Commonly Asked Questions on How to Use Google Docs


Hey, guys, welcome to another informative and exciting post. This post is in the form of a tutorial which will tell you how to use some of the most asked features in Google Docs. Get ready to find answers to your queries regarding Google Docs. Google Docs is just like Microsoft word processor in use, but the major difference is that Google Docs can only be accessed online. It has many more features which word processor don’t provide like tracker which tracks all the changes made in your document and many such other extra vibrant features. The following tutorial will be in the form of questions and answers, and I have provided gif to make it more interactive and simpler. So guys, let’s get started with the tutorial on Google Docs.

1) How to make a folder in Google Docs?


  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Click on Google Drive from Google’s homepage.
  3. Google Drive home page will open. Click on “New”.
  4. Click on folder. A box will appear. Enter your desired folder name and click “create”.
  5. The folder has been created. Now you can save your files in the folder by simply dragging your file onto your new folder.

2) How to add a page on Google Docs?


  1. Select your current page by simply clicking on the last word of that page.
  2. Now, goto the Menu bar and click on Insert.
  3. Click on “Page Break” at the end of the list.
  4. As soon as you click page break you will see a new page just after the page you selected.
  5. A new page also arrives automatically, when you click enter after last word at the end of your current page.

3) How to delete a page on Google Docs?


  1. Select the page which you want to delete.
  2. If your page has content, then select all the content and delete. Come to the starting of the page.
  3. If your page doesn’t have any content and you want to delete it, then bring your cursor to the starting of the page.
  4. After both cases above i.e., pt. 2 and 3, press backspace and your page will automatically get deleted once you shift to above page.

4) How to see word count on Google?


  1. Goto menu bar and click on “Tools”.
  2. Click on “Word Count”. A box will open and it will give you the details including word count.
  3. To get know word count of particular paragraph, just select the paragraph and repeat 1st and 2nd step from above.

5) How to change margins in Google Docs?


  1. Goto file in the menu bar.
  2. Click on “Page Setup” at the bottom of the list.
  3. A dialog box will open. On the right hand side there will be 4 boxes named as, (Top,Bottom,Left and Right).
  4. Fill the desired amount of margin you want for the respective sides of your page and click OK.

6) How to add page numbers in Google Docs?


  1. Click on “Insert” option from the menu bar.
  2. Now, click on header and page number option or just page number, towards the bottom of the list.
  3. If you clicked on header and Page number, then click next on page number.
  4. A small box with 4 options will pop up. Choose where you want your page numbers to appear on the pages.
  5. Click on that option which you chose and that will apply on your pages.

7) How to do hanging indent on Google Docs?


  1. Select the text with which you want to play with in regard of indent.
  2. There is a ruler just below the toolbar. On that ruler, there is an arrow type indication on both left and right side.Those are left and right indents.
  3. Click on the left indent and move it towards the right, till where you want your text to move according to the ruler number. The text will move accordingly too.
  4. Just above the left indent, there is a small rectangle called first line indent. Move that indent towards left and according to the ruler number. You will see the first lines of your selected text moving towards left too.
  5. It’s up to you how much you want to move text right and left, and that depends upon the indents. You can move your text from right side too, using the right indent.

8) How to double space in Google Docs?


  1. Select the text on which you want to apply double spacing.
  2. Click on the “Double Spacing” icon in the tool bar.
  3. Click on “Double” option.
  4. As soon as you will click double, the spacing between the selected lines will become double.

9) How to alphabetize in Google Docs?


  1. Click on “Add-ons” in the menu bar.
  2. Now, click on add-ons option in the list.
  3. A dialog box will open. Type Sorted Paragraphs in the search box and enter.
  4. Sorted Paragraph option will appear. Click on +Free button.
  5. Another dialog box will open. Sign in to your account and click allow. You will get redirected to your document page.
  6. You have now added an option called “Sorted Paragraphs”. Now, select the text you want to alphabetize.
  7. Again, click on Add-ons in the menu bar.
  8. Click Sorted Paragraphs option. Now, click on sort A-Z or sort Z-A. It’s up to you.
  9. The text you selected will immediately get Alphabetize.

10) How to make a Google Doc landscape?


  1. Goto file option in the menu bar.
  2. Click on “page setup” at the bottom of the list.
  3. A dialog box will open. Below Orientation, click on “landscape” and click ok. Your document is in landscape mode now.

11) How to add fonts to Google Docs?


  1. Click on fonts option in the tool bar.
  2. Now click on “more fonts” at the bottom of the opened list.
  3. A dialog box will pop up. On the left you can see the list of different fonts and on the right there is a box containing existing fonts list.
  4. Now start clicking on the fonts which you want to add in your font list. You will see your clicked fonts getting saved in the right hand side box list. Your clicked fonts are now part of your fonts list.
  5. You can manage your fonts by either adding them or deleting them from the font list in the right hand side box.
  6. Once done selecting, click ok and you will be redirected to your page.
  7. Click again on fonts in the tool bar and you will now see your added fonts in this list. Use your desired fonts as you want.

12) How to use cover letter template in Google Docs?


  1. Goto template gallery in Google Docs.
  2. Now, when you will scroll down, stop on Letter Template.
  3. You will get 2 types of letter formats so choose accordingly, how you want your cover letter to look like.
  4. I chose Letter Spearmint. Click on your desired cover letter.
  5. Once the letter is opened, you can easily edit all the materials like names or address or the body of the letter. Just follow the format of the template.

13) How to make columns in Google docs?


  1. Goto the menu bar and click on “Table”.
  2. Now click “Insert Table” on the top of the list.
  3. You will now see small boxes with numbers coming at the bottom. Select the no. of columns you want by moving horizontally.
  4. Once you are done with selecting the no. of columns, click on the last box.The columns will appear on the page.
  5. I chose 2×1 i.e., 2 columns and 1 row. You can choose as many as you want accordingly.

14) How to make rows in Google Docs?


  1. Goto the menu bar and click on “Table”.
  2. Now click “Insert Table” on the top of the list.
  3. Select the boxes vertically downwards. This will increase the number of rows.
  4. Select the number of rows you want and then click on the last box which you will select.
  5. I chose 2×4 i.e., 2 columns and 4 rows. You can choose accordingly.

15) How to track changes in Google Docs?


  1. Goto tool bar and change editing option into suggestion mode by clicking on it.
  2. Now you are in suggestion mode i.e., whatever changes you will do can be tracked by you. Even, someone else can suggest on your work to edit the portions of your document if required. It’s up to you whether you want accept that suggestion or not.
  3. Once accepted, your document will get changed automatically.
  4. Now, to track the changes made, goto menu bar and click on comments. A box will open which will show all the changes made.

16) How to insert text box in Google Docs?


  1. Click on “insert” in the menu bar.
  2. Now click on “Drawing” option in the list.
  3. A dialog box will open. Click on ” T ” icon in the menu bar.
  4. Now drag the cursor to make a box as big as you want.
  5. As soon as the box is is created, give a border weight. Click on “border weight” icon from above menu bar and select border weight for your box. I suggest 1px or 2 px.
  6. Write something in the box or you can write outside on the page too, once it’s inserted on the page.
  7. Click save and close.Your text box will appear on the page where you wanted it to be.

17) How to insert table of content in Google Docs?


  1. Goto insert in menu bar and click on “table of contents” at the bottom of the list.
  2. There will be two options in front of you. One is table of content with page numbers(marked in red box in the gif above) and the other is with blue links.
  3. Click on the option you want and that will appear on the your page. I have shown both options for your reference in the gif above.

18) How to highlight in Google Docs?


  1. Select the text which you want to highlight.
  2. Click on “text colour” icon in the tool bar.
  3. Select “Highlight” option and then click on your desired colour with which you want to highlight your text.
  4. The text will get highlighted. You can repeat the same procedure for different text and with different colours as i have shown in the above gif.

These were the most asked questions regarding Google Docs, and I have tried to answer them in the form of the gif. Hope you liked this post and if you did, then do let me know through your valuable comments and also do subscribe to my blog. If you want me to add any other questions regarding Google Docs, your suggestions are most welcome. You can also email us on our official website for any further queries. Thank you!