What is physiotherapy? Different physiotherapy courses

physiotherapy courses

Are you trying to choose a field of study to build a base for your career? If yes, then you may have a lot of options around you and variety always comes with confusion.

In case Physiotherapy courses are also there in your mind, then staying here for a few minutes can be helpful to a great extent.  Herein you can get a plethora of reasons to choose physiotherapy over others. This blog post has everything you need to know about Physical therapy.

Go through the same and understand how building a career in this field can be an enriching experience to you. From the meaning of physiotherapy to its detailed explanation we have gathered all the relevant information for you. For further help with assignments in the subject take online assignment help and get ready made assignments in quick time.

Before you move further to delve into the details, remember the fact that bringing smiles to pain-ridden faces is better than any other things. Physiotherapy will give a number of chances to do the same.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is also known as Physical therapy. It is a medical practice that helps in eradicating the impairments and then promotes better mobility to joints and muscles. With the help of mechanical forces, manual therapy, electrotherapy, and manual therapy, a physiotherapist treats the patient. Physiotherapy is really helpful in improving the life quality of a patient. Physiotherapy is a multidimensional field, in addition to the clinical practice of physiotherapy; it also has other activities like education, research, administration, consultation etc. Physiotherapy is provided as a basic treatment to a patient or along with other critical diseases. When you get proper treatment from the specialist, then you will feel better and able to fight the disease with more energy.

Different physiotherapy courses attempt to provide relief from injuries or illnesses. These injuries are that which limit or completely stops an individual’s ability to move and perform daily life activities. Before giving the treatment therapist read about the patient’s history, and take a physical examination to reach a diagnosis. After diagnosis, he/she provides a management plan to the patient. In some cases therapist also ask for CT-scan, X-rays, or for MRI. 

How physiotherapy works for patients

Physiotherapy includes prescription of particular exercise for a problem or providing therapy manually to the patient with the help of mechanical devices, traction, educating the individual about the problem, hot or cold bag, sound waves, radiation, prostheses, and electricity. Physiotherapist closely works with the patients and provides relief to the patient by providing mobility, and develops fitness and different wellness programs for a healthy and active lifestyle. The work in after doing physiotherapy is to provide maximum mobility to the people suffering in society and revive their functional ability with the help of various activities.

Physiotherapy courses are professional courses one could seek for a good future. There are various specialties in physiotherapy courses including:

  • Musculoskeletal,
  • Sports,
  • Neurology,
  • Wound care,
  • EMG,
  • Cardiopulmonary,
  • Geriatrics,
  • Orthopedics,
  • Women’s health,
  • Pediatrics

These are the specialties in physiotherapy subject. For further assistance, students can take assignment help from online experts.

Benefits of taking Physiotherapy

Benefits of taking Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is really helpful for everyone irrespective of age. Anyone who is having any medical condition, injuries or illness that stops them from carrying out day to day life activities can take physical therapy and improve their lifestyle.

There are various types of physiotherapy programs which will help the sufferer to get to normal health once again. These programs provide body functioning and encourage the individual to perform activities. Therapists also alter your lifestyle and make it better to reduce the chances of future injuries. Healthcare professionals and doctors often ask patients to get physiotherapy along with the treatment they are offering, the reason being physiotherapy is a conservative approach in managing problems. Let’s see all the benefits of physiotherapy:

Get relief from pain

Physical therapy and manual therapy exercises such as joint and soft tissue mobility and various treatments like taping, electrical stimulation provide great relief to the body. They help in eliminating the pain and restore the ruptured muscles or tissues and joint functions. Physiotherapy prevents injuries from returning by eliminating the cause from the roots.

Avoid surgery

Often physiotherapy removes pain and heals the body’s joint or muscles. In this scenario, there will be no need for any surgery. Also in some cases where surgery is the last option, pre-surgery physical therapy serves great benefits. Pre-surgery therapy helps in improving the recovery time after surgery. You apparently save on medical bills by taking physiotherapy.

Improve mobility

If you are having issues in walking, running, or moving, physiotherapy might be the best option you should consider. There are various stretching and body strengthening exercises that will help you by restoring joint and muscular mobility. Therapists can also suggest whether you need orthopedics treatment or not. They will also suggest the activities which are needful for living a healthy life and taking your performance at the maximum level.

Recover from a stroke

People often lose various functions and body movements after having a paralytic stroke. Physiotherapy provides the energy to the weak muscles of the body and improves the condition of the patient. By taking physical therapy patients can move more independently in the house without any help. This will eventually help by reducing the burden of care for bathing, toileting, and other basic activities of life.

Recovery from sports Injury

Physiotherapists know that sports players are at increased risk of getting physical injuries such as fractures, or muscle spasm, or hamstring problems. In order to reduce the injuries therapists develop programs that would help the players to get proper rest after every game. Also, they provide various treatments to players who are injured so that they can return in the game as soon as possible.

Improve your balance and prevent falls

When you start physical therapy, you will be tested for the risk of falling or losing body balance. If you are in the high-risk zone of falling, then the practitioner will provide you with a safe practice to help you in maintaining body balance, the practice will mimic the real-life scenarios. Therapists help by improving your coordination and provide you with assistive devices to help you walk safely. When the balance problem is due to a problem in a vestibular system, physical therapists can conduct specific exercises to improve the vestibular functioning and help in eliminating the feeling of vertigo or dizziness. 

Manage diabetes and vascular conditions

Exercise is great for those who are suffering from diabetes. It will help you by controlling your blood sugar level. Diabetic people also feel a tingling sensation in their legs. Physiotherapy provides proper foot care to diabetic patients to prevent any complications due to diabetes.

Manage age-related issues

As you grow older, many problems joint problems will come in your life. People develop osteoarthritis or osteoporosis and go for joint replacement. Therapists provide therapy to patients to recover from joint replacement surgery. They also provide help by assisting a patient with exercises to reduce the pain of arthritis.  

Manage heart and lung disease

Even after complete cardiac recovery, people face difficulties in daily life activities. Physiotherapists provide care and help you to overcome the weakness caused by Cardiac arrest. Also for pulmonary problems, therapists will assist you with exercises to increase your lung functions. Therapy in lung problems helps in clearing the fluid from the lungs.

Women’s Health management:

There are health issues which are specific to women like with pregnancy and post-partum care. Physical therapists help women by offering specialized programs to the issues related to women’s health. Additionally, PT can provide specialized treatment for Bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.

Various physiotherapy courses in which you can make your career

Physiotherapy courses have various disciplines of medicine. There are many areas of specialties in this course. Students who are facing difficulty in this subject can take online assignment help from the professionals. Let’s look at all of them:

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy

This is a branch of physiotherapy, where therapists use various applications of physiotherapy to treat physical problems surrounding the joint areas. For example Bones, Ligaments, tendons etc.

Some of the ailments dealt in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy:

  • Muscle Tear
  • Ligament strain, sprain, tear Inability to walk
  • Joint stiffness
  • Muscle pain, strain
  • Fractures
  • Joint pain, poor posture
  • Inflammation of tendons and bursa
  • Joint inflammation in problems like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis

Cardio-Thoracic Physiotherapy

This field of physiotherapy provides care to the heart and lungs. As the name suggests; this branch of help in maintaining the fitness of all heart and thoracic cavity functions. Treatment in this branch is focused towards clearing the blockage in heart or in any chest secretions. Individuals get a good amount of relief, and they can breathe freely and easily. This will further help by increasing the oxygen-carrying capacity of the lungs.

Some of the ailments which are treated in this field of physiotherapy are:

  • Asthma
  • Increased chest secretions
  • Other respiratory infections and conditions
  • Appendicectomy
  • Before and after Heart surgery
  • Before and after the Lung surgery
  • Intensive care unit care

Neurological Physiotherapy

Neurological physiotherapy is used to treat the problems related to brain, nerves, spinal cord and spinal cord nerves.

Few medical conditions that are treated with physiotherapy are:

  • Paralysis
  • Stroke
  • Balance disorder
  • After a brain surgery
  • Spinal cord injury
  • All nerve injuries.

Physiotherapy in Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation and physical therapy take place together. In rehabilitation, experts bring back the physically disabled person to a normal level. They use various techniques to eliminate injury or other medical condition. In this particular type of physiotherapy, physiotherapists use various physical activities to treat the immobility in a patient.

Different types of rehabilitation where physiotherapy is involved:

  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Geriatric/Old age Rehabilitation
  • Amputee (person who has lost the limb) Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy in Obstetrics

In this area of physiotherapy, the therapist provides utmost care to maintain the fitness level of a pregnant woman and even after childbirth. They provide postural care to women and provide them with a good knowledge of exercises during pregnancy.  

Sports Physiotherapy

Here as the name suggests, this therapy is to treat sportspersons. They guide athletes in various sports activities, tell them the best techniques to warm up, cooling down. They also guide them in weight lifting and treat various sports injuries.

Some of the physical conditions treated under this are:

  • Ligament sprain, tear
  • Muscle strain
  • All other sport injuries
  • Any Muscle spasm (pain and tightness of muscle)

Physiotherapy in fitness and postural care

This branch provides guidance related to physical fitness, good care for posture and training for muscle building.

  • Good muscle built
  • Poor Posture (Hunch back)
  • Obesity/ Overweight
  • Some of the conditions dealt are:

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Here therapists provide treatment to children with physical disabilities. They also take care of the children who are getting prepared for the surgery.

Some of the conditions dealt here are:

  • Fractures in children
  • Club foot before and after surgery (In case of congenital heart disease)
  • Cerebral palsy (brain disorder affecting movement)
  • Respiratory infections

Reasons to obtain a degree in Physiotherapy courses

Now those who want to enroll themselves in any physiotherapy courses should know the benefits of studying this noble course. I have listed the benefits of physiotherapy courses below. Have a look at them.

Physiotherapy is helpful

One of the major reasons why you should study Physiotherapy is that it can be very helpful to people who are suffering pain. As a physiotherapist, you can bring valuable changes to many lives. You can actually change their way of living and make it more convenient.

Physiotherapy can bring many severe health issues such as arthritis and cystic fibrosis to an end. This directly implies that studying Physiology will bring benefits not only to you but to society as well.

Society respect Physiotherapists

Who does not want to be in a reputed career? Everyone does. If you also intend to get a noble profession, then Physiotherapy is exactly the same. The professionals are respected in society to a great extent. Everyone adores those who help people in healing.

Physiotherapy courses are practical

If you are someone who is attracted to the practical knowledge, then also you can go for Physiotherapy. It is a vocational job, and the study of various aspects of this profession reflects the same.

All the leading universities in Australia provide degree courses for it and assure students the best clinical placements to their students. This is what helps physiotherapy students to have an insight to their learning in action and get well-prepared for the job.

Graduate Prospects

There are a number of surveys revealing that the graduate prospects for students of Physiotherapy are quite high. This field of study offers valuable skills to students who are always in high demand. Thus, by getting a qualification in this field from a top university in Australia, you will add immense value to your career.

Physiotherapy is the best way to follow a passion for the sport

Those who want to build a career in sport might know that it is not an easy task. However, it can be made easy by studying physiotherapy. A degree in this course opens a lot of doors to decent employment in the sports world. The reason is the almost every sports team requires physiotherapy specialists, and there is no scarcity of jobs. Also, you can become a sports injury specialist.

Physiotherapists get a decent salary

One of the major facts which every student considers while choosing a career option in physiotherapy courses is; the monetary outcomes it will provide. No matter how much we focus on other factors but a decent salary matters a lot.

Physiotherapy passes this criterion as well. You will never regret the decision of choosing one from the available physiotherapy courses; there are a lot of well-paying jobs for physiotherapists.


Moving to the conclusion of this blog, I would like to highlight the main things which I have discussed with you in this blog. From the beginning to the end this blog is all about physiotherapy and physiotherapy courses. The blog is divided into various sections. Firstly I discussed physiotherapy in detail. Then the second part is about the different physiotherapy courses. After that, you can see why students should make a career in this course. 

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