43 Free things to do in Sydney


Sydney is a beautiful city in Australia. Now you might be knowing many places in Sydney, but do you know, what all free things you can do there?  So my friends, here I bring to you not 10, not 20 but 43 free things to do in Sydney which I bet you will love. But before we start, I would like to inform you that we provide assignment help all over the Australia.

1) Bondi Beach To Coogee Beach Walk


According to me, the first free thing to do in Sydney is to take the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk.  It is one of the most amazing walks you could take. Walking on the coastlines with breathtaking views is what one can imagine, and you don’t have to pay for it. It’s a free trail which you can follow. This route covers in, some of Sydney’s most iconic beaches. Oh! The views are a real eye candy.

2) Camp Cove

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If once done with the beautiful coastline walk, next for you in line is the city’s most loved beach that is Camp Cove. It is said to be the calmest beach where you can sit under the umbrella and relax, or you can go and enjoy floating in the wave free harbor.

3) Sydney Harbour Bridge

With a height of 134 meters, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is spectacular. Don’t even get me started on how amazing it feels once you are on that bridge. It is one the best free things to do in Sydney. The look of the harbour and the city from there makes you mesmerized. There are many ways to climb this iconic bridge, so it’s up to you, how you want to spend your time. Its view from other nearby places is also amazing.

4) Sydney Opera House

It is situated on the beautiful Sydney harbour. One look at it, and you will be spell-bound. What a great piece of architecture. Millions of people visit it from all over the world not just because of its beauty but also because it offers many world-class performances, including opera, ballet, plays, live music, symphonies, comedy, etc.  You also get to absorb the vibes those come while watching the glowing harbour during sunset.

5) Opera Bar

What is better than an evening spent with listening to music and beautiful scenery? Yes! It’s not a dream. You can get both at this opera bar. It’s a lovely terrace bar with stunning harbour views. It provides you with free music each night and on weekend afternoons. So, if you are the kind of person who loves doing both then for you my friend, this is one of the best free things to do in Sydney.

6) Cape Solander

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Excited about whale watching? Then, Cape Solander in Sydney is the perfect destination for you. It’s one of the other best free things to do in Sydney. During June/ July, if you are lucky then you might watch the whales swimming as close as 200 meters from the coast. Accordingly, it is the perfect vantage point to get the best knowledge about Sydney whales. Friendly volunteers take you on a free guided tour. It’s also ideal for bird watching or simply gazing at the horizon.

7) Art Gallery Of NSW

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It is Sydney’s premier art institution, and its entry is free. You will get to see and learn everything from Indigenous to Asian art which is on display. So if you are an art admirer, then this place is the best.

8) Centennial Parklands


Made up of 3 major urban parks covering 360 hectares and are home to over 15,000 trees. It’s aesthetically beautiful with historical significance. To know the facts and to explore this beauty come and visit Centennial Parklands and take its free discovery walk. There are many other low-cost paid services too, like horse riding, playing golf or hire a bike for bike riding.

9) The Royal Botanic Garden


Talking about free things to do in Sydney, have you ever wanted to go to a place where there is peace and your mind gets fresh? Then you are at the right place. Experience the serenity at the royal botanic garden in Sydney. It is a mixture of different gardens spread over the area of 30 hectares. The gardens are kept beautifully. Appointed gardens offer everything from succulents to herbs as well as a tropical greenhouse. You are free to spend time with your loved ones. It also offers free guided walk tours.

10) The Royal National Park

Wanted to do free things in Sydney? Come to The Royal National Park. It is the second oldest national park in the world which offers free walking tracks to over 100 km. You walk through the rain forest, breathtaking windy cliffs and down to serene beaches. If you love adventure, then my friend, you should not miss the Royal National Park. You will get the best place to explore for free where you can even set picnic or enjoy camping. There are vehicles available at the cost of $11, but only if you want to avail them.

11) Bronte Park


Are you a big foodie? Then come to Bronte park to have mouth-watering treats. The entry to this park is free. Here you get coin-operated public barbecues ( very fewer rates, almost like free)  which make this place Sydney’s best al fresco lunch spot. Take that dip while squeezing the sausages in it and relax. Enjoy the weather in the open with the sparkling sea.

12) Luna Park


It’s a fun place to visit. May then it is with your partner or with your family. The entry to this park is totally free. This park provides excellent harbour view.  Kids will especially love this place because it has amazing fun rides and you will love them too. It’s up to you whether you want to take the rides or not as they cost 10$ per ride.

13) Hyde Park


One of the free things to do in Sydney is to visit Hyde Park. It is Australia’s oldest park which covers 16 hectares of vast open space, and it lies in the heart of central Sydney. Your eyes will get pleasure in seeing the lush green area. Whether you are up for a picnic, or simply want to sit and relax by your own company, then my friend this is the right place for you. There are many benches where you can sit and relax, while you take that free long walk all around the park. It is the oldest place where you can see people coming and enjoying their day with families or friends or flying solo.

14) Shelly Beach


If you are an admirer of marine life and marine animals, then this place is your bae. This beach offers a beautiful marine view. You can roam around being free and admiring its beauty which won’t cost you a penny. You can also take the manly ferry which gives you a ride on the beach. Feels amazing, while you spot marine animals live and so close to you. It won’t cost you much, but in return, you will get the moments of your life.

 15) Museum Of Contemporary Art


It’s a place where you get to see Australian and international contemporary art altogether. It showcases rotating permanent collection and temporary exhibitions. Aboriginal art often features here. The entry to this museum is free with free guided tours daily and with several languages available.

16) Oxford Street


Walk along the Oxford street exploring different items in reach. Walk from Darlinghurst to Paddington. If you are a bargain person, then my friend this is the right place where you can get excellent deals. You will get items to shop from a high range to a lower range. So,whatever suits your pocket you can shop here or just enjoy the walk while gazing around.

17) St. James’ and 18) St. Mary’s Church

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One of my best free things to do in Sydney is to visit St. James’ and St. Mary’s Church. Well, the peace in a church makes you forget all the tensions and worries you have, and you feel light and fresh. These two churches are Sydney’s loveliest ones which are separated by just a short walk across Hyde Park. St. Mary’s is an example of English Neo-Gothic style. Free tours are also available after Sunday Mass. St. James’ predict more of an elegant side.

19) Centennial Park

Take a walk along with warm vibes in Centennial Park. It’s a park to enjoy your day or just take a bath up the sun. It’s a huge English-style park, opened in 1901. You also might want to enjoy the free events happening here in warmer months.

20) Sydney Harbour Circle Walk

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Want to explore the periphery of Sydney? Then take this Sydney Harbour Circle Walk which is about 60 km long. I feel it is one of the amazing free things to do in Sydney. It will take you four days, but it’s up to you how you want to travel. Total adventure is what you will get, and it’s safe and free apart from food and shelter expenses which are very cheap.

21) Spit Bridge to Manly’s Beach Walk

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Come and explore the enjoyable and one of best walks of Sydney. It starts from Spit Bridge at Mosman and then you walk through Sydney Harbour National Park, past Manly Cove, across North Head and finally down to Manly’s famous beach. Worth experiencing.

22) The Rocks Discovery Museum

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Experience the rich flavours of history in this museum. The entry to this museum is free. Attention is given to the rocks original inhabitants, and there are fascinating tales of early colonial characters.

23) Murray Rose Pool

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Are you a good swimmer or not that good? No problem at all. Murray Rose Pool is the perfect spot for families and those who don’t know swimming that well. It’s actually not a pool but, it’s a harbourside enclosure with pontoons. It is open the whole year. Perfect place to have some fun and look at the wave free harbour.

24) Paddington Markets

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Another one from my list of free things to do in Sydney is to explore the famous market in Paddington. You must come here to buy worthy things as this market offers real goodies. If you want to buy unique gifts for your loved ones, then this is the right place. Not looking for anything? Then you can just window shop while gazing around. You can also taste the yummy street food out there which costs less.

25) Barrenjoey Lighthouse

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Come and watch the fantastic views from here. The Barrenjoey Lighthouse is a 20-minute uphill walk from Palm Beach. It’s a part of a popular hiking trail which offers fantastic views below and of the Pacific Ocean. During the period of (May to October), you might see whales migrating along the shoreline.

26) Australian National Maritime Museum

Come to Australian National Maritime Museum to experience lively exhibitions, fun activities, etc. You will get to know fascinating artifacts which are interesting. The theme is somewhere connected to the sea. Free entry on the 1st Thursday of the month (excluding the public and school holidays) for exhibitions and galleries.

27) Observatory Hill

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It is one of the best spots to take in pictures of different views of Sydney. It is perched on the historic rocks. You can take as many pics as you want and enjoy your day on a picnic with family or friends. The view is fantastic from the top. You

28) Mrs. Macquarie’s Point

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Want to click perfect pictures and want that perfect view? Come and visit Mrs. Macquarie’s Point to have the classic look of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. Breathe in the fresh air and click those perfect snaps that you want. It feels like you are standing just in front of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. You will surely not get disappointed as it’s also one of the best free things to do in Sydney.

29) Walking Club

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It’s basically a walking group where generally people aged over 55 join in and go out for a walk to explore the outdoor attractions. You can also join in with your parents, grandparents and take them for a walk with this amazing group. What is better than walking outside after dinner. There is no charge to join this club, so it’s free.

30) Gunner’s walk

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Walk around the historic North Head site, past military remnants and the Quarantine Cemetery and take in the spectacular views from headland’s multiple lookouts. A much daring task is to explore the abandoned tunnels (not suggested much by the locals as it will be at your own risk)

31) Queen Victoria Building

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Take in the impressive history that Queen Victoria Building reflects. It is a late nineteenth-century building. The dominant feature of the building is the central dome which consists of an interior glass dome. Trust me; you will get mesmerized by its architectural beauty. It’s again one of my favorite free things to do in Sydney. I just love to explore history and architecture. From level 3 of this building, you also get to have a look of the clock chime. So, don’t miss it guys.

32) The Three Sisters

Talking about free things to do in Sydney, The Three Sisters can’t be missed at all. It is the Blue Mountains most spectacular landmark. It is located at Echo Point Katoomba. Trust me it is the view for the lifetime. Three sisters is essentially an unusual rock formation representing three sisters who according to the legend were turned to stone. When sunlight falls on these rocks, it brings out the magnificent colours. In the evening also they look spectacular in the skylight.

33) Wendy’s Secret Garden

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It’s a beautifully maintained garden with lush green plants and herbs all over. The place is landscaped with winding paths supported by raw bush timber balustrades, benches where you can sit and relax and cobbled stairs. It’s a peaceful place to come and have a walk or just sit and relax.

34) Cockatoo Island

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It is a UNESCO world-heritage-listed Island. It’s in the middle of the beautiful Sydney Harbour. To go there, you need to hop on a ferry which is very cheap. Enjoy the journey to the island. Once you reach there, you can roam around for the day, or you can even stay overnight. The most exciting part of the night stay is the campgrounds. You can do camping and star gazing. Holiday houses are also there.

35) Sydney Fish Market

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Are you a fish eater? Then why crave? Come to Sydney’s famous fish market where you get to enjoy fresh fish meals and tasty fish chips. You also get to have mud crab, cooked up fresh. All this you get with cheap rates.

36) Central Park Mini golf

Play mini golf at central park. It’s a free six-hole mini-golf park. You have to book your sessions beforehand via Eventbrite. So if you have ever thought of playing golf, then this is the right opportunity for you. Go now and book your session. There is even tee-off in the sun at lunch or after work.


37) Hidden

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It is Rookwood Cemetery’s annual outdoor sculpture event. It emphasizes on the history of Rockwood cemetery. You may go there as an artist, or you can just visit the exhibition to take the feel of their rich history. It is one of the best free things to do in Sydney.

38) Sentient Lands

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This exhibition showcases different representations of traditional and contemporary art practices of Australia. From the painting of Dreamtime stories to depictions of flora and fauna, you can see it all. If you want to get an idea of Australia’s rich history, then this is the best place for you.

39) Australian Life

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Come and celebrate the pleasant weather with this outdoor exhibition. It is part of Sydney’s art and about the program of public art. I bet that you will get a pleasant experience.


Visiting these falls is a kind of free things to do in Sydney or nearby places. There is a parking fee for these falls so you will have to pay for the parking if you are visiting with your own vehicle otherwise you are free to explore ahead.

40) Winifred Falls

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Come to Winifred Falls as I just love this place. It is again one of my favorites, from the list of free things to do in Sydney. Ideal location to spend a peaceful afternoon for a picnic or to swim during the warmer months. It is located within the Royal National Park. It’s a 4 km walk and trust me you will not regret it.  Parking: 12$ per vehicle, per day.

41) Somersby Falls

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It’s a popular picnic spot. There are picnic tables, and you can also take your lunch and enjoy it on the rocks by the water. There are small water puddles in which you can hardly swim, but you can enjoy those puddles. Parking fee is 8$ per vehicle, per day.

42) Nellie’s Glen

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It is in Budderoo National Park. It is on the top of Carrington Falls with a secluded rock pool and small waterfall. You can swim in it, shower in or take a seat under it. You will have a great time watching the dragonflies and butterflies that skim the water.

43) Fitzroy Falls

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Most accessible falls in the Southern Highlands and one of the most impressive too. It has car parking and a cafe on site. It’s a picnic spot too so you can enjoy with your family or just walk around to explore and click pics. The main attraction which I found is the elevated walkway that sits to the top-right of the waterfall (so close that you can feel the mist). It’s an adventure full of enjoyment. Do give it a try guys.

So, guys, these were the 43 free things to do in Sydney. I have tried to cover things where you don’t have to think about your pocket, and you will get fully satisfied. If you like this post, then kindly subscribe to my Blog for more interesting topics and latest updates. If you think that I have missed any place or you want me to add it to this list, then your comments are most welcome. You can also email us on the id provided on our website allassignmenthelp.com. Thank you for reading.

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