It offers students to complete their degree programs without ever visiting campus. 

New Mexico State University – main campus 

New Mexico state university was founded in 1888. Presently, it offers over 500 online courses and more than 60 online degrees. The fields include Gender and sexuality studies, geomatics, and industrial engineering. Also, NMSU offers hybrid and interactive television programs with classes and giving those are held at regional locations. 

The online classes for students start during the fall, spring, and summer seasons. Most of the courses in the university-run for the full semester or 8-week sessions. It offers both in-state and out-state students the same tuition fee. Once the student has been enrolled in the course he can get access to the school library, academic support, and career services. 

Maryville University of Saint Louis, Saint Louis – MO 

This university offers more than 30 programs for students. These programs can be completed online. The programs offered by Maryville University include Bachelor’s in forensic psychology, a master’s in software development, and a doctorate in higher education leadership. Also, the university offers an early access Bridge program. This program allows undergraduate students to earn 12 Graduate Level credits, fast-tracking a Master’s and saving money. 

Add Maryville University, the students can begin their studies on any of the annual six start dates. The online courses run through 8-week session programs. Most of the campuses have no on-campus requirements. Although, doctoral students may need to participate in some of the on-campus residences. The online program that has internships allows the students to choose the location near to their homes. Furthermore, all the students whether in the state or out of State Pay the same tuition fee. 

Ohio University – main campus, Athens-OH 

Founded in 1804, this university now and rules about 8,000 students in about 60 online programs. The university’s online program offers a diverse selection of programs. It includes a degree in applied management, interior architecture, and athletic administration. It also offers accelerated degrees, degree completion programs, and hybrid study options. 

In this university, the out-state students pay slightly higher fees than the in-state students. Additionally, most of the online programs for all Course work asynchronously and eliminate on-campus requirements. 

Florida Atlantic University, boca Raton- FL 

Opened in 1964, the Florida Atlantic University has created more than 35 programs. Whereas, distance learners can enroll in programs like RN to BSN pathways. Also, a Masters’s in geoscience, along with minors, stand-alone courses, and certificate tracks. Florida Atlantic University provides distance learners with access to different tutorials. Also, financial and career counselors, and Academic Advisors. The class at this university starts multiple times each year. The courses Run asynchronously for 5 or 8 weeks. Also, for full and half-semester. 

Oklahoma State University- main campus 

Founded in 1890, this university offers more than 50 online programs at different levels. It includes degrees in university studies, nutritional Sciences, and family financial planning. Most of the programs deliver coursework asynchronously. Further,  there are many students that can graduate without even visiting the university. 

DeSales University, Centre Valley -PA 

DeSales University enrolls only 3500 students approx. Although, it has maintained a significant online presence. It offers various online courses and more than a dozen online bachelor’s degree programs. The university offers six-week or 8 weeks online sessions for the students. Also, they have been given a blended option where they can study in person in the evening. The different programs offered at this university include a bachelor’s track in Human Resource Management, pharmaceutical marketing, supply chain management. The programs at the University start-up up to nine times each year. The tuition fee at this university is the same for both in-state and out-state students. 

Madonna University, livonia -MI 

Madonna University was established in 1937 and it is amongst the largest Franciscan schools. Also, one of the top online universities in the country. It offers more than 20 online programs. For example, a bachelor’s in family and consumer sciences, a master’s in criminal justice leadership and intelligence, and a doctorate in nursing practice. Classes at this university run asynchronously and entirely online. Students don’t need to visit campus. Both in-state and out-state students get the same tuition fees.

Worth of an online college degree program. 

If we talk about the condition of several years ago, then, employees at that time were hesitant while hiring the persons who have online degrees. But, in recent years the perception of people has changed. They give equal importance to both degrees. Either it’s online or offline. This becomes a good opportunity for the students of online education to show their commitment to their career and discuss their management skills. 

Which are the highest paying online college degrees 

There are different degrees that pay a good amount to the Employees. According to a survey of 2018, petroleum engineers were at number 12 in the list who earned 137,170 dollars median salary in 2018. This field requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering and it is available online. Following this IT managers are at number 13, with a median salary of $139,220. Similarly, there are management degrees, statistics, marketing, and Finance. There are thousands of courses that are available online with a career field of good-paying jobs. 

Online college degrees in demand 

In the past few years, it was observed that there are many online college degrees that have become the fastest-growing occupations in 2018. Mostly, the areas covered were Healthcare and related industries. Apart from this, computer and mathematical occupations with the online degree in Engineering or Information Technology were equally important and relevant. It holds the account for the second-highest number of fastest-growing occupations. If we talk about future scenarios then positions such as Information Security analyst, employment is expected to grow by 31.6% through 2028. 

Information technology is the fastest-growing field with an annual median salary of $53,470. Secondly, the healthcare sector with an annual median salary of $66,440, and cybersecurity tops the list with an annual median salary of $98,350. 

How to choose the best online college? 

This is the major question that hits the mind of every student. We understand the value of education and we know it bothers you too. So, hair we are sharing various steps to help you out using the best online college for you. 

Step 1 

Check the accreditation status 

This is the first and the most important step while choosing your best online college. Verifying your schools’ accreditation is the top priority before applying. Accreditation verification is important because it sets quality standards to ensure that your online College degree holds value. So, before choosing the best college for you ask these basic questions to yourself. 

1- what do you want with your degree? 

2- what is the degree level you want to earn? 

3- how flexible are you in the course? 

4- which course you can afford for the online degree program? 

If you get answers to all these basic questions. And you are totally satisfied then you can move forward. 

Step 2 

Choose the degree level for yourself 

Before opting for a course make a few considerations. For example, which previous degree you have. Secondly, what are your career goals? Afterward, look for the best degree program for you. Either associate, bachelors, or masters. Keeping in mind the salary you will get from these degrees. 

Step 3 

Choose the best major 

Once you have decided about which degree level you want to pursue. The next step is to choose the best majors for you. Think carefully about which majors will have the best impact on your future. Examine different options and then choose the best one for you. There are different majors that teach different skills. They all have a different point of emphasis. Also, consider which specific skills will be more beneficial for you. 

Step 4 

How much flexibility do you need? 

There are different online programs that offer a different amount of flexibility. You can opt for synchronous programs. In such programs, students are expected to attend classes, view lectures, and complete their assignments. The other one includes asynchronous. In these types of programs, students are given deadlines for completing assignments. There is no boundation for attending a lecture and other things. Whereas, the open schedule allows students to begin their courses at their desired time. Fourthly, fixed-time online courses help the students to access all the types of academic media from the computer. Lastly, hybrid online courses demand students to attend lectures, complete assignments, and present in group chats and conversations.

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