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Olla Peeps! ๐Ÿ™‚ In this article, I am going to brief upon an important topic, i.e., Time Management. I will briefly cover, the time management definition. You must have heard about this term many times. It is necessary that you learn about managing your time, as it will help you organize things in a better way.

In this article, you are about to learn the art of time management. Now, you must be thinking that art? How? Am I right? Yes, of course, it’s art. Whoever has applied this art in their life, has become happy and successful. Let me give you some examples of time management quotes written by some successful and famous people:

  • “Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends”- William Shakespeare.
  • “Never leave til tomorrow which you can do today”- Benjamin Franklin.
  • “Make use of time, let not advantage slip”- William Shakespeare
  • “A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life”- Charles Darwin.

All these people knew the value of time, and they applied the art of time management in their lives, and hence they achieved success. Let’s now move onto our topic, i.e., Time Management. I will help you learn this art. In this article you will get to know the following things:

  • Time Management Definition.
  • How to set your priorities and goals?
  • How to eliminate non-priorities from your life?
  • Ways for Time Management.

Let’s begin. ๐Ÿ™‚

1)Time Management Definition

Time management is the process in which you organize and plan that how you will distribute your time between several activities. It leads to smarter work due to which the tasks does not seem harder.

Time is a variant factor which never remains same. Sometimes, you have less time or sometimes more. It is you, who has to manage your time wisely. Here, time management plays a significant role. Time management saves you from wasting your time.

Why does it happen, that some people manage many things in one single day and why some can’t? Yes, I know all people are different and not all possess same capabilities, but they all have same hours in a day. You all have 24 hours. Now those people have adopted the art of time management, that’s why they can do so many things by distributing their time to each activity. Are you doing the same? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or are you just letting your precious time slip through your hands?

These questions can only be answered by you, as you know yourself better. :)Time management definition looks simple but to understand it; you need to apply its factors. It is the process of planning your time on different activities so that you can increase productivity, effectiveness or efficiency.

Has the time management definition expanded?

Yes, today, the time management definition has expanded to encircle our personal and working lives. Good time management leads to improvement of your work and personal life balance, and thus it leads to happiness.

In general terms, time management refers to the growth of processes and tools that increase productivity and efficiency. If you are a business person then, you should know time management definition. You should be able to judge that how your time is spent and then you just have to prioritize tasks to increase personal efficiency in your workplace.

Your time management should not only be just dividing your time amongst the tasks, but the results should also be effective. There should be an effective time management. To learn this, let us first see that what time management is?

What is Time Management ?

time- management-definition

In this section, i will cover the detailed aspects of time management. What is time management definition and what is effective time management?

Trust me guys, it’s all about organizing and managing things, giving each thing a specific amount of time. To make it effective, you need to know which is more important. Following are the benefits which you can get by understanding time management definition:

  • You will end up in less stress.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • You will get great chances to achieve important life and career goals.
  • It leads you towards a better professional reputation.
  • You will advance.

If you will not be able to manage your time effectively, then you might face following results:

  • No advancement.
  • Missing deadlines.
  • Bad professional reputation.
  • Very high stress levels.
  • Low work quality.

To avoid all these negative factors, you must know about management techniques. I will talk about this later in this article. Time management may be improved by using different skills, tools and techniques which are used to manage time. We mostly need time management in project development as it identifies the project completion time and it’s scope.

Following are the major themes based on time management:

  • To create an environment which conducts effectiveness.
  • set priorities.
  • To work upon those priorities.
  • Reducing time on non-priorities.
  • Keeping in mind the deadlines and to ensure completion

After these themes, it is also important for you to know about the concepts related to time management like:

  • Project management- time management is also considered to be a part of project management as to manage a project you need proper planning and it is must that you distribute time to different task accordingly. Time management is also known as one of the core functions under project management.
  • Attention management- This management includes management of resources which are cognitive. Control over human minds to conduct a particular activity.
  • Organizational time management- it is the science of determining, valuing and lessen up wasted time inside an organization. It helps in transforming wasted time into fruitful time by funding of products, projects, services, etc. at a positive return on any investment.

Now we all know that we need to set our priorities for managing things on time. But the question arises, how? So, let’s study how we can prioritize things.

Setting Priorities and Goals

time- management-definition-1

Time management strategies are associated with reference to set personal goals. These goals may further be divided into a project, an easy task list or a work plan. It is totally up to you that which task has to be prioritized first and which have to be next. I will share with you some analysis and methods with which you can identify your way of doing work.

ABC analysis

It is one of the ways which are used in business management for a long time. It divides large data into small groups. These are then marked as A, B, and C. Let’s see how it works.

  • A- It includes tasks that are considered as urgent and important.
  • B- It includes tasks which are important, but not urgent.
  • C- Includes tasks which unimportant, may it be urgent or not.

Priority is the no. One thing. Each group is graded according to the priority. It becomes easy to do our tasks according to the appointed grade. Sometimes, this analysis is combined with Pareto Analysis. Let’s see what it is?

The idea behind this analysis is that 80% of the work can be completed in 20% of the wasted time. The remaining 20% work takes 80% of the time. This philosophy divides the work into two parts. The work that falls into this first category should be given a higher priority.

According to the assumption, 80% of productivity can be gained by doing 20% of the tasks. Accordingly, then, 80% of results can be gained by 20% of activity. Now, if time management is for productivity, then these tasks should be given priority.

You should seek for a way which is both easy and productive. Then only you will get effective results under time management. If you use the complex way, then it will take time. Choose accordingly. Always find different smart ways to complete each task.

The Eisenhower Method

The method was named after Dwight D. Eisenhower. This method derived from this quote-“I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent is not important, and the important is never urgent.” In this method, tasks are evaluated as either important or unimportant and urgent or not urgent.

After analyzing the type of task, these are placed in quadrants in an “Eisenhower Decision Matrix.” The tasks are then handled accordingly as follows:

time- management-definition-2
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Tasks which are in-

  1. Important and Urgent quadrant are those which need to be done personally and instantly. E.g. deadlines, fire.
  2. Important but Not Urgent quadrant are those which get some ending date but still are done personally. E.g. planning.
  3. Not Important but Urgent quadrant are deputed. E.g. interruptions, activities.
  4. Not Importantย and Not Urgent quadrant are skipped as they waste your time. E.g. pleasant activities.

Going good? Let’s learn more methods regarding time management definition.

POSEC Method

POSEC is a composition of Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing and Contributing. It includes emphasizing emotional and monetary security.

let’s now learn what POSEC means.

  1. Prioritize- It means to take things according to their needs. Which thing is to be put up first and then which one will come next.
  2. Organize- It includes things which you need to put into an order like your family and friends
  3. Streamline- Things which you don’t like to do, but then, you must do like work or chores.
  4. Economize- Things which you have to do or you may even like them to do, but they are not that much urgent. This includes things like socializing and other pastimes.
  5. Contribute- To pay attention to things that brings a difference.

Domino Reaction method

The main idea behind this method is to take correct actions in the present and then get benefits in future. It is one time investment type. For example, giving your time in writing a book. The book will carry on to serve you in future.

So, I have cleared that how you can prioritize things and set your goals. Let’s now also learn that, how you can eliminate the nonpriorities in your life?

How to Eliminate non-priorities in life?

Time management definition also includes, how to eliminate tasks that are non-valuable to you. Lists are not the only key with which you can gain productivity, as most of the people spend more time in making a list , rather following what’s on it. It is important for you to know that just making lists won’t work. You have to take actions on it.

Changes are very hard to make. But, if you need effective results, then you need to follow the changes and walk on the path of productivity. There are certain factors which affect time management. This includes- lack of clarity or lack of uncertainty, guilt, avoiding current tasks, doing tasks with high expectations than their worth. It also includes tasks that need support and time etc. Try to look into these factors and find out that which part you need to change and thus, it will surely help you.

Ways for Time Management

Now, that I have talked a lot about time management, here are different ways with which you can apply the art of time management and get effective benefits from it. Click here, and get to know about the 8 Best and Unique Ways for time Management. This will surely help you. ๐Ÿ™‚

So, guys, this was all about time management definition. It is very important to manage your time accordingly. I hope this article will help you regarding the same. If you liked this article, then do comment below and let me know your views and also, do subscribe to my Blog.

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