Use of technology on Travel & Tourism

Use of technology in travel and tourism

Technology has changed the way people are living their life. It has become a part of everyone’s life as a necessity to live. Technology brings a huge change in our travelling pattern too.  In this blog, we are going to talk about the use of technology in Travel and tourism.

“Technology has dependably helped us in our day by day lives. It has transformed us into’ each field. In the field of transport, planes can enable us to reach those parts which considered as dangerous to walk. Various things like mobile, computer and more have changed the way we sell, buy, work and essentially change each part of our lives. It has ended up being an assistant for our lives. Its impact on the travel part is immense. “

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Travel & Technology

Travel Technology which is also known as tourism technology is an application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) or IT (Information Technology) in the sector of hospitality, tourism, and travel.

It simply implies Locomotion, thus the travel method was initially connected with the computer reservation system of the airline business, however, at this point, it is generally utilized, in which the travel industry alongside its hospitality industry is furthermore utilized.

While the computer reservation system is implemented in travel technology, it shows an exceptionally wide range of utilization, in actuality, it is quicker. Travel Technology incorporates virtually the travel industry as virtual tour technology. As far as “electronic tourism” or “electronic travel”, travel technology can further be known as e-tourism / e-tourism or e-travel/e-travel (e-Tourism)

We need to include the fact that the establishment of a vacation can be a pain not just for the traveller, in a case that he wants to arrange booking process by himself, but for the travel specialist, in a case that he does not have the right facilities for the passengers’ requests. And here’s the place where another important step was made in travel technology.

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There was a need to come with an ever-increasing number of innovative solutions that could settle the bust of a travel plan with access to 24/7 and quick reaction. These days, couple-travellers wants a private tour with carefree experience and comfortable experience.

At the point when travel experts do this, they build customer loyalty. Global Distribution System is one of the major developments in the travel sector, where a single contact point is used for hotel, car or airlines booking.

Apart from this, the improvement of mobile technology in the travel industry has helped various individuals, and the advancement of online business has affected the travel industry and tourism as clients can see different travel alternatives by surfing the web through their mobile.

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Components of travel technology 

use of technology on travel and tourism


  • Applications: Dynamic packages are one of the processes of travel technology, which used to provide a new option.
  • Internet: Hospitality and Tourism are among those, who are most affected. For some organizations and spots, the experience starts before a traveller arrives – it begins with the main visit to the site when an individual sees a photo of the area and understands what’s in store. In tourism and the hospitality industry, productive utilization of the Internet can improve income. Social media, Websites, online ordering, blogs, and online advertising, all used to attract and support customer for choosing his place and business.
  • Computer Systems: Since numerous travel industry organizations are scattered and large, they use PC frameworks to remain connected. PC frameworks allow communication among locations and branches which makes it simple to simplify the booking and cross-organization policies. They are utilized internally to keep every one of the employees on the similar web-page and access to information that can improve the visitor experience: housekeeping information, guest preferences, and the details of reservation are kept on a similar framework.
  • Mobile Communication: Mobile communication has become an essential part of a traveller’s life. People are using google maps for GPS and other valuable information about the places they want to visit. Most of the communication used to happen with the help of mobile communication only.

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How Technology impact travel and tourism department?

As we know technology makes our life very comfortable and easy. We can get anything by one click. These changes occur in the travel field too. Now, you do not think much before going somewhere, just pack your bag and ready to go. Here, we listed some benefits which we get because of technology: 

  • Save paper

    In a case that you go, with the extremely valuable help of innovation, travel can turn into a lot eco-companion. Those days are gone, when there was a need to print boarding passes, airline tickets or hotel reservations. On account of mobile check-ins, online reservations, and e-tickets, we don’t need to travel with the documents now and can save a lot of paper. Aside from this, online reservations and appointments are helping to consider that there is no line to get tickets.

  • Saving a lot of time

    These days, innovation is attempting to crush all most of the jobs and functions into a tiny gadget. We never again need an iPod to tune in to music, we simply need an iTunes or Spotify account and we can stream music on the go. Furthermore, is also applies for books, as fitting them inside the bag was an extra load over our shoulders. Cobo (e-Reader) or Amazon Kindle save a huge amount of space in our backpacks.

  • Surpassing the barriers of luggage

    In the recent past, there was a need to carry a converter or a phrasebook to the location where we are going to. In today’s technological world, all that you need is a cell phone and with the help of applications like Translate or Google Translate. Google’s Translate application gives you a chance to translate menus or signals progressively utilizing your cell phone’s camera. Also, applications like Duolingo enable you to become familiar with another language or to improve an individual you definitely know, without burning through cash.

 Numerous flights and hotels groups offer the option of sending messages to their clients ahead of time, either enabling them to text through their own application or to set up informing channels like WhatsApp, Messenger or Facebook. However, chatbots are a revolution – they are getting to be huge resources for this industry. Apart from it, it reduces the burden to carry cash while travelling. Also, fewer chances of risk – particularly when travelling abroad is valid, where money loss or theft can be a huge cause of the problem. Once completely integrated, you don’t need to worry about CC frauds.

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How can we neglect the disadvantages of uses of technology in travel?

The continued development of information technology has greatly affected the travel agency industry. The broad public utilization of the Internet has made many situations of a game-changer – both harmful and beneficial ways – for the modern travel organization. Therefore, in the 21st century, many travel organizations have needed to make an incredible adaptation to stay relevant and solvent

The flood of development and industrialization has contaminated our environment. Let’s take a case where the exhaust of machines and vehicles affect air quality and damage the ozone layer.

Furthermore, technologies additionally result in financial issues in families since most of the technologies are costly similar to computers. The individuals who cannot afford to purchase this kind of innovation will live in stressful lives.

As I would see it, the significance of innovation in the movement and the travel industry is to get data through research, to help increment the organization’s incomes, to get data from its clients and other important organizations, gives incredible speed, reaching the viewers who have physically isolated from the sender and increase availability and receptiveness in an organization.

And the bad part about innovation is that it can cause conflict and stress, can be utilized effectively, Often ailing insecurity and can genuinely end business profitability.

Main Role of Technology 

An important role is played by technology in the field of travel and tourism since last decade. Introduction of technology in tourism has directly helped in decreasing the cost, improve services, enhance operational efficiency and customer experience.

It can be said that both businessmen and travellers are getting benefit from technology, there are some of the examples to support this: enhanced guest service systems, reservations, and improved communication.

Technology has assisted the travel industry and friendliness ventures with transforming costly human work with specialized work. It helps in decreasing work costs, yet besides, maintains a strategic distance from client administration issues.


The utilization of technology in tourism and the hospitality industry has quickened the activity and made the travel process efficient and pleasant. Technology helps in big-chain hotels and be valuable for B and B and other little small travel agency and hotels in the business.

Believe it or not, the technology used to touch almost every aspect of the travel and tourism industry. In a case that we are intelligent enough to utilize the advantages of innovation, for example, accuracy, speed, and convenience, user-friendly and avoid loss, lack of human contact and lettering size, at that point innovation, can be an extraordinary time and cost saver.

In a case that, if the travel industry forgets the significance of human component and travel industry is about building experience, at that point, this is a major mistake.

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