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Climate Change Prevention

Climate Change


Climate change is a change in the distribution of statistics of the pattern of the climate when this change goes on for a long period (i.e., decades to a large number of years). Because of elements like climate change, biotic procedures, changes in the radiation coming from the sun received by the planet, volcanic eruptions and plate tectonics and some human activities are recognized as the essential causes of ongoing climate change, frequently called as global warming.

Hazards associated with climate change

Due to the extreme climate change various events such as floods, drought, heatwaves, are evident to occur with every passing year. Let us see in detail how a change in climate can pose a great threat to humans.

Climatic change resulting in floods

Due to extreme weather and increasing global temperature, glaciers at poles are melting with a rapid speed. As per the report of National geographic, Glaciers in Alaska are melting with 100 times faster rate than what was imagined. Melting of glaciers leads to an increase in the sea level resulting in floods in the coastal areas. Moreover, Snowcaps melting around the world flooding the river as well. There are ways to prevent floods. We can reduce deforestation. By reducing the pollution on a global level, we can reduce the risk of global warming. It will certainly reduce the occurrence of floods. By keeping rivers clean, we can reduce the rise in the water level. This will help in keeping flood away from cities. 

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Change in climate causing heatwaves

Global warming leading to a rapid rise in temperature resulting in the generation of heatwaves. The year 2016 was recorded as the hottest and year 2019 as the second hottest year as per the reports of the World Meteorological Organization. Average world temperature has risen to 1.1-degree celsius. This rise in temperature resulting in heatwaves. Recent Australian Bushfire is just the beginning of the grave effects of climate change. We can prevent the city during the heat waves by adopting some techniques or methods. We can bring back trees in a surplus amount to keep the temperature cool during the summers. Reducing pollution and industrial emission can make a great impact on the winds by keeping them cool during hot conditions. One of the major reason that cities are hot is that we have dark-coloured roofs. Keeping white roofs can decrease heat absorption. 

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Various factors of Climate change resulting in droughts

Drought is a result of various types of climate change occurring all over the world. There are human activities that are leading to a drastic change in the climate. Drought is a result of that drastic activities. There are parts in the world where one can see heavy rainfall and other parts of the world receiving rainfall in a scarce amount. This uneven distribution occurs because of global warming resulted in Human activities. Another human activity that results in drought is the lack of utilization of rainwater. We can see a flood coming by seeing a rise in river water. However, drought cannot be identified immediately. Failing in preserving the rainwater leads to water shortage in several parts of the world. Droughts can be prevented only if we adopt adequate water harvesting techniques in the areas that are prone to drought.

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Additional readings

Infographics: This infographic will let you know about climate changes and methods of climate change.

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