Major Barriers Education Technology Faces in the Modern Times


From students to teachers everyone uses the technology in the modern times. Technology has become an essential part of our daily lives as we could do various tasks in just a few clicks using it.

However, many schools throughout America have still not been introduced with the technology. It has been like that because of some barriers put by the educationists.

Hence, through this write-up, we will try to get to the root of the issues so that the implementation of the educational technology becomes in the school throughout the US.

Lack of budget

The first major reason schools are lagging behind in introducing technology in the classroom is the lack of budget. Some of the technologies are too expensive to afford and frequent updates make it even tougher for the educational institutes.

School authorities could ask the students to bring their own devices for learning. However, it is not possible that the teacher’s online teaching material could work on all the students’ devices.

Teachers and parents’ low interest in adapting to latest methods

It has also been seen that teachers have not shown much interest in teaching through technology. Furthermore, they also don’t get encouraged by the school higher-ups.

When it comes to parents, they believe that their kids spend most of their time using the technology. Thus, if they get access to it at the school as well, then it could hurt their academics.

Insufficient training

Lots of schools have all the technological devices to take the modern learning forward. But, teachers do not find themselves confident enough to teach the pupils using the technology.

It happens because they are not getting required training to perform their jobs well. It is one crucial point that school managements have to keep in mind while thinking of modernizing the learning and teaching.

No internet access

One of the complaints teachers and students do regarding the less use of the education technology in the schools is the lack of internet access.

Internet is the platform that helps in connecting the teachers to the students. Teachers could also find the accurate study material for the pupils and could send it them if they have internet access. So, it is a must for all the US schools to have internet access.

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