Top 6 Amazing Landscape Solutions that are Ultimate


In my last post, we briefly got to know about landscape architecture. But do you know about the landscape solutions that can help you resolve landscape challenges? Let’s talk about these solutions.

Landscaping is an art in which one plays with the elements of nature using different tools and techniques. Are you a homemaker or a professional? No matter who you are, if you have an interest in landscaping that’s the most beautiful thing you have chosen. Landscaping is not only to make your land beautiful, but it also solves many issues in architecture.

To plan a beautiful landscape, it’s necessary to understand your piece of land where you need to work. You need to know which part of your land is useful, and which is not. Also, you need to know issues which your property is facing. On researching, I came across following problems which you may face while landscaping:

  • Too rocky land
  • Dampness on your land
  • Shady spaces where the sun doesn’t reach
  • Hilly land and eroding soil
  • Too many weeds / Pests that destroy plants
  • Privacy Issues

Not to worry, if you are also facing any of the above issues, then you are about to get your answers. Point by point, I will explain the issues and give the landscape solutions regarding the same. So let’s get started…

1) Too rocky land

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What is precisely a rocky land? It refers to an area where you can see too many large or small rocks scattered all around on the land. The soil might also be full of rocks due to which natural vegetation is not possible. Is your land in a hilly area where there are lots of rocks? For issues like these I have come up with the following landscape solutions which might help you:

  • If you are having a problem, gardening in rocky soil, stop and just play smart. Just choose the kind of plants that are meant to tolerate your soil type.
  • One more thing you need to take care is the soil depth. It will help you know what plant size is appropriate for that land. Growing large plants is not always the solution.
  • If your land is on a hill, I imagine big rocks so what you can do is, you can convert your property into a rock garden. Then this garden presents itself as a natural outcome where some wisdom ended up into beauty. You can do the same on a flat rocky land. Below is the picture for your reference.

landscape garden

2) Dampness on your land

Image 2

Dampness means that your land is somehow wet which has created areas of problems on your property. Problems like wet patches, water pits, etc. start bugging you. The most important thing is to identify the issue that why your land is wet and from where is that water coming? Your land might have a drainage problem, a high water table, leakage from underground pipes, etc. Following are the possible landscape solutions which will help you to resolve your issues:

  • Wetland Plants

Some wetland plants are the best option which comes in use in such wet areas. Water loving plants will never disappoint you. Depending on the area of your land you can choose the size and type of wetland plants.

  • Drainage System
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A well-designed drainage system is a must. Without a proper drainage system, water may collect to underneath structures and drown costly plants which will convert your beautiful dream garden into a nightmare. Following are some drainage solutions:

  1. French Drain: it is to control the issue of surface water.
  2. Underground Drainage or Dry Well: this is for Hardpan issues.

3) Shady spaces where the sun doesn’t reach

shady, landscape solutions
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Shady areas sometimes become a battle as these spaces are dark. Very less or no sun rays reach there.But, why to leave hope or give up? For such shady places, the best landscape solution is to use shade-loving plants like shrubs which easily grow in the shade. You can also make that area into an outer seating space for relaxation. On researching, I also came across the following techniques which can be used to reduce shade:

  1. Sun Dappling with plantings.
  2. Tree canopy thinning.

4) Hilly land and eroding soil

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When we talk about hilly areas, then slopes are a part of it. You also may encounter erosion which is a natural process, but it destroys the vegetation. You need to be very smart when you plan to design your land. On hilly areas whatever you are creating should be kept in mind because one mistake can spoil your efforts. It may lead to the rise in expenses too.

Following are the landscape solutions which you should consider:

i. Hilly areas have lots of rocks, so the first solution is the same what we read above for a rocky land. Construct a rock garden design using all the natural elements. Rocks somehow help in holding the soil. There are many ways in which you can use all the natural elements of your land. Below is the pic which shows how you can convert your rocky land into a beautiful garden.

ii. If you are not interested in the idea of a rock garden, then you can simply use plants which have deeper roots and which can hold the soil . Another option is to build a retaining wall which will hold the soil together and take it’s pressure. Retaining wall built out of stone gives an appealing look . Step gardening or step farming with different kinds of plants is also a good idea.

Source: Retaining Wall

iii. Try to use slopes as gradual as possible.

5) Too many weeds or pests that destroy plants

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  • Weeds

These make the land look unpleasing. The ultimate landscape solution, to make your property look beautiful and attractive is by using mulch. It is highly malleable and portable. Areas highly shaded due to large trees can be changed overnight from unpleasant to a pleasant appearance by using attractive mulch. Mulch comes in different varieties, and you can replace the mulch according to its use. You have to be particular about the season as the material you choose for mulch makes a big difference.

Source: Mulch
  • Pests

There is a whole list of garden pests that can disturb you. For this issue, you can apply different types of sprays available for pest control. If you don’t want to go for poisons, then you can use organic landscape solutions which are becoming a trend these days.

6) Privacy issues

If privacy is the top priority for you, then you are at the right place. Sometimes it happens that you have good neighbors, but you don’t want to share everything with them. So, to maintain good relations and to keep that layer of privacy, the ultimate landscape solution is to build a green wall in between your gardens or yards. A green wall is the best option because it maintains a natural look and is useful in case you don’t want to build a regular fence of brick and stone. Vine screening is a type of green wall. Below are the pictures to give you an idea.

Source: Image 1 & Image 2

So these were the six landscape solutions which I hope you liked. If you have any other questions regarding this topic, kindly comment below, or you can also contact us on our website. If you found the post helpful, then do subscribe to my blog. Your valuable feedback will be appreciated. Thank you!