8 Best and Unique Ways for Time Management

Time Management is the key to success. As per William Penn, “Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

Are you usually punctual or late? Do you finish your task on time? Are you able to achieve what you want to do before deadlines? Are you a good time manager?

If your answer is “no” to any of the questions above, that means you are not able to manage your time as you plan.

Here are 8 best and unique ways to overcome time management issues:

Time Management

1. Use mobile application for effective time management

Mobile applications help you reduce your stress and do your tasks in less time. It helps you manage your tasks successfully and resourcefully.

You can find many mobile applications for time management. Here we share two mobile applications you can use for managing time.

It will help you complete your tasks easily and effectively making your day less challenging.

Schedule Planner

Time Management

Schedule planner allows you to edit and change the individual tasks and edit multiple tasks by batching.

You can even attach notes to each task if they need further details.

The features of schedule planner application are as follows:

  • Tracks planned versus actual time spent
  • Creates and shows how actual time spent
  • Color code individual task
  • Multiple calendar views
  • Use in offline mode
  • Automated data backup facility
  • Available in platform such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle
  • Available in free version and pro version for purchase.

Schedule Planner’s Screenshots

Time Management
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You can view an overview of your monthly tasks. You can set a reminder for a specific task on any date.

It helps you understand the planned versus the actual time taken to complete a particular task. Comparison makes it easy and understandable.

Use the Tasks screen to organize your day to day tasks. You can create and plan your tasks for the whole day.


Time Management

Another trending mobile application for time management is myHomework.

myHomework has a modern design and simple interface making it easy for anyone to use.

This application fills their role as a planner without network connection.

The features of myHomework application are as follows:

  • Reminders for assignments
  • Tracks homework, tests, projects, and lessons
  • Multiple view option feature ( all, today, tomorrow)
  • Work in offline mode
  • Facility for semester schedule (e.g. MWF, TTS)
  • Available at platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Windows 8, etc.
  • Available in free version and a premium ads-free experience is available for $4.99/year across all of the apps and website

myHomework’s Screenshot

Time Management
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It helps you receive notifications and messages. It keeps you updated well in advance.

myHomework helps you to access your assignment fast. You can even see some online assignment groups to help you finish your tasks.

This feature allows you to see the pending tasks. Anytime, you can see the pending as well as the recent tasks.

These applications can help you overcome time management issues. These applications provide you an extensive knowledge of tackling single or multi tasks together.

2. Eliminate unimportant tasks for time management

By eliminating unimportant tasks from your lists, your focus increases towards your main tasks.

You should always concentrate on the main tasks and should pay least attention to the insignificant points.

This step can be challenge for you as you may wonder which task you should remove from your list.

You can use following ways to eliminate unimportant tasks for time management:

  • Pen down the important tasks in an organizer or in any planner.
  • Write the important points (This will help you in reviewing the tasks on a daily basis).
  • Set priority of the task by highlighting it.
  • Create a folder in your laptop or sticky notes.
  • Alternatively, you can use any of these time management tools

Time Tune

Time Management

With Time Tune you can see the key tasks you need to do in the entire week.

You can click any day of the week to add a new task and set its priority as important or urgent as needed.

This time management tool helps you keep away from distractions, procrastination, and unproductive multitasking.


Time Management

Evernote application helps you organize your task effortlessly.

You can explore the features such as write, collect, capture ideas; create notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists.

You can take notes in a variety of formats, including texts, sketches, photo, audio, video, PDFS, and web clippings.

You can also use it as a digital notepad and easy-to-format word processor for all your thoughts.

You can share and organize your notes by notebooks and tags.


Time Management

Todoist is one of the most popular task list applications and can help you prioritize and keep up with your to-dos.

The application provides color-coded priority levels which will help you know what is important.

You can also set up recurring dates, sub projects and tasks, and handy notifications.

Another time management aspect with which Todoist can help you with is ‘delegation of tasks’.

It has features for collaboration, assignment of tasks, and group discussion.

You can share the workload with an easy-to-use tool.

You can go to Google Play and search for other similar applications which can help you manage your task proficiently.

These applications will bring productivity to your work and help you finish the task at the right time.

3. Finish similar task together for time management

It is important that while doing a task you should always match the similar ones together.

When you identify the similar tasks, it becomes easier for you to finish the tasks on time.

You can use below tips to finish similar tasks:

Time Management

Tip 1: Filter out irrelevant details

You can filter all the irrelevant details from your tasks.

It will help you identify the tasks that are not required and make your work easier.

You need to make a list of the tasks which you have to finish and then assemble all the relevant information in one folder.

You can even write the information on a piece of paper and delete or remove which is unimportant.

It will help you batch the similar task together and improves your productivity.

Tip 2: Make groups

Another simple way to batch the task together is to make groups of the similar activities.

When you group the tasks together, it becomes less challenging.

All you have to do is to write all the necessary information on a piece of a paper and start matching the similar ones together.

As a result whatever time you were spending earlier on each task to get complete, can be finished in a short span of time.

4. Smartly allocate time for each task

Allocating time for each task plays an essential role in time management process.

When you allocate time for each task, the task becomes simple and easy to handle.

It is important for you to know that how we can smartly allocate time for each task respectively.

Following are the steps you can take to smartly allocate time for each task:

Time Management

Step 1: Identify available time

The first step is to establish the time you want to make available for your work.

You have to decide that how much time you can spend overall to complete a task.

This will help you to complete the task at the right time.

You can easily concentrate on the tasks and allocate time according to the task individually.

Step 2: Select tasks according to importance

In the next step you have to select the tasks according to their importance.

By prioritizing to finish the most important task first, you will make long strides to achieve your major goal.

On top of that, you also gain two huge benefits:

a. Motivation

After selecting and prioritizing the tasks, you will feel motivated and happier.

And who doesn’t want to be happier? This productive task will make you guilt-free of uncompleted tasks.

b. Positive results

Motivation leads to positive actions and results.

The momentum you gain after doing one task will carry over to finishing other activities.

Step 3: Set number of hours for each task

The next step is to set a timer for each task.

It will help you complete the entire task within a fixed period.

If you finish the task in the specified time, you can review and modify it.

Here are some of the tips which can help you finish your task within set time:

Time Management

Get a time management application

Time Management or Productivity mobile application can help you set a timer for each task.

By setting time constraints for these items, you will focus more and work efficiently.

Create a daily plan

Use the first 30 minutes of your day to create a daily to-do list that suits your weekly plan.

Analyze the importance of each task.

Allocate time to each task according to their importance.


After finishing a task you should always add a ‘Done List’.

This helps in recognizing the tasks which are already completed.

It will also help you to identify the task lists which are not completed.

Stop multitasking

You should not multitask when you have already set number of hours to each task.

Multitasking leads to confusion and distraction.

Do not get stuck in small details

You should not hung up on small details.

This might affect your productivity in a negative way.

If you keep yourself busy in small tasks, you might overlook and miss big tasks.

Step 4: Keep monitoring your progress

Time Management

Keep a schedule on your phone, computer or even in your planner to keep track of time.

If your task lists are unprepared, it can take more time than you realize.

Be sure to schedule time blocks for high-priority items in order to accomplish your goals.

Allow your schedule to be flexible and change throughout the day, when necessary.

By managing your time using the steps above, you will be able to look at what you were able to accomplish within specific time frames. It will help you plan more effectively in the future.

5. Daily and weekly plans for the time management

You can build daily and weekly plans to help you in time management.

These plans will get you a clear picture for the entire activities you want to complete in a week.

We have developed few steps which you can follow to create daily and weekly plans.

Step 1: Tool Selection

Time Management

At first, you select a tool with which you want to create the plan.

You should choose only those tools with which you are comfortable as you will use it regularly in the future.

If you are using paper and pencil, then make sure that you can create tables and charts on paper very well.

You can try digital calendars from your phone or download on Google Play.

Step 2: Identify the goals

Time Management

After selecting the tool, your next step will be to identify the goals you want to achieve in the next one week.

Make sure that your goals are achievable and realistic.

Your vision should be clear in what exactly you want to achieve as your entire week’s plan will depend on it.

Step 3: Decide your priorities

Time Management

After identifying your goals, your next step will be to define the activities you want to achieve in a week.

List down all the activities you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

List all the important tasks which need to completed first and then the tasks which can be completed later.

Make sure that the deadline of completing the task does not exceed.

After organizing your task, make a list of the tasks, and choose according to their priority.

Step 4: Implement and Analyze your plan

Time Management

After prioritizing your task, your next step will be to implement the plan and keep analyzing the progress.

Analyze it daily or on the weekly basis.

This prevents you from missing the important tasks.

Keep marking your completed task to know about your progress and achievement.

6. Identify and block time management distractions

Identifying and blocking plays an important role in time management process.

By doing this, you will make a balance between your studies and curricular activities and be able to perform better.

It will make your life simpler and help you achieve your goals.

We discuss below two distractions which you can prevent to improve time management:

Distraction from family and friends

Time Management

Home is the best place for the study but sometimes it can be a major distraction also.

Especially when you have younger siblings at home.

It is very difficult to make them understand your situation.

They will just keep you asking unnecessary things.

Sometimes, your family members can ask you for favors or you suddenly get a friends’ message asking you for an outing.

So, in order to cope with these situations, you can follow below tips:-

  • Choose a quiet place.
  • Close the door and keep your study area away from the noisy places
  • Ask your family members to give u privacy by informing them about your exams.
  • Keep all essential study tools with you.

Distraction from social media and technology

Time Management

It is difficult for you to concentrate on studies due to distractions from the social media or the gadgets.

Facebook status updates and notifications on your laptop start inviting you the moment you sit to study.

So, in order to keep all these distractions away from you while studying, here are some tips:

  • Start your study session by putting your phone on silent mode or handover it to the parents.
  • Check your phone only after every 45 minutes, at the time of break.
  • Turn off your internet access.
  • Collect and download all the important information before starting the study session.

7. Improve focus for better time management

Improving focus can increase your capability and helps in faster progress.

It is necessary to carry out your day-to-day activities successfully.

Following are the tips to improve your focus for the time management:

Time Management

Plan your To-Do List

Start planning your task and keep a notebook to note down all the necessary information.

Organize your tasks according to your ease.

Schedule and complete them before the given deadline.

Complete one action at a time

You can break down your tasks into smaller steps in order to save your time.

Make sure you complete your present task and only then move to the next task.

This will help you to maintain a balance between your actions and focus on your tasks.

Lock yourself in a room

You can find a place which is away from all the distractions.

Sometimes, the only way to get things done is to ‘lock yourself’ away in a room.

Make time for yourself

Spend minimum 15-20 minutes daily with yourself.

This will help you in focusing & creating the list of tasks you want to achieve in your life.


Exercising is a great way to relieve your stress and get a healthy life at the same time.

Start with some exercising programs.

It will help you improve your focus and time management skills.

8. Set task priority for effective time management

Setting priorities will allow you to decide the tasks which you really need to focus on. It includes the two main objectives.

Firstly, capture all the important tasks that need to be completed.

Secondly, have a backup plan of your initial plan.

The actions for setting up the priorities for effective time management are:

  • Plan the task according to their requirement.
  • Write down all the important tasks but mainly focus on the tasks which need to be completed.
  • Once you have figured out the tasks then describe your outcomes.

Stephen Covey, Co-author of First Things First, offers a tool which you can use to manage your tasks.

He categorized tasks based on urgency and importance. Given below are the four task categories:

Time Management

  • Important and Urgent – Includes tasks that must be completed. Complete them right away.
  • Important but Not Urgent– Includes tasks which seems to be important, but aren’t important actually. Make plan for them.
  • Urgent but Not Important– Includes low priority tasks. You can delegate these tasks to others.
  • Not Urgent and Not Important– Includes the low priority tasks. You can ignore them.

Here all ends! So, by reading this blog you must have got an extensive idea to tackle time management crisis.

We’d be happy to solve any of your query related to this topic.

If you have any tips we didn’t mention, we’d love to learn from you. Just leave a comment and let’s connect.

And share with your friends and help them manage their time too!

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