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Most Popular Universities of USA

university-of-USA has been one of the most popular higher education destination for the students from all over the world for a long time. Its been that way because the country has a fantastic education system and appropriate infrastructure as well and this thing is not getting written by us for no reason. Instead, a report from QS backs our claim as it has listed five US universities in the worlds top 10 university list.


You may also be interested in pursuing higher education from these universities. So, keeping this thing in mind, we will try to put light on the most popular universities of US.


Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)


It is the university that is not only holding onto the number one place in the US university list but also in the world’s top university list. It is a private institute that was established in 1865. Now it has more than 11000 students enrolled in many number of courses ranging from engineering and computer science to management and medicine.


Harvard University

 Ranked at number 2 in the world. Harvard university is oldest higher education institute in US as it was established in 1636. At that time, the university had just one master program with nine students pursuing it. Cut to now, university has more than 18000-degree candidates getting taught by more than 2000 faculties. The university has fabulous infrastructure and education system and aims to promote new ideas from young talent.


Stanford University

 Stanford university is a public institute that is placed at number 3 in the worlds best university list. This university offers courses in many subjects from management and arts to medicine and engineering. University enrolls more than 8000 candidates in its graduate programs every year and provides them with qualified faculty as well as ample resources so that they can gain excellent knowledge about their respective area of studies.


California institute of technology (Caltech)

 California institute of technology is also a private institution that was established over 100 years ago. This university is ranked number 5 in the world’s top university list and has less than 5000 people playing different parts in the functioning of the university. The main objective of the caltech is to help students in expanding knowledge and benefiting society by research integrated with education.


University of Chicago

 This university is located in Chicago and holds onto number 10 position in the worlds most sought after universities list of QS. University has more than 30000 people involved in its various functioning and offers higher education degrees in various subjects such as economics, computer science, accouting and finance, languages and many more.

 So, these are the five US universities that get preference from the students for higher education purpose from around the world. You can know more about these universities and their admission process by visiting these universities websites.

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