Start your Study Preparation in Summer Vacation


Students who prepare for any scholar exam or entrance exam, never take rest even on vacation. The education system in the US is very strict. If you are a US high school student, then you have to start your summer reading to beat the competition. But it has been seen that students barely open a book in the summer. In spite of the popular view, your school does not issue assignment in summer vacation to ruin it. But in order to prepare you for next year courses, it is best not to try to study in the last minute.

Don’t put your efforts to work your way through difficult material in the last couple of weeks of your vacation because it is a bad plan. First of all, they are tough initially to read so you might not be used to the level these books are. Secondly, due to vacation, you and your brain has been taking a break for the last 8 weeks. So there is a possibility of learning loss and learning will be affected. If you want to beat the competition, then you should start preparing in the vacation also.

Some tips are given below to utilize your vacation:

Start Preparation Earlier Rather Than Later

A couple of weeks are enough to take rest in your vacation, and then start your summer reading. Keep the habit of reading for at least 90 minutes every day and take the weekends off. It will make your summer reading much more convenient, and it will keep your mind active without hampering your study.

Take Notes on What You Read

I would advise to jot down your reading in order to track your reading progress. It is very difficult to remember things, especially when you are on a break as you want to enjoy every time. You have been scheduled 2-4 books to read, and it can be hard to remember everything you have read. Making notes is a great way to track your progress. In this way, you can keep track of your reading, plots, even symbolism.

Avoid the Loss of Knowledge

In summer, loss of learning of students occurs every year. They loose one to two months of academic knowledge during the summer vacation. Generally, last minute preparation to start your summer reading make you not only wasting your time, but also your teachers’ time simultaneously. Study in the your summer vacation is supposed to organize your mind for new information in the fall, and to make your mind sharp for your entrance exam preparation.

 The bottomline:

There is a saying that “two brains are better than one”. Joining a team of friends for this year’s summer reading assignment is a great idea. Start discussing what you have read and put together upon each others’ ideas. This will enable you to understand better for what you have read, and even aid in your assignment. So start preparing in this summer for your scholarship exams and college course of study to beat your competitors.

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