Distributed Database
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Distributed Database: How does it work?

How does Distributed Database work? A distributed database is considered as a database in which two or more files are located in two different places. However, they are either connected through the same network or lies in a completely different network. It is a single huge database in which portions of the data are stored in multiple physical locations and…

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Programming Language ( C& C++ )

Introduction Many programming languages ​​based on the C programming language and its immediate descendants, for example, C #, C ++, Objective-C and C, are the most well-known programming languages ​​used on the planet till date. The most talented programmers realize how to utilize C, and C is commonly the language that most programmers are adopting first. A programming language is…

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What is a Computer System
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Introduction: A computer system is made up of both hardware and software. A computer system enables users to control and store information. Computer systems include computers, screens, consoles, mouse, and other optional parts. In laptops, these components are included as all in one component. Infographics: This infographic is made by AllAssignmentHelp, and is made for the purpose of references for all…

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