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Learn persuasive writing from persuasive essay examples


Introduction to persuasive writing

While doing persuasive writing, the use of facts and data is of no use. A writer has to use words to convince the readers with his/her beliefs and ideas. The main role of persuasive writing is of emotions. A writer has to persuade the audience with an emotional approach. He/she needs to come up with the ideas and opinions that can strike the emotional side of the reader. You can see an emotional approach in various persuasive essay examples present online. In all those essays, the author most of the time neglect the importance of strong evidence. He plays with words to stir emotions in readers’ minds.

So, if you are creating a persuasive piece of writing then you must be aware of the persuasive writing strategy that is playing with the reader’s emotions and mind. That ain’t an easy thing to do. You must be aware of your audience, for whom you are writing then only you will be able to persuade them with your writing. You can take online assignment help for persuasive essay writing. Various websites provide complete essays or free persuasive essay examples to students. Learning gets easier when you get help from professionals.

Difference between persuasive essay writing, and argumentative essay writing

Let’s clear the air and misconception of students who believe that persuasive and argumentative essays are similar. When you are writing a persuasive essay, you want to persuade your readers to adhere to your viewpoint. For that, you need to use an emotional approach and play with words. Where are while writing an argumentative essay, students raise the argument. Student needs evidence to support the argument. Such an argumentative approach is missing in persuasive writing. Argumentative essays also take help from scientific studies and data. You can refer Khan academy to learn more about essay writing in detail.

Strategies to use in persuasive writing work

Persuasive writing is tough for those who are not able to convince people easily. Such type of writing is focused on persuasion techniques rather than facts and figures. Below I have mentioned a few persuasive techniques that can be used to make your persuasive essay writing more appealing and spellbinding.


Using emotional words or language in essay writing is called as pathos. It is used to grab the reader’s attention and evoke feelings and emotions for the topic. For instance, if writing on feminist, discuss the hardships faced by women in the contemporary world.

Big names

Use the names of famous personalities or experts who are related to the topic of discussion. You might have gone through with various online persuasive essay examples where the writer has used the names of well-known people to increase the authenticity of the essay.

Research and Logos

Although information and data do not have a central role in persuasive writing I have read many persuasive essay examples where data, surveys, and logic also help in generating the emotion in the audience. For instance, if you are writing on the topic related to crime against women. Data and graphs will depict the crime rate and touch the emotions of the readers. 


Ethos helps in making the writer a reliable person. This helps in making the essay trustworthy and believable. Language plays the main role in successfully implementing the ethos strategy.


Kairos refers to an opportune moment to take action. The term has its origin in Greek mythology. Kairos was the youngest son of Zeus. The meaning of his name was the god of opportunity.

These are the five main strategies used in persuasive writing. When you read persuasive essay examples online thoroughly, You will see how such strategies are imbibed in them and making the essay a masterpiece. If you are not learning through persuasive essay examples then take online essay assignment help from the experts. They will provide plagiarism free essays at low cost and save your precious time as well. 

List of phrases to use in a persuasive essay writing assignment

After learning strategies to use in persuasive essay writing, you need to understand the phrases and words for the essay. To make your persuasive essay convincing use the following phrases and words.

Phrases for General explaining

First, you will see the uses of phrases and words for the general explanation of the complicated points for the essay.

In order to: This word is used to provide an introduction to the explanation.

In other words: This phrase describes the intention of explaining something in a different form. Such phrases are used to simplify the complex sentence and make things easier to understand.

To put it another way: This phrase is also used to convey the same meaning as conveyed by “in other words”. This is an alternative phrase and helps the reader to get a better understanding.

That is to say/ This is to say: These two words are used to provide additional details in the explanation. Sometimes to emphasize an idea, writers use these terms.

Adding additional information to support a point

When writing essays, students often make the mistake of using “and” too often. The use “and” to add information to the description. If you are also in the habit of using a similar word often, here are some words to replace the monotony from your essay.

Moreover: This word is to be added at the beginning of the sentence and adds more information to support the point you are making in the essay.

Furthermore: This word is also added at the beginning of the sentence and adds information related to the previous description.

What’s more: This word is also used in place of furthermore, or moreover.

Likewise: This word shows agreement with the information you have just mentioned.

Similarly: To show the similarity between two sentences, writers use the word “similarly”.

Another key thing to remember: This phrase replaces “also”. This phrase helps in the introduction of some news facts in the previous sentence.

As well as This phrase replaces “also” and connects the sentence.

Not only… but also: These two phrases provide additional information. Information conveyed by these two phrases are of surprising nature and unexpected to the reader

Coupled with: when we use two arguments together and providing information then we use the phrase “coupled with”.

Firstly, secondly, thirdly: These words provide a proper structure to the essay and arrange the information chronologically.

Not to mention/to say nothing of: These two phrases also add information with less amount of emphasis.

Signifying importance

When you are writing a college persuasive essay and want to demonstrate a point of importance, the following ways you can use to show it in a different manner.

Significantly: This word is used to describe the point that contains a hidden meaning which is not visible immediately.

Notably: The word has to usage, one is in place of “significantly” another is in place of “in particular”.

Importantly: Writers use this word in place significantly.


Now if you have read the persuasive essay free examples. You must find their ending quite mesmerizing. They just don’t write a conclusion for the sake of ending rather make it appealing with words written below.

In conclusion: This is the most common phrase you will find at the beginning of the concluding paragraph. 

Above all: This is to show the most important point in which you believe. This is used to catch the immediate attention of the reader to the point.

Persuasive: In persuasive writing examples, you will find this word to summarize the most convincing argument.

All things considered: This means, taking everything into account. 

Important persuasive essay topics

Persuasive essays at university level differs a lot from those at the school level. Most of the students seek essay writer help in order to get a readymade essay. This is due to the difficulty in writing a persuasive essay. But to write a perfect persuasive essay, you need to first get a good topic for it. Below you can see persuasive essay topics for middle school as well as for university level.

Some good persuasive topics provided

  • Should gambling be banned from all over the world?
  • Who is better as a pet, Cat or Dog?
  • Should families have a detailed survival plan for natural calamities and disasters?
  • Should children leave home after 18 years of age for job purposes?
  • Is biological warfare ethical?
  • Should gay marriage be legalized?
  • Should abortion be banned?
  • Does skin color matter for becoming the actor?
  • Is fashion a good or a bad thing for society?
  • Does god exist or science is everything?
  • View on things such as good and evil?
  • Are all people selfish?
  • Is truth universal?
  • Is genetics responsible for human behavior?
  • Whether child molesters are euthanized?
  • Should money be wasted on weapons and warfare techniques?
  • Reality shows are exploiting people
  • Should psychiatrists and priests break their vows when asked to testify in court?
  • Religion and science can go hand in hand
  • All-girl and all-boy colleges are good/bad
  • Should people go through psychological examination before being allowed to adopt a child? We should spend or not spend money on space missions
  • Royal families should be abolished
  • Immigration laws should be stricter or not
  • Should college athletes be paid for participating in the competition?
  • US society justifies surveillance
  • People should undergo an IQ test in order to vote and have children
  • Media is ruled by politicians

These are the topics I have found while researching for persuasive writing. For persuasive speech topics also we can refer to the above-mentioned topics.

Persuasive essay speech outline

When you write a persuasive essay, you need to focus on three major things: Introduction, Body, Conclusion. All these parts can have various subsections also. This will make understanding easier for the readers. So, let’s focus on three major parts of persuasive essay writing.


The main aim of writing the introduction is to provide a short description of your essay to the readers. Use hook statements, and good thesis statement to make an excellent introduction. I personally suggest you see persuasive essay introduction examples online to learn how to frame a perfect introduction. You will get the best essays from various websites such as Purdue to get help for your essay.


The body of the persuasive essay consists of various paragraphs. Here you have to use all the methods to persuade your readers to agree with your point of view. Students can buy essays if they don’t know how to frame the body of the essay.


A conclusion cannot be neglected. Students should write it with equal importance. Your conclusion should be a short summary of the topic and description of your opinion in a brief manner. Mention all the key points of the essay in it. You should look out for persuasive essay examples online in order to understand how to write a perfect conclusion.

The outline for speech as well as write up will remain the same. All you need to do is develop your speaking skills to make your essay more convincing. There are various college essay writing services that will provide the best essay help online without charging much. You can take help from for your essay.

Websites to look for best persuasive essay help

Most of the students find a persuasive essay writing an irksome task. They don’t have the caliber to generate quality essays. In such scenarios taking help from various online sources is the best decision. Students can look for the following websites for help with persuasive essays.


Students who want to learn essay writing or facing issues in finding a good topic can take help from ThoughtCo. Here you will get a list of a number of topics for all types of essays.

All Assignment Help is a leading online academic assignment help website providing help to students for a long time. You can purchase high-quality ready-made essays from it. Students have provided good reviews about the services of You can give it a try.


Take help from Udemy in order to get your essays quickly. Udemy is an online learning platform. You will get quality essays from this website. You can also learn to write an essay for yourself using their tutorials.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education is a resourceful website for students. Here you can find information for your essays. Discovery is the parent network for this website. Students will get surplus information for all types of academic work.

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