Tips and Tricks for Writing a Reflective Essay


Hello readers! In this blog post, I am covering a new topic Reflective Essay! Have you ever sat on the rooftop and reflected on your life experiences? Probably the answer is ‘NO.’ It is okay if you have not, I can understand that the college students have their tight schedules due to which they hardly get time to spend their day on reflecting.

But if your teacher gives you an assignment to write a reflective essay, then you can have a chance. If you are still thinking how to write a reflective essay, then stop thinking and start reading the blog post to get an answer!

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With this blog post, I will be telling you about the reflective essay and how to write it impeccably.

In this blog post, I will cover following points:

What is Reflective Essay?
The format of Reflective Essay
How to write Reflective Essay?
What to Avoid while writing a reflective essay?
Read further to enlighten yourself with the hacks of writing a reflective essay!

1) What is Reflective Essay?

The reflective essay seems to be easy but is much hard to write every time. This is a sort of essay which is alike diary entry, but the difference is that anyone can read it. This kind of essays involves good logic and good structure. For writing this sort of essay, you need to be aware of various fields rather than just literature.

The reflective essay is also known as reflection essay. It is a type of essay which discovers your thoughts, feelings, and views on the particular experience and how it affects you. It also tests your critical thinking and your sentiments. Moreover, for writing this essay, you are required to recognize your writing style to make it clear and readable.

Purpose of Writing Reflective Essay

Most of the time, this kind of essay is assigned to the college students to share their experience what they have learned in class. But, have you ever thought what the purpose of writing a reflective essay is?

It is highly essential to understand the aim of writing a reflective essay. Writing this kind of essay is like sharing your personal experience about a particular thing. The reflection essay offers the opportunity to think deeply about your life experiences. Moreover, it also helps you to explore what you learned in class and relate it to the real world. Putting the pen down and writing your thoughts will make easy for you to think about them and make connections.

The essay written by you will also assist you as a source of orientation and indication in upcoming days. Usually, the reflection essay cover analytical part which describes the facts about a chosen topic. But in general, this kind of essay is assigned to students for their assignment such that they can share their emotions, viewpoints, attitude and much more. Mainly, the reflective essay is used to tell the thoughts of a writer which has been developed over a period.

Kinds of Reflective Essay

There are numerous kinds of experiences which can be written in the reflective essay. You can write anything from a movie to a traumatic experience. It depends on what you take from the things you encounter. Below is the detailed outline of the main kinds of reflection essays:

  • Event: Events used to trigger in the life of every individual. But how we react or what we learn from it depends on us. For example, “crash of airplane” is a big event. But how will you react to it is something you can reflect on. On writing the reflective essay, you can narrate down your feelings and sentiments you got while it’s crashing.
  • Movie or Book: We all used to watch a movie or read the book to enjoy. But sometimes the movie is so inspirational that we gained much from it. This helps us in making the reflection. Moreover, reading the book gives some controversial issue which helps in creating reflective essays.
  • College Courses: In this kind of essay, you can write about what you have experienced or gain in the class. Further, you can examine your performance in class with this essay.

2) The format of Reflective Essay

In the reflective essay, the writer explains his/her experiences of life. For students, the aim of writing an essay is a chance through which they can explore what they have learned from the class. This kind of essay can be written in various formats, but most of the time you will see it in the format of a diary entry.

The format of the reflective essay is based on the targeted audience. The reflection essay can be academic, or a detailed general piece of a magazine. But for the student assignment, the format of writing the essay varies, but the purpose remains same. The students need to use Harvard or APA for writing an essay.

The basic format of a reflection essay for assignment purpose are:

  • Concentration on Personal Growth: The reflective essay provided by teachers to the students is an approach to help students examine their life experiences as well encourage them to grow emotionally. The students write the essay by examining their life or what they gained from different things.
    Concentration in Literature: This is the second kind of format followed by students. This kind of the essay requires the summary of the literature which is connected to life experiences of students.

You can change the format of the essay, but make sure to keep the structure same. The reflection essay is composed of the introduction, body content and conclusion lastly.

3) How to Write Reflective Essay impeccably?

Now, when you are completely aware what, the reflective essay is, you must be thinking how to write it impeccably? So, let’s start how you can write the essay which engages the users. But for this remember one thing before writing. You are required to know for putting up things altogether, or if you are not good in writing, you can also take assignment help online.

The first thing for writing the essay you need is a solid plan to execute. A solid plan includes the outline for writing the essay step by step. This can provide you with a clear view of your essay. Further, this solid plan can give you many benefits later.

The second thing which you are needed to do is to be completely prepared and slowly progress with your assignment. This may help you in avoiding the errors. Also, this procedure of writing essay makes your assignment easier. There are expert writers too, who can help you to prepare a perfect assignment.

Outlines of Reflective Essay


Do you want to complete your essay assignment in less time? Then, you need to outline each part. For outlining, you need to follow the steps given below:

Select a Topic

Are you assigned with a topic from college? If not, then, select a topic in which you have in-depth knowledge as well as interest. Select the topic by considering the perspective of your readers. This will make you write the essay that generates interest of readers.

Collect the Information

Now when you have already chosen the topic, it’s time to gather the information relevant to the topic. Firstly, spend some of your time in analyzing your subject. After you have examined the subject deeply, gather the relevant information which you can use in your assignment.

Analyze the information

Now, when you have gathered the information, now it’s time to analyze the data which you have collected. Make sure the information worth for your assignment. Otherwise, you will not be able to write the assignment.

Write a Draft

After analyzing the information thoroughly, you can prepare the outline of your essay. This will provide you bright idea of your assignment thoroughly.

Start main part of the assignment

Now, when you have completely outlined your assignment, start writing the central part of the essay. While writing main part of your essay make sure you plot it correctly and incredibly.

Make References

Lastly, when you have completed your essay make the references. Write the name of the source from where you have taken the idea and content.

Structure of Reflective Essay


The structure of the reflective essay consists of three main sections:


Start your essay with the vibrant introduction of the place, your experience, or summary of what you are going to reflect about. End your introduction with the thesis idea. Remember to make the introduction of your essay appealing, detailed and informative.


Body is one of the tough parts of an entire assignment. In the body part, all the questions you are going to answer can be sequenced in a paragraph. Make some notes and then expand them. Make sure to add some more details or examples from your life experience. Describe a particular event or your life experience. Show how this event or experience affects you and what thing it gave you.


Broaden your idea of a thesis. Describe how this experience has changed you or help you know something new. The other way of writing the conclusion is to describe what you have learned from your life experiences. You need to summarize your story by highlighting the main points logically.

How to Choose Topic for your Assignment?

Do you want your assignment to be an enticing assignment? Do you want to engage the target audience with your essay? Then read some previously written essays to meet your aim.

Sometimes, you miss good ideas for your reflective essay, even if you have read the previously written reflective essays. Due to this reason, I am sharing you with some useful topics and some personal topics from which you can choose to write your reflective essay.

Some good topics for Reflective Essays:

  • What motivates you?
  • Special qualities you hold
  • How can you reach your goals?
  • Which experience will you never forget in life?
  • What melts your heart?

Personal Topic for Reflective Essays:

  • What are your dreams?
  • Your biggest strength
  • Your biggest fear
  • A failure which you get in life
  • What kind of future do you like to prefer?
  • How you calm yourself?

4) What things to Avoid While Writing Reflective Essay?


There are certain things which altogether needs to be avoided while writing the reflection essay:

Poor Idea

Remember, that the target audience wants to read something interesting and controversial. They are not interested in reading boring things. So make sure your idea of a topic is good.

Poor Plotting

Maybe, you have taken a good idea in your mind. But, when you start with plotting essay, it does not seem right. So, make you’re to make good plotting in your essay. Make the specific goal and try to accomplish it by the end of the essay.

Do not add many Details

Too many details in the essay confuse readers who read the essay written by you. So, try to avoid adding too many details, names or unnecessary subtleties as this will create confusion and readers dislikes it.

Don’t make any Grammatical Errors

Grammar is one of the principal things which needs to be perfect in your whole essay. Make sure that you don’t make any grammatical mistake. To avoid this, proofread your essay 1-2 times to ensure that it is error-free.

Provide Message Properly

You know that right, with your reflective essay you are going to deliver a message! So, make sure whatever message you are delivering does not lack in rendering the personality. Do not make many generalizations in your essay so that reader finds it attractive.

5) Final Words to Remember

For the conclusion, the key to writing a reflective essay is to represent things you gained from experience and how much changes it had made in your life.

The procedure of reflection usually starts with you, as you are required to make efforts deliberately for recognizing and examining your thoughts with the specific experience. Do not hesitate to discover any known expertise or skill of topic which can help you to check why you have made some ideas on a subject. Do not forget that the reflective essay writing is the analysis of your thoughts, assumptions, attitudes, and values. So, be open about how you feel.

The reflective essay writing is highly beneficial and helps in examining your strengths. Also, it is helpful to improve your critical skills and enables you to grab the thoughtful posture for checking your skills and learn from them.

Keep this in your mind that some expressive elements are being used in the reflective essay which cannot be highlight much. So, include the lessons you have learned from the experiences.

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Good Luck!


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